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Resume 09a

  1. 1. PHIL MAILLARD 376 New York Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213 917-750-0621 PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS * Directed Jaguar XFR Test Drive for AAA online magazine Car & Travel (Oct, 2009) * Served as Hi-Def Location Supervisor for 40 acres & A Mule. Spike Lee directed a broadcast adaptaion of broadway play "Passing Strange". Responsible for Hiring and Coordination of Hi-Def truck, equipment and crew. 10 cameras * Directed Comedic Shorts "Would Do, Should Do" for comedian Wali Collins * Directed celebrity segments for the “Iron Ring” , a reality show featuring rappers as managers of mixed martial arts fighters. The series will air on BET in the spring of 2008 * Taught Music Video Production Summer course at the NY Film Academy Currently serving as vice president of creative development for 4th & 26th Productions, a company specializing in the creation and development of viable programming content for broadcast. Initiates and maintains relationships with vendors, including postproduction houses and equipment rental companies to facilitate the shooting of pilots used to shop projects to cable/network television entities. Directs and budgets all in- house productions. Drove efforts to attract and develop a new client base for the facilities at Manhattan Center Productions (MCP). Appealed to budget-conscious clients by devising innovative methods for packaging the facility’s attributes, which included two ballrooms, two audio recording suites, and two television studios with control rooms wired to the ballrooms as well as video/audio production, video post-production, and satellite transmission services. Secured MCP’s first television series ever broadcast from the Hammerstein Ballroom, “Showtime in Harlem.” Acting as the project’s account executive and operations manager, coordinated all budgeting, crewing, and scheduling and served as a liaison between MCP and Manhattan Center Studios (MCS).Shot 15 episodes over a ten-day period using MCP’s in-house television production services, replacing the former taping process, which used remote trucks. According to client Chuck Sutton, President of Inner City Broadcasting, it was the best shoot they had done in years. The project generated total sales of $68K for MCP and $130K for MCS. Solicited clients for Atlantic Video’s television production services for two studios and two ballrooms it was leasing at the Manhattan Center. Supported client endeavors to creatively develop and bring shows to fruition. Prepared project budgets. Ranked #1 of 4 business development executives; generated nearly $150K in sales.
  2. 2. Started up Shoot Til U Drop Inc., a full-service production company specializing in the production of music videos/commercials. Acted as an executive producer, managing everyday operations, including submitting project bids, preparing budgets, hiring crews, negotiating rates, and coordinating postproduction. Represented the company and its directors in sales calls and meetings. Led the company to gross $500K in three years. Directed a music video for Queen Latifah’s song “Latifah’s Had It Up To Here,” which received a Billboard Best Female Performance Award. Hired by Comedy Central to direct and contribute as a writer to the “Heroes of Black Comedy” project, which entailed developing 30-second promos for the series, which aired during Black History Month. