Group 5P get touch presentation for tiki round 2


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Group 5P get touch presentation for tiki round 2

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Group 5P get touch presentation for tiki round 2

  2. 2. What make tiki different ? Tiki – Shopping joy Tiki – Search Tiki – Saving Prestigious- Good customer care But for most people, is mainly associated with only books However, personal care is completely different from books and cannot apply these customer values to this product sector. What we will do ?
  3. 3.  Raise customer awareness of personal care products sector  Increase the amount of people buy personal care product on 20%  Gain the reputation in the book sector as well.  Increase sale by 15%
  4. 4. Female Age 18-24 Income : average and above average Familiar with buying book at
  5. 5. So Why they don’t buy personal care products like books??? When e-commerce joins in VN and personal care products were sold online, a lot of people think that they like buying personal care products from supermarkets/groceries rather than buying it online. It’s not because they don’t believe in the quality of products or services. But their habit of buying in supermarkets/groceries has became culture, which is the only way they think about when they have the demand of using personal care products.
  6. 6. 96% Women have the habit of want to experience their products 95% Women want to try products before using 89% Women buy products directly in supermarkets/groceries So why them like buy in that place ? Because of …
  7. 7. I only believe when I Touch They want to SMELL, SEE, FEEL, CONTACT, COMPARE the product before they truly believe in it
  8. 8. get Touch Message: Let’s Touch the happiness
  9. 9. PRE-LAUNCH 9/12-9/1 Objective Create awareness Activate customers Communication messages Everyone wants to be happy during Tet. So have you prepared anything for yourself yet? Everyone wants to be beautiful this Tet. Buying Tiki personal care products makes people inspired by you INVITATION 10-20/1 Build “Raisingawareness” event Let your beauty blossom this Tet. Let your beauty blossom with Tiki personal care products EXPERIENCE 21/1-30/1 Create a “WOW” effect for Tet. This year, Tiki holds the biggest New Year “COUNTDOWN event” online in Vietnam. Go to the Event, take the greatest and happiest moment to get big prizes AMPLIFICATION 1/2-14/2 Re-confirm key message Amplify the campaign in big scale Let’s Touch the happiness
  10. 10. Phase 2: Surprise Touch Phase 1: Read your flavor Online flash banner Print ad, PR Email, SMS Newspaper: 2!, Hoa học trò, ione, kenh14… Bookmark SMS, Online ad banners, email. get Touch Promotion channel Phase 4: Touch smart TVC: Report documentation Phase 3: Touch the Experience Website, Tiki fanpage Event online on PR: magazines, newspaper Tiki fanpage
  11. 11. Read your flavor One bookmark in each book On the bookmark has a rubbing piece which you can rub on it and the example of personal care products will appear on you finger. Information about personal care products and attractive people to Get your surprise on Online banner, SMS, email, article on website about : Everyone wants to be happiness during Tet. So have you prepared for yourself yet? Everyone wants to be beautiful this Tet. Buy Tiki personal care to make people inspire by you. Because If you’re beautiful in Tet, you’ll be beautiful for the rest of the year
  12. 12. surprise touch Talk online about Tet: What do you prepair something for Tet? What do you think about beauty in Tet? Photo storyboard about beauty in Tet. Share tips that make you more beautiful in Tet Raise awareness about COUNTDOWN event in Tet campain: Share information about event online, make people surprise by flash banner about COUNTDOWN event PR on Print: Announcement for the event
  13. 13. Touch the experience Countdown Event In each day, Buy personal care products with price COUNTDOWN from high to free Choose the best time which is happiest for you to buy suitable price  If you are faster than others you can buy lower price
  14. 14. smart Touch Event report on TV,Facebook, Twitter… Create album images: Beauty Collection Safe, reliable and economical online shopping handbook is in personal care products item, guides women to select products properly Lucky draw online
  15. 15. KPIs Marketing objective Brand Influence survey Expected number of participants Statistics Communication objective Access number statistics Editorials: Advertorials: News: Events: Online Fanpage: 25 000 like 7 000 comment 200.000 reach 75 50 100 1 Business objective Sales up 15%