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BDV sebagai Incubator Startup (Johannes - BDV Telkom)


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Materi Seminar Festival TIK 2015, Bandung

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BDV sebagai Incubator Startup (Johannes - BDV Telkom)

  1. 1. BDV Sebagai Inkubator StartupBDV Sebagai Inkubator StartupBDV Sebagai Inkubator StartupBDV Sebagai Inkubator Startup Johannes Adi Purnama PutraJohannes Adi Purnama Putra Manager Innovation & EnterpreneurshipManager Innovation & Enterpreneurship Innovation & Design CenterInnovation & Design Center Work Together Grow Together
  2. 2. Strategic Thinking MEGA MACRO MICRO Nurturing Digital Creative Idustry “Made in Indonesia” Providing Digital Innovation Ecosystem for Local Startup Development Supporting Telkom Group Innovation Development
  3. 3. Conducted @ Cozy Location Jl. Gegerkalong Hilir No 47 Bandung
  4. 4. Coached By 11+ Resident Mentors Indra Purnama BaraPraja M. Hanif Dinada Inovasi Tritek M. Aditya Gamatechno Andriansyah Kojo Anima Yohan Totting Thinks Room, FOWAB Jimmy Kurnia Skill Institute Juwanda Metric Design Pranowo Putro Tonjoo, Pakar 10 Samuel Henry Global InfoTech FOWAB Ibnu S. Wardi GITS Solution Saga Iqranegara Lotus Media
  5. 5. 3x coaching / week
  6. 6. Insight from Visiting Mentors Hari Sungkari Mitra Mandiri Informatika Calvin Kizana Picmix Bullitt Sesariza Logika Interaktif Herman Kwok Semut Api Colony Dibya Pradana William Henley Indosterling Capital
  7. 7. Visiting Mentor Sessions
  8. 8. Not to Mention Some Global Mentors.. Stefan Jung Rocket Internet, Zalora, Lazada, Monkshill Ventures Mathieu Francois Savant Degrees, Epigami Ventures Peng T. Ong SingTel Corp,, Meri Rosich App Strategy Labs, Adeline Chu Saturday Kids, STEM Zi Huan Wee Savant Degrees, Inspirion Creation App Strategy Labs, Quality Time. Amex, Bertelsmann, Samsung. Saturday Kids, STEM Ambassador, Playmoolah
  9. 9. Global Mentor Sessions
  10. 10. ..and Direct Support from Telkom Executives
  11. 11. The Most Intensive & Dynamic Startup Colony
  12. 12. in (maximum) 200 Days,in (maximum) 200 Days, together we will either brings traction to your product or make it failor make it fail
  13. 13. Lean Startup @ Indigo Incubator Users Need It Users Loves It Good Revenue Model Good Engine of Growth Our Roadmap to Successful Digital Products Need It Loves It Revenue Model Engine of Growth Market Validation Customer & Idea Validation Rp. 120 Mio Rp. 120 Mio Product Validation Business Model Validation Problem – Solution Fit 1 Month Product – Market Fit Business Model Fit 3 Month 3 Month Scalability
  14. 14. Incubation Program Agility Feasibility ProfitabilityViability Customer Development Lean Startup Feasibility Desirability Product Development Agile Development & Lean UX Profitability Sustainability Business Development Lean Startup & Lean UX
  15. 15. The Ideal Team Business Hustler Technical Hacker Design Hipster + Development Team
  16. 16. Categories for Indigo Incubator idea product business User Base Revenue
  17. 17. Customer Validation Program is Now Inclusive Through Pre-Incubation Program that Everyone can Join Main Program • 4 Serial Workshop • 4 Weeks of Coaching• 4 Weeks of Coaching • Validation Challenge (Lean Startup) • Streamed on-line for remote participants Satellite Bootcamp • 1 Full Day Session• 1 Full Day Session • Remote Coaching by BDV & JDV Mentors • 8 Cities (Jakarta, Bogor, Medan, Malang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, Balikpapan)
  18. 18. Pre-Incubation Agenda W0: Building Strong TeamW0: Building Strong Team W1: Introduction to Lean StartupW1: Introduction to Lean StartupW1: Introduction to Lean StartupW1: Introduction to Lean Startup W2: MVP & Landing PageW2: MVP & Landing Page W3: Concierge & Wizard of OzW3: Concierge & Wizard of Oz W4: Business & Revenue ModelW4: Business & Revenue Model
  19. 19. RegistrationRegistration Pre- Incubation Pre- Incubation Paper Selection Paper Selection InterviewInterview Recruitment Flow (2015) April 2015 Customer May 2015 Full Form Submission 11-15 May 2015 Short-listed 1-31 March 2015 Customer Customer Development Challenge Full Form Submission Deadline Team Quality, Validation Result & Business Opportunity Short-listed Candidates Customer Development Challenge BusinessBusiness Incubation Schedule Product Validation Product Validation Business Model Validation Business Model Validation Demo DayDemo Day June – Aug 2015 Oct – Nov 2015 Dec 2015
  20. 20. Community Events
  21. 21. Our Startups • 50 Startup companies incubated since 2012 • 18 Tenants (2012), 15 Startup (2013), 17 Startup (2014) 2014
  22. 22. We’re Going to Have Fun! @telkom_bdv @telkom_jdv @indigoincubator