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Building Awareness of "Internet Governance" in Indonesia


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ID-CONFIG is a hub for CSO who concern on "Internet Governance" issues in Indonesia. This presentation describe its activities and the impact of their activities on "internet governance" policies in Indonesia

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Building Awareness of "Internet Governance" in Indonesia

  1. 1. Building Awareness of “Internet Governance” in Indonesia
  2. 2. source:
  3. 3. source:
  4. 4. source:
  5. 5. source:
  6. 6. • Indonesian CSOs Network for Internet Governance is a hub for CSOs in Indonesia to discuss about internet governances issues • Objective: • Raise awareness about internet issues related to the policy, regulation as well as governance among CSOs • Develop CSOs capacity on Internet governance issues • Promote the agenda of transparent, accountable and inclusive dialogue among multistakeholders
  7. 7. activities
  8. 8. Actively supports National initiative
  9. 9. Actively conducts multi-stakeholder dialogues
  10. 10. General Lecture of Internet Governance
  11. 11. • Video “What is Interg
  12. 12. Workshop IG 1on1 (2 days workshop)
  13. 13. the impact
  14. 14. Speaker from CSO at National Coordination Meeting on ICT by MCIT
  15. 15. CSO Discussion with legislative
  16. 16. CSO involvement in policy-making meeting at MCIT
  17. 17.