Social & Digital Media Prediction - 2013


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Social & Digital Media Prediction - 2013

  1. 1. Social & Digital Media 2013What will happen?Abang Edwin SA@bangwinissimo -
  2. 2. Outline• What have happened?– Rapid growth of the internet– Fast paced adaptation of the early stage ofmobile internet• Where are we now?– A glimpse of the changes• 2013 Social & Digital Media Prediction
  3. 3. What is happening nowadays?Sources:• The Future of Digital by Henry Blodget (Business Insider)• Internet Trends by Mary Meeker (Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers)
  4. 4. What is happening nowadays?2+ Billion People Online
  5. 5. What is happening nowadays?2/3 of The World To Go
  6. 6. What is happening nowadays?Although there is still a big gap between the number of internet usersand the world’s population, there is a significant bulk of moneycirculating in the online world.The fact is :Market is more mature than we all think
  7. 7. What is happening nowadays?Meanwhile, something happened lastyear!
  8. 8. What happened?The growth of PC has stopped!
  9. 9. What happened?Smartphone sales growth is higher than PC!
  10. 10. What happened?Tablet now drives the growth of PC market
  11. 11. Where are we now?Let’s see what is happening so far
  12. 12. Where are we now?• Computing Devices
  13. 13. Where are we now?• Photography
  14. 14. Where are we now?• Navigation + Live Traffic Info
  15. 15. Where are we now?• News & Information Flow
  16. 16. Where are we now?• Note Taking
  17. 17. Where are we now?• Files & Folders
  18. 18. Where are we now?• Content Organization (Aspiration)
  19. 19. Where are we now?• Funding
  20. 20. Where are we now?• Recruiting/Hiring
  21. 21. Where are we now?Generally, what we now understand is that our lives have changed.Asset-HeavyLifestyleAsset-LightLifestyle
  22. 22. Where are we now?
  23. 23. Where are we now?
  24. 24. Where are we now?
  25. 25. Where are we now?
  26. 26. What will happen?These are some forecasts on digital and social media usage in 2013
  27. 27. What will happen in 2013?1. The Future is in MobileThe role of Mobile Gadgets is becomingincreasingly vital
  28. 28. What will happen in 2013?
  29. 29. What will happen in 2013?What is our position in this mobile revolution?
  30. 30. What will happen in 2013?Globally, the position of users is still in the early stage
  31. 31. What will happen in 2013?2. Digital Media is becoming more important
  32. 32. What will happen in 2013?Do we remember the time when many predictedthat users will not (or will never) pay for digitalcontent?The fact says otherwise.
  33. 33. What will happen in 2013?
  34. 34. What will happen in 2013?And based on that fact, the growth will also triggeran increase in digital advertising.
  35. 35. What will happen in 2013?3. Early Stage of Online Digital Entertainment
  36. 36. What will happen in 2013?
  37. 37. What will happen in 2013?A few months ago, there was a breakthrough in the world of onlineentertainment -- the release of 2 web series movies:1. H+ , A production by Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects & X-Menfilms). Each episode was launched via YouTube Channel.2. Cybergeddon, written by Anthony E. Zuiker (Writer of CSI series)and produced by Symantec and Yahoo!The year 2013 is seen to be a period for these kinds of experimentalprojects in preparation for a smooth transition from mediaentertainment to the online world.
  38. 38. What will happen in 2013?4. Conversations will be the important KPI of socialmedia success parameter
  39. 39. What will happen in 2013?• Buzz and Sentiment in each conversation will be regarded as themeasurement tool together with the number of users generated(Followers or Likes)• Conversations will be the “bridge” to convert number of users intosales leads.
  40. 40. What will happen in 2013?5. Social Commerce stimulate the growth ofe-commerce
  41. 41. What will happen in 2013?Social Commerce will be the right of passage of the overall e-commerce growth.• Booming of “selling” online services especially in the Asian marketwill also trigger the establishment of more customer-friendlytransaction infrastructure support (payment gateway, deliveryservice)• The more people become used to buying and selling via socialcommerce, the more chances of growth in the new battlearena -- Market Place.
  42. 42. What will happen in 2013?5. The Hype of Visual
  43. 43. What will happen in 2013?Although some have not yet realized, same as the new approach ofPinterest as a Social Media, the visual aspect of User Interface (UI)is an important factor to direct the look and tone of a site. (ecommerce) (social media)Beritagar (news)The Jakarta Post Travel (travel news)
  44. 44. What will happen in 2013?
  45. 45. What will happen in 2013?
  46. 46. What will happen in 2013?
  47. 47. What will happen in 2013?
  48. 48. Thank you.Sources:The Future of Digital by Henry Blodget (Business Insider)Internet Trends by Mary Meeker (Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers)
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