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Gia dtc soc


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Gia dtc soc

  1. 1.  Supplier of Choice (SoC): a term contract consisting of the Intention to Offer (ITO) and Sight system Sight system : sights are nothing but trade events which occur 10 times in a year ,held in 1st week of every month, sights are only given to dtc sightholders Sightholders receive their paecels in sight boxes
  2. 2.  Supplier of Last Resort to the Supplier of Choice, focusing on raising the level of consumer demand. Soc was Launched in jan 2000, Supplier of Choice was the DTCs business strategy to drive consumer demand for diamond jewelry in an environment where diamonds were facing greater competition than ever before from the other luxury categories, such as international travel and luxury goods brands.
  3. 3.  Distribution Consumer Confidence Advertising and Branding Transparency
  4. 4.  Soc 2: program adopted by de beers in 2007 to answer critics and resolve shortcomings of its original soc 2
  5. 5.  A need for a more cooperative partnership with sightholders Greater emphasis on ethical business practices Twelve-month extension of ITOs (intentions to offer), which estimate sightholder allocations Simplified application process to become, and remain, a sightholder Greater human involvement in the selection process, which was run mostly by a computer under SoC I.