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  1. 1. Headline May 2010 Issue 2 patch, seen new posts arrive on the committee to reflect the changing needs ofA note from our Chair the organisation and the overall business strategy of the College of OccupationalBeing part of the Regional Committee for the Therapists, met and formed links with the staff at Headquarters and also met our PatronNorthern and Yorkshire Region has been a Princess Anne.real pleasure and a professionally fulfillingexperience; in fact, it is quite hard to think On a personal note, my day job has changedthat this time is coming to an end. I have considerably from being a Professional Leadbeen the Chair for the last three years in an for Occupational Therapy in an organisationelected post and for a year previous to that which was predominantly Mental Health, to managing Wheelchair and Equipmentchaired as a “casual” member. The committee Services. Many Occupational Therapists haveis a strong group of Occupational Therapists experienced changes in their work roleswho are very committed to promoting the reflecting the changes that are happeningprofession and demonstrate excellent throughout the country in service provision:leadership skills. I would like to personally having strong role models is a greatthank all those who are stepping down from advantage during these life experiences, thetheir roles on the committee and to offer members of the committee were a good source for this.heart felt good wishes for those who aretaking up their new posts on the committee. I would recommend highly being involved with your regional committee as an enrichingThe meetings are always a stimulating and rewarding experience.experience with quite a lot of discussion anddebate. We are very fortunate in that those Tania Tullochwho are on the committee now have all beenpart of these meetings to a greater or lesser Student Zoneextent so will have a good idea of what is Why bother with a student local group?expected of them by the members in thisarea. You may think that setting up, running or evening joining a student local group seemsDuring my time in office, I have had the like a lot of effort. But there is so much thatpleasure of, among other things, contributing can be gained.to the running of three Life Long Learningevents in three different Universities in our
  2. 2. For starters student local groups are a great showcase the work of OT’s within the region.way to improve networks within your own We are therefore looking for OT’s anduniversity and with others in the region. assistants within the region who would like to present a poster at this year’s lifelongJoining a student local group is a great way learning event. Due to the nature of theto meet students in other year groups, so you committee and our limited funds we arecan get a heads up or a bit of advice on unable to offer financial support for theassignments coming your way. Finding out production of posters. As the committee’sabout other student local groups at other aim is to promote the work of OT’s and theiruniversities allows you to tap into their departments within the region, we welcomeresources as well your own. posters from any professional area. Submission guidelines are available toStudent local groups work to expand the download from the regional webpageportfolio’s of graduating students, enhancing http://www.cot.org.uk/Homepage/Regional_G roups/English_regional_groups/Northern_Yortheir prospects in the highly competitive job kshire_regional_group/ This is a great tomarket we are currently in. In the UK alone develop your CPD portfolio, showcase yourthere are approximately 6000 OT students. achievements and grab a freebie in theSo why simply graduate with a degree barging, as successful submissions will eachcertificate when you can graduate with an receive a £10 Amazon gift voucher per poster.extensive portfolio of voluntary work, For any further information please do notattendance at guest speaker sessions, hesitate to contact the regional committee ny.baot@googlemail.comattendance at conference events, reflectionsand much much more. It would be great to hear from you on the events you attend and are running within theIn the Northern & Yorkshire region we are region to make this section of the newsletterfortunate to have several well-established member focused. So drop us a line and let usstudent local groups, working on, for and others know what is happening in ourexample, the next regional student region ny.baot@googlemail.comconference, a sensory garden and workshopafternoons. To find out about a student localgroup at your university have a look on the Breaking NewsCOT website, under the regional pages forcontact details, or email the student This section of the newsletter is for you. It isrepresentative at ny.baot@googlemail.com an opportunity to highlight good practice, an intervention which has been successful or you have learnt from, or to discuss topics and questions of interest. The committee wouldWhat’s on? therefore welcome submissions for publication in the quarterly newsletter. AnySave the date - 10th November 2010 for this articles published within Headline will receiveyear’s regional lifelong learning event. a £10 Amazon gift card and for those of you feeling adventurous a £20 Amazon gift card isThis year’s event will be held at York St. John on offer if you submit an article to OTN viaUniversity and will focus on the achievements the regional committee, which is published.and work of OT’s within the region. 100 Submissions for OTN can be made at anytimeplaces will be available to delegates with throughout the year, however Headline willinformation on the event and tickets be published in January, April, July andbecoming available on the regional website October each year with the submission datepages in the near future. for articles being the 10th of the previous month.For the first time the committee is hopingthat the event can provide the opportunity to Newsletter content edited by Sarah-Jayne Berry Regional Website Coordinator