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Difference Between HTML and HTML5


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Know the Difference Between HTML and HTML5. seee what are the new updates in html5 and what tags you can use in html5 and make your website more beautiful and attractive

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Difference Between HTML and HTML5

  1. 1. 11AP: +1cs » . MULTIMEDIA co/ «pom: [DUCATION
  2. 2. @ @ 1% ® 0% Introduction to HTML4 and HTML5 Versions of HTML Difference between HTML4 and HTML5 New tags of THML5 Practical implementation
  3. 3. YEAR HTWH. ITHML+ HTML 2.0 HTML 3.2 HTML 4. 1 XHWWH. HTML5 XHTML5 1 997
  4. 4. TWEITWIE
  5. 5. DIFFERENCE HTML4 HTML5 1. HTML4 uses common structures like header, footer. 2. htm|4 cannot embed video or audio directly and makes use of flas plash player for it. 3. htm|4 cannot handle in- accurate syntax. 1. htm|5 uses new struc- tures such as drag, drop and much more. 2. htm|5 can contain em- beded video and audio without using flas player. 3. htm|5 is capable of han- dling inaccurate syntax.
  6. 6. DIFFERENCE HTML4 HTML5 4. HTML4, has traditional 4. HTML5 introduction APL's which does not in- many new APL's which facil- clude canvas and content itate flexibility of web editable APL's. pages. 5. In HTML4, local stroge is not possible and tags that 5. In HTML5, new tags and can handle only one dimen— new features like local stor- sion are present. age are enhanced.
  7. 7. M11115 Itchy Input Types ICOLOR I DATE DATETIME 3‘ E-MAT-:3 Mo1VT7+__—' ‘ NUIVIBVER RANGE I-‘ SEARCH "_ TEL I _‘ T111/11_= i H‘ 5'“
  8. 8. HTML Form Attributes 1. step 2. pattern 3. placeholder 4. min and max 5. required 6. list 7. formtarget
  9. 9. HTML5 SEMANTIC ELEMENTS: <header> <header> <nav> <nav> <section> <aTtlCl€> <section> <aflde> <figcaption> <fi9ure> <article> <footer> <footer>