upcycling vintage cashmere sweaters into stuffed toys


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upcycling vintage cashmere sweaters into stuffed toys

  1. 1. My Ideal Business Upcycling vintage cashmere sweaters into kids  stuffed toys  Presented by : Pankaj bansal Domus Academy I  Master’s in Business Design 2009
  2. 2. Content  Concept for sustainable business Business proposal  Brand values  Potential market  Why cashmere sweaters and benefits  Potential user and buyer  Child safety  Market research and SWOT analysis   Work methodology and organizational structure   Work Process  Distribution  Communication  Packaging  Financial  My Ideal Business  I  content                                                                                                          ‐1‐
  3. 3. What would make an improved system Economical Viable ? My Ideal Business  I  key values                                                                                                       ‐2‐
  4. 4. What would make an improved system Feasible ? My Ideal Business  I  key values                                                                                                       ‐3‐
  5. 5. What would make an improved system Desirable ? My Ideal Business  I  key values                                                                                                       ‐4‐
  6. 6. Concept for sustainable business….. My Ideal Business  I  concept for sustainable business                                                                                 ‐5‐
  7. 7. my Business proposal !! Upcycling Vintage cashmere sweaters into stuffed toys
  8. 8. Brand values Vision To provide toy with honesty, which is detailed and easy to understand the information about the composition and purity of the toy Mission To offer wide range of different kind of cashmere sweater, turned into kids stuff toys & to encourage people to reuse their old and waste sweater in a meaningful manner Offers Opportunity to explore & have fun with old and waste cashmere sweaters in different shapes and styles. keywords _personal‐styling‐service _opportunity to design‐it‐yourself _tailor‐made _handmade My Ideal Business  I  brand values                                                                                                     ‐7‐
  9. 9. potential market North America Europe Source : NPD POS data for 2008 (EU & AU)  and NPD consumer tracking for US  My Ideal Business I  potential market  ‐8‐
  10. 10. Why cashmere sweaters ? Cashmere sweater Origin : India My Ideal Business I  why cashmere sweaters                                                                                                         ‐9‐
  11. 11. How ? Sweater recycling boxes  Fabrication in INDIA My Ideal Business  I  how the system works                                                                                             ‐10‐
  12. 12. Benefits to the customers Online purchase A chance to customize a quality product at affordable price Converting old and vintage cashmere sweaters into desired stuff toys with same elements as used in the Sweater Having a personal‐detailing‐styling‐service Teach customers how to take care of there Cashmere made toys My Ideal Business I  benefits to the customers                                                                                                     ‐ 11‐
  13. 13. Potential buyer and user ? _user   kids  _Age               5 ‐ 12yrs _location          any _buyer  women's  _location          any _occasion  any _purpose  gift’s  explore  _activity  housewife mother professional         My Ideal Business I  buyer and user                                                                                                                ‐12‐
  14. 14. Child safety customer safety under European  directives textile safety in product for kids  Safety Certificates  My Ideal Business I  child safety                                                                                                                  ‐13‐
  15. 15. Market research _sweater turned bag _wine cover _seat cover _price: $40  _price: $20  _price: $30  My Ideal Business I  market research                                                                                                               ‐14‐
  16. 16. Market research _sweater turned bag _stuffed toy  _wine cover _stuffed toy _seat cover _price: $40  _price: $80 _price: $20  _price: $45 _price: $30  My Ideal Business I  market research                                                                                                               ‐15‐
  17. 17. SWOT Strength  Weakness _personal‐styling‐service  _customized stuff toy may     _tailor‐designed & handmade  increase the production time _special edition _low‐brand awareness _affordable price Opportunities  Treats _brand  creation through different  _availability  of raw material product range _risk of few orders _brand awareness through NGO’s _close relationship with customers My Ideal Business I  swot analysis                                                                                                                      ‐16‐
  18. 18. Work methodology front stage  3 Teams  My Ideal Business I  work methodology                                                                                                              ‐17‐
  19. 19. Process flow Collection Process Online  Process  Customer  Collection of raw  order material Acknowledgement  Order information warehouse Confirmation and  Customer  Credit card  Cyber  delivery date  database verification check Transportation  Order information Fabrication According to  design and  availability of raw  Product type and  material  Ship order Inventory  Amount  My Ideal Business I  process flow chart                                                                                                            ‐18‐
  20. 20. Organizational structure Director Marketing Senior staff (1) Accountant manager (1) (1) Ground staff (2) Helper (2) My Ideal Business I  organizational structure                                                                                                      ‐19‐
  21. 21. My Ideal Business I  product range                                                                                                                 ‐20‐
  22. 22. Time line 1. Implementing  1. Research of sweater  1. Selling products all  1. To hit the  Asia  Business  collection centers, NGO’s  over Europe and  market of kids toys  proposal into  and fabrication units North America with  with opening  action  new and creative toys  exclusive retail  2. Launch of website with  line  outlets  2. Planning for  all details and product  finance    available in market before  Christmas My Ideal Business I  time line                                                                                                                     ‐21‐
  23. 23. Communication My Ideal Business I  communication                                                                                                                 ‐22‐
  24. 24. Packaging Adjustable box for different  Cartoon character face   size toys   printed on top of the box Puzzle game inside each  box  My Ideal Business I  packaging  concept                                                                                                            ‐23‐
  25. 25. Thankyou Contact  I email: bansalpan@gmail.com