Savannah Is A City For The Soul


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Savannah Is A City For The Soul

  1. 1. Savannah Is A City For The Soul Savannah is a city of mystery, southern charm, quiet whispers, and joyful celebrations. For years, visiting this city almost-by- the-sea has been a desire of mine. We hear about the lovely gardens with beautiful Spanish moss highlighting sculptures and trees. Savannah is also the birthplace of a woman who changed the lives of millions of girls throughout the world – Juliet Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. And even the cemeteries are so beautiful with their haunting statues that a book made the Bonaventure Cemetery a huge tourist destination. Savannah caters to visitors year-round, but the year-round residents also relish their southern roots. The architecture of the historic River Street features styles that include Federalism, Gothic-Revival, and Italianate. Even storefronts tip their hats to European styles with décor that includes both traditional columns, Victorian porches, and nouveau glass designs that complement traditional design features. Real estate is shockingly affordable in Savannah – prices range from $135,000 for darling cottages to upwards of $500,000 for historic homes in the old Savannah neighborhoods where you can almost hear history coming alive. If you’re interested in relocating to Savannah, perhaps the best thing to do is plan to vacation there for a week. The first day, splurge for a tour of the city by carriage, trolley, walking, or trolley. On the second day, get in your car and drive the other neighborhoods outside the historic and tourism areas to get a real feel. On the third day, plan to meet with a real estate agent in person. Sit down together, tell the agent what your needs are, how much you want to spend, what you like about certain areas you’ve seen. Ask if they can tell you about other neighborhoods that you have not yet discovered.
  2. 2. Georgia Mortgage Rates Compare mortgage rates for Georgia to stay on top of the average home value, market value changes, mortgage rates and more in Georgia at On the fourth and fifth days, tour some homes with your agent! Given that there are over 1,300 homes available right now in this great Southern city of Georgia, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a home with a lush yard, pet friendly, kid friendly, no-kid friendly, no-pet friendly, no-yard, or anything else your heart desires. As for me, I have a trip to Savannah scheduled in July. You’ll find me on a ghost tour, visiting nearby Tybee Island, perhaps eating at Paula Deen’s Queen of Southern cuisine, or otherwise enjoying the wonderful hospitality Savannah offers.