Chinese Culture


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Opportunity to make scrape exporting business, considering Chinese culture start business with china.

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Chinese Culture

  1. 1. Group IGroup member IDKazi Tanvirul Islam B040006S.M. Zayed Siraj B040016Jannatul Ferdows B040017Umme Kulsum B020050
  2. 2. Our selected Country & Product Country Scrape goods
  3. 3. Business International• A business (also known as enterprise • International mostly means or firm) is an organization engaged in something (a company, language or the trade of goods, services, or both organization) that involves more than to consumers. one country.
  4. 4. International Business Culture • For the purposes of the Intercultural• International business is a term used Studies Project, culture is defined as to collectively describe all the shared patterns of behaviors and commercial transactions (private and interactions, cognitive constructs, governmental, sales, investments, and affective understanding that are logistics, and transportation) that learned through a process of take place between two or more socialization. regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundary.
  5. 5. Geography of China• Geographic Coordinates Latitude/Longitude (capital city) 39º 55 N, 116º 20 E Relative Location China is located in both the eastern and northern hemispheres. It occupies a huge part of eastern Asia and is bordered by the Yellow Sea, South China Sea, Pacific Ocean and by (14 countries). North Korea, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan are some of them.
  6. 6. Geography of China• Land Statistics Coastline 14,500 km Land Areas 9,596,960 sq km Landforms In the vast western reaches of China - mountains, high plateaus and deserts dominate the landscape, while in the central and east areas, the land slopes into broad plains and deltas. Highest Point Mount. Everest - 29,025 ft. (8.850 m) Lowest Point Turpan Pendi (-154 m) Land Divisions Including Taiwan it has 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities:• autonomous regions include: Guangxi, Nei municipalities include: Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai Mongol, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Xizang and Tianjin. (Tibet). special regions: Hong Kong and Macau are special administrative regions of China.
  7. 7. Chinese culture• Chinese culture is one of the worlds oldest and most complex. Important components of Chinese culture includes• Language• literature,• music,• visual arts,• martial arts,• cuisine,• Mythology and spirituality,• Traditional festivals of China,• Architecture,• Religionetc.
  8. 8. Language Literature• There are between 7 and 13 main regional • Chinese literature began with record groups of Chinese (depending on keeping and divination on Oracle Bones. classification scheme), of which the most spoken, by far, is Mandarin (about 850 million), followed by Wu (90 million), Cantonese (Yue) (70 million) and Min (50 million). Mandarin Language Chinese Literature
  9. 9. Music Visual arts• The music of China dates back to the • Different forms of art have swayed under dawn of Chinese civilization with the influence of great philosophers, documents and artifacts providing teachers, religious figures and even evidence of a well-developed musical political figures. Chinese art encompasses culture as early as the Zhou Dynasty . all facets of fine art, folk art. Visual arts Music
  10. 10. Martial arts Cuisine• China is one of the main birth places of • The overwhelmingly large variety of Eastern martial arts. Chinese martial arts Chinese cuisine comes mainly from the are collectively given the name Kung Fu practice of dynastic period, when ((gong) "achievement" or "merit", and (fu) emperors would host banquets with 100 "man", thus "human achievement") or dishes per meal. (previously and in some modern contexts) Wushu ("martial arts" or "military arts"). Chinese Material arts Chinese Food
  11. 11. Mythology and spirituality Architecture• Chinese religion was originally oriented to • Chinese architecture, examples for which worshipping the supreme god Shang Di can be found from over 2,000 years ago, during the Xia and Shang dynasties, with has long been a hallmark of the culture. the king and diviners acting as priests and • halls of the Forbidden City using oracle bones. • exceptions such as pagodas • Another important feature is symmetry God Shang Di Forbidden City
  12. 12. Religion• Buddhism remains a main popular religion in China since its introduction in the 1st century.
  13. 13. Traditional FestivalsMay, and to celebrate National Day the first week in Octoberlunar calendar Chinese New Year inFebruary; International Labour Day the first week of Most of the traditional festivals in China are based on the Chinese .Chinese New Year FestivalDragon Boat FestivalMid-autumn Festival
  14. 14. Chinese business cultureChinese business practice are now beginning to align with more conventional methods. However, China willalways have their own unique business culture and etiquette. Etiquette “Rules governing socially acceptablebehavior”“Guanxi” is a very important characteristic of the Chinese business culture. It means relationships. Forming agood relationship is very important step in Chinese business culture.At present time in china they are very much advance in their productive capacity. In prospective of theirculture or we can said that, now-a-day’s their culture is very much related with the innovating newtechnology and increase the productive capacity of china.
  15. 15. What is our organization?• Our organization is “Sparko Company Limited”.• Sparko is one of the leading import & export, manufacture, indentor, Trading house Group of company in Bangladesh.• They want to expansion in their exporting. Increase Exporting Earn Profit• Jahan Inc.• INVENT SOURCING
  16. 16. How we can contract with the Scrape plastic buyers in china?• We can contract our Chinese Buyers through internet . Using
  17. 17. How we can collect the scrape things?We can collect this scrape from local suppliersAs like :- Scrap Traders, Beendu & Pranta, Global trade scrap, KM. Plastic etc.• Picture of scrape plasticScrape Plastic Stainless Steel Scrap Fridge Compressor Scrap Metal Scrap Pet Flakes Scrap Tube scrap
  18. 18. How can we export our product in China?• Through shipment we can export our product in china. It is very easy and low cost exporting system.
  19. 19. Payment system with the buyers?• Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram.
  20. 20. How china use this Scrape things?• China use scrape things to produce various kinds of product in many companys.As like:-• Shanghai Zili Plastic Packing Products Co., Ltd.• Jiangmen Xinhui Senshen Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.• Tianjin Chiland Development Limited
  21. 21. Plastic Strap Mobile partsDigital camera parts
  22. 22. Car partsMaterial weapons
  23. 23. ConclusionFrom above we can understand that Scrape plastic is the product for us tosell and it is the raw materials for china to buy. Through which they canproduce many finish product with a cheap cost and sell it in Chinese localmarket as well as international markets.This product help China to increase their productive capacity. Which is apart of Chinese business culture.