Mausoleum Of Augustus


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Mausoleum Of Augustus

  1. 1. Alvarez 1 Denyce Alvarez April 5, 2010 Latin 2 A3 Mausoleum of Augustus Octavian Julio Claudia the first Roman Emperor, which he changed to Augustus decided to build a monument to be a family tomb located in the Campus Martinus. This monument was called Mausoleum of Augustus. The monument was built in 27 BC. This monument is where Augustus and his family members would be buried. Some emperors and his family members were cremated and put into golden urns, and buried. This stayed like this until the fifth century where the barbarians stole the golden urns and threw out the ashes. The monument was shaped like a circle with a diameter of about 88 meters and 44 meters high. It is based through an Etruscan tumulus. Mausoleum of Augustus covers at least two acres of land. The monument was composed of four concentric circles which are covered in soil. The outer circle’s wall is about 16 ft thick. The area leading to the burial chamber in the inner circle had around 14 ft thick walls. Between the two walls were a lot of enclosed chambers. The area where the important urns were buried was surrounded by rings of niches for his other family members. In thee monument’s bottom layer had Cypress trees planted on them. At the center part of the top layer, the Romans added a tumulus with a large bronze statue of Augustus.
  2. 2. Alvarez 2 Its entrance door used to be marked with a bronze door flanked by two Egyptian obelisks, which is located at the Piazza de Quirinale and the Piazza dell’Esquilino. These obelisks included all of the achievements and the influence he has made in Rome. The Mausoleum of Augustus’ outer wall was made of white marble. The building was a great source of building resources, thieves continually steal its materials to what we see now. Marcellus, Augustus’ nephew was the first one buried in 23 B.C. Many emperors as well as Augustus were buried there too, such as Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius. The last one to be buried was emperor Nerva in 98 A.D. It was known that the two Julia’s who was Augustus’ daughter and granddaughter was not allowed to be buried in the tomb because of his resentment towards them. Now the only thing existing is the brick core, the mausoleum is overgrown with plants, because of sackings, neglect and use as a fortress in the middle ages. It was also used as a vineyard, garden, amphitheater, a theater and an auditorium. The building was a tomb, a castle and a fortress. The tomb is a very attractive attraction, its size can be compared to thee Mausolos of Halicarnassus which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This building shows Augustus’ power, wealth and superiority. It is very vast passerby’s notice it and even seen elsewhere far.
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