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2009 - Studio Consultant - Manhattan Neighborhood Network 2009 - Director - Jaguar XFR Test Drive - Car & Travel Online ( Oct) 2008 - Location Supervisor: SD/HD location shoots 2007 - Director: “The Iron Ring” – Celebrity Segments: Zilo Networks – BET 2007 - Present Vice President of Creative Development, 4th & 26th Productions 2002-2005 - Director of Project Development, Manhattan Center Productions (MCP) 2002-2004 - Business Development Executive, Atlantic Video @ the Manhattan Center 2003-Present - Video Camera/ /Lighting 1995-Present - Director/Writer/2nd Unit Director 1989-Present - Studio Manager 1995-2001 - Studio Camera 1995-1996 - Founder/Executive/Producer/Producer, Shoot Til U Drop Inc. 1989-1992 - Electrician/Gaffer 1988-1990 - Production Associate/Coordinator 1984-1988 EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Communications-Concentration in Television Production, Hofstra University, 1985 RESUME ADDENDUM Selected Projects (Additional projects, videography, and commercial list available upon request) Business Development Executive, Atlantic Video at the Manhattan Center 2004: “75th Anniversary” – CBS, Red Carpet (with transmission 2004: “Up Front” – BET, Grand Ballroom 2004: “Product Launch” – Xerox, Hammerstein Ballroom (with transmission) 2004: “Pharmaceutical Conference” – JFK Productions (with transmission) 2004: “Banghra Concerts” – Vision Unlimited, Hammerstein Ballroom 2003: “Crossroads: Emmy Lou Harris & Dave Matthews” – CMT, Grand Ballroom 2003: “Goo Goo Dolls” – Oxygen Media, Grand Ballroom 2003: “Sheryl Crow: US Ski Team” – AOL Music, Hammerstein Ballroom 2003: “Bollywood Awards” – Vision Unlimited, Hammerstein Ballroom
  3. 3. Director of Project Development, Manhattan Center Productions 2003: “Showtime in Harlem” – 15 episodes, Hammerstein Ballroom, Fox 5 NY2003: “Actors Workshop” – Pilot shot in studio one2003: “Dave Chappelle Show” – Location shoot Director, Music Videos, Commercials, Long/Short-Form Films 2008-2008: Directed Comedic Shorts for Comedian Wali Collins 2007-2007: Directed Nelly Episode for the "Iron Ring" series on BET 1999-2002: Represented by Peep Show Pictures, New York 1995-1997: Represented by Sweet Dreams Films, New York 1989-1997: Represented by Shoot Til U Drop Inc., New York 1993-1995: Represented by Wildcat Films, New York 1992-1993: Represented by Flash Frame Films, New York ( video list available upon request) Writer/Director/2nd Unit Director 2009: Jaguar XFR Test Drive: Car & Travel Online (Oct) - Director 2008: “The Iron Ring” – Zilo Networks : Celebrity Segments - Director “Sharp Talk”: Al Sharpton Show – Sweet Willie Films - TV One Network -2nd Unit “Star Jones Year End Special” – Sweet Willie Films – TV One Network – 2nd Unit 2002: “Heroes of Black Comedy” – Comedy Central, 30-second promos - Director Video Camera Operator 2009 "Center Stage", "Willis Reed" - Yes Network. Ped Camera "Center Stage", "Charles Gibson" - Yes Network. Hand Held Camera "D Life" - MSNBC. Ped Camera 2008: "Center Stage", "Goose Gossage" - YES Network: Ped Camera "Center Stage", "Oscar DeLa Hoya" _ YES Network: Hand Held Camera "Buddy Rich Tribute" Manhattan Center Productions, Ped Camera 2007: Opera Noir – Manhattan Center Productions Pakistani Day Parade – Vision Unlimited – Gaithersburg , Maryland Reggae Cabaret – “Third World” – Manhattan Center Productions Reggae Cabaret - “Midnight” – Manhattan Center Productions Bollywood Movie Awards: Nassau Coliseum, LI "Black 47": Concert - Manhattan Center Productions 2006 Price Waterhouse Annual Corporate Meetings, NYC “Cold Pizza”: ESPN - Atlantic Video@ the Manhattan Center
  4. 4. Banghra Awards – Vision Unlimited – NJ Pakistani Day Parade – Vision Unlimited – Maryland NFL Network Upfront – Hammerstein Ballroom: Manhattan Center 2005: Pakistani Day Parade – Vision Unlimited - NYC 2004: Bollywood Fashion Awards – Center Camera – Hammerstein Ballroom: Manhattan Center 2002: “The Katie Brown Show” – Broadway Video, Camera/Gaffer 2001:“Wild TV” – PBS, Gaffer 2000:“Diary of a Stripper” – Fox TV, Hand Held Camera, New York locations 1995-1999:“Showtime at the Apollo” – Video Utility 1997:“Aerosmith Album Release Party” – Manhattan Center Productions Interview, 1997: “Day of Atonement” – Louis Farrakhan, Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, Camera Studio Manager 1998-2001: LRP Studios 1995-2001: Manhattan Center Studios Studio Camera 1995-1996: Apollo Theater; main camera for Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night