Social Media Breakfast Stratford February 2013 - Welcome Back


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Supporting small business owners in Stratford, our breakfast gatherings are intended to help people become more familiar with social networks & how they can use them to support their businesses.

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Social Media Breakfast Stratford February 2013 - Welcome Back

  1. 1. It’s your story. Tell it.February 1, 2013 @RevelCaffe
  2. 2. Welcome back!
  3. 3. This is your community...Now, what are you going to do with it?
  4. 4. Community✤ friends, family, supporters, believers✤ word of mouth✤ brand advocates✤ what hasn’t changed? people want to do business with people they know
  5. 5. Who’s online?
  6. 6. Everybody...✤ As of 2012... ✤ 78% of Canadians are on Facebook; almost 26 million people! ✤ 30% of Canadians are on Twitter; that’s +9 million people!✤ As of 2011, 35% of Canadians are on a social networking site every single day; in 2010 it was 19%✤ 2/3 of 35-54 yr olds, and 40% of those over 55 use social networking sites✤ 37% of Canadian women are online every single day vs 24% of Canadian men
  7. 7. It is all about survival...survival rates for Canadian small businesses decline over time.
  8. 8. Numbers don’t lie...
  9. 9. It’s not too complicatedWhat’s most important to you? sales opportunities network growth being regarded as an industry leader having influence community leader SUPPORT AN EVENT OR A CAUSE ......?
  10. 10. Stop trying to drink from thefirehosesmart small. do some planning.
  11. 11. How to manage it all?planning matters
  12. 12. Social media is not going away...choose wisely
  13. 13. ✤ service industry/professional✤ Over 100 million users, worldwide✤ LinkedIn users in Canada have more than doubled to 14% from 6% in 2009✤ As soon as you connect IRL, connect online too✤ LinkedIn network updates via newsletter; the perfect reason to reach out
  14. 14. ✤ What do you like? What are you interested in? Who do you want to connect with? ✤ arts, culture, technology, community, sports✤ Start locally ✤ Stratford, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Guelph✤ Find your community; start with one follow, then see who they follow✤ Lists, lists, lists, lists! Use lists on the main Twitter site or any application (such as Tweetdeck) that supports them
  15. 15. ✤ Do share daily updates with your community✤ Share pictures✤ Create events that can be exported to calendars✤ Do NOT have your Twitter feed automatically update your Facebook status/page updates
  16. 16. ✤ ignore this platform at your own peril✤ currently the 2nd most popular social network platform✤ integrated, seamless experiences✤ will surpass third party solutions for use (i.e. Skype, MS Office)✤ Communities will take off in the next year
  17. 17. It’s not enough to connect onlineget out there and connect in real life
  18. 18. CAVEATS
  19. 19. ninja evangelist rockstars wizards
  20. 20. the echo chamber
  21. 21. Where to find us...✤ @SMBStratford✤ Facebook: Social Media Breakfast Stratford✤ LinkedIn✤ Revel Caffe, every FIRST FRIDAY of the month!