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Content gap analysis (autosaved)


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Content gap analysis (autosaved)

  1. 1. AT&T Ad Solutions Content Gap Analysis: Shaping Ad Solutions StoryCONTENT PLATFORM PROPERTY TYPE Gaps ACTION TIMELINESales collateral - Sales team, EZ Prep Reports, presentations, surveys, Not packaged for web consumption, can be Repackage content in various content types for Jan - Marpresentations, data data sheets, market sheets, tip consumed in various forms such as infographics, distribution across multiple channels. Work withsheets, market reports sheets, case studies, demos pdfs, ebooks, stats, results, content in blog posts, sales team on ongoing basis. Create messaging social media posts, social media ads, too, structure and key elements. presentations, webinarsNewsletters (800 get real) Polls, Trend reports, Success Missing January 2012 and Novemeber 2011 Repackage content, polls, trend reports which Feb-Mar Videos, Tips on video, rolling stats issues. Great polls, stats and facts. Strong AT&T are relevant and reuse for blogs, social media articles on: content marketing product integration under each article. Ability posts, stats rotation, infographics, top articles plans, newsletter polls, media to share article in earlier newsletters from April playbook / ebook / pdf for Ad Solutions mix advice, tracking and 2011-2010. No ability to leave comments or audience. Make it an incentive to generate performance of marketing and integrate with social media. No real inbound leads/conversions. Create style guide and advertising plans, local online linking strategy. Articles are incredibly written editorial strategy. ads: best practices, trend watch, but too long, not packaged well with images. creating custom video tours for small businesses, digital deals -Social Media YouTube: AdSolutions making coupons pay, getting video, vlogs (to be created), TBD Create content and incorporate into photosharing programming schedule. Monitor and track m/user/attadsolutions, results. Flickr: ATTiFacebook and Twitter ATTi,, AT&T UGC, Contests and Events, Live AD Solutions pages and accounts in progress. Editorial calendar, resources, programming grid, Jan-Mar Corporate Blogging, vlogs, Demos, digital food court, day parting schedule, guidelines, deals, quizzes, polls, surveys, design elements, where will posts link? Vital for features like match the small businesses to be present on foursquare.Forums, Linked in campaign to the SMB, location Classes & Webinars, Meetups Not designed for Ad Solutions personas and Create our own page and groups dedicated to MayGroups, slideshare AT&T Mobility, ATTi, AT&T verticals small business needs, forums, live events, Corporate webinars. Collect resources and guestMobile Apps, blog, digital deals To be created speakers/experts Scale to mobile experience - blog posts - May programming grid with character counts, coupons, daily dealsFlickr ATTi Photo sharing Technology based images. Need our own account and page; good place Jan-Mar to create contests and giveaways for photoWebsites Ad Solutions website Articles, video testimonials, case Not Ad Solutions targeted content for our captioning or photoscontent - audit in progress. Repackaging useful which have bolstered Jan-Mar ASCP, ATTi website, ATT studies, blog posts, product audience or verticals; some is outdated, not small biz website, demos, infographics (ATTi - 3 so tagged properly, messaging is redundant and far, seasonal content, not really very product centric for our audience), case studiesBlogs, Atti, AT&T, Articles, video testimonials, case Not targeted to each vertical or persona in our audience; Celebs - what we learn from Ramsays rants for local Feb- ASCP studies, blog posts, product touches on some pain points, messaging is product businesses; pet owners guide to __, SMB expert bloggers, demos centric, consumer centric and not easily digested on ASCP presetations to share on slideshare, live evevents, current and staging site contests, giveaways, coupons, quotes, poll results, surveys, UGC, SMB of the month award, 3 Lessons you can learn from Moneyball, trends, tips, features, fun facts...