How to install vinyl decal on glass and painted surfaces


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Use vinyl window clings on car window, glass, door and any scratchy. Use custom window clings make attractive with low price $0.99/SF and flat rate.

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How to install vinyl decal on glass and painted surfaces

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution How to Install Vinyl Decal on Glass and Painted Surfaces ?? By Nishant Shah Dated: Jan 20, 2011 Vinyl Decals, Window Decals and Window Signs give a wonderful look to the surfaces as well as help to convey a message effectively. Vinyl decals are a great way to advertise. At the same time, using it properly and wisely is really very crucial. For the long term use and maintenance, proper installation is a must. Vinyl decals come in many different forms. They are used in rear windows of the vehicles, home windows, glass walls, on laptops and keyboards. They give a wonderful look to the surfaces as well as help to convey a message effectively. Let us see how we can install the vinyl decals on properly on different surfaces. Vinyl Decals on Glass surfaces/Rear window Applying rear window graphics give a gorgeous look to any vehicles. Whether you use it for embellishment of your vehicle or for advertising, it gives the maximum benefit. However, a careful installation is very important. Clean the glass surface properly and let it dry before you install your favorite decal on the window. Use soap and water to clean the glass and wipe it carefully with a soft cotton cloth. Make sure that the glass is completely free of dirt and soap residue. Do not use any cleaner that has chemical components. It may adversely affect the installation. How to use Vinyl Window Decals Decide the place you want to install the graphic and trim the graphic carefully according to the size of the window. Do not forget to measure the length and width accurately so that you can make sure that you trimmed it for the accurate size. Remove the backing material and place it in the middle of the glass and work your way to each side. Make sure that you are not stretching it too much which may cause curling. Stick it slowly and gently against the surface after you have peeled so that you can avoid air bubbles. If in case, air bubbles occurred, lift the decal and reapply and smoother the area gently. Once your decal is applied without any air bubbles and wrinkles, gently pat the decal with soft cloth to make sure that it is adjusted to the glass properly. It is the same way you can apply your window decals on any glass surface. Vinyl Decals on Walls and painted surface Applying decals on painted walls should be done carefully. If the wall is freshly painted, wait at least for one month to install the decal because the wall need at least 20-30 days for curing. If your paint has gloss and dirt repellant components it will reduce the bond and may not help a proper adhesion. Unroll the decal and keep it flat for at least 24 hours. Decontaminate your wall properly with a wet cotton cloth with a mild soap or a cleaner and wipe it clean. Be sure that you have cleaned all the scum and the surface is free of any kind of residue. Now remove the backing material carefully and stick it gently against the wall. Make sure that you do it slowly to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles. Once you installed it completely rub gently the entire area with a cotton cloth and be sure that you are not scratching the ink. Visit Us:- Page 1/2
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