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Nivea for men


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case study on Nivea for men campaign 2011

Published in: Marketing
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Nivea for men

  1. 1. Nivea for men – case study Window shopping takes a whole new meaning online
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Nivea for men-product of Nivea (subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG) Launched in the year 1980 Total product range of 29 products today Products consist of shaving and after shaves ,shower gels, deodorants and face wash Tagline-”It starts with you”
  3. 3. Strategy • Use of ad frames and full screen takeover concept • Make an ad based on the award won by the company • Showing the revolving product images and the ad video • An invite to the Facebook page • Showing ad on specific website • Products sent out in especially designed gift wrapping
  4. 4. • Women of age 25 to 54 years • Planning to purchase a gift for the males in their life On Christmas • Internet users and online customers • Facebook users Target audience
  5. 5. Main focus •Personalised gift wrap •Use of digital media •Encourage user facebook store
  6. 6. • To raise awareness of Nivea for men products • Encourage women to purchase Nivea products as gifts for males • To increase traffic to Facebook • To draw attention towards the quality of the product Aim of the campaign
  7. 7. Swot analysis • Unique of its type • Impact of logo of Nivea brand • Simple and effective • Original content remained intact • Competitors launching new ad campaigns at the same time • Increased digitalization • Men becoming conscious about their skin • Ignorance of consumers • Basic focus on men skin care product Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats
  8. 8. • Sponsorship of football event at grass root level • Strategic alliance with Philips electric shavers • Partnership with Chennai super kings Other mediums used by company to increase its sales
  9. 9. • Increased brand awareness • Driving traffic to Facebook store • 360000+ contracted engagements • 11000 click through to Facebook • 29 million free impressions • Click to site rate -3% Results
  10. 10. Continued ….. • Internationally, NIVEA FOR MEN skincare products grew by almost 20 percent. • NIVEA FOR MEN listened to customer feedback and added products to its line and reformulated existing products.
  11. 11. Group I : Amritpal Virk Ankur Sharma Awnish Tripathi Anurag Sureka Sunday Omoyajowo