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Swot analysis - Nguyen Kim

Swot analysis - Nguyen Kim

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Swot analysis - Nguyen Kim

  2. 2. L/O/G/O GROUP MEMBERS 1. Ly Le 2. Uyen Nguyen 3. Thanh Quach 4. Anh Nguyen 5. Duy Nguyen 6. Quang Hoang
  3. 3. L/O/G/O Contents Nguyen Kim Electrical Center ProfileNguyen Kim Electrical Center Profile Products/ Services ResearchProducts/ Services Research SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis Solution for SWOT AnalysisSolution for SWOT Analysis ConclusionConclusion This presentation is conducted about the SWOT Analysis of Nguyen Kim Electrical Center.
  4. 4. L/O/G/O MALL SAIGON - NGUYEN KIM PROFLE Name: Mall Saigon - Nguyen Kim. Found in 1996. Formation first retail electrical centers modern factory in Vietnam. Formation of specialized B2B sales channels. Location: first store in 6bis Electrical Tran Hung Dao. First electrical retail site in VN: History Business Activities Adress
  5. 5. L/O/G/O 57% Description of the contents  The 2006: Transition of Management and business activities of the Company -> Switch Corporation form.  No. 1 brand in the consumer electronics retail in VN, consumers trust and appreciate.  Award-winning domestic and international  Top 100 enterprises won Vietnam Gold Star Award 2009.  Top 500 retailers in Asia Pacific. ACHIEVEMENT Description of the contents NGUYEN KIM’S ACHIEVEMENT
  6. 6. L/O/G/O NGUYEN KIM’S EXPANSION Headquarters: 63-65-67 Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1, HCMC Many appliance centers at major city in VietNam EXPANSION
  7. 7. L/O/G/O PRODUCTS RESEARCH PRODUCTS 1 Audio/ Video 2 Major appliances 3 Small appliances 4 Computers 5 Mobiles 6 Games Nguyen Kim Electrical Center serves products in 6 major industries: With more than 50,000 genuine products of world leading brands.
  8. 8. L/O/G/O 1. Audio/ Video PRODUCTS RESEARCH Radio cassette player DVD – Bluray Audio amplifier Stereo music Speakers  Microphones  – Wireless microphones iPods
  9. 9. L/O/G/O 2. Major appliances PRODUCTS RESEARCH Washing machines Air conditioners  Freezers/Refrigerat Water purifier Water heater Air purifier
  10. 10. L/O/G/O 3. Small Appliances PRODUCTS RESEARCH Gas stove/ Electric stoves Rice cookers Microwaves Vacuum cleaners Electric fans Flat irons
  11. 11. L/O/G/O PRODUCTS RESEARCH  Laptops  Desktops  Tablets  Printers/scanners  Fax machines  Paper shredders  Computer accessories  iPads/MacBook 4. Computers:
  12. 12. L/O/G/O PRODUCTS RESEARCH  Mobile phones/Cordless phones  Wireline telephones  iPhones  Mobile accessories  Telecommunication accessories 5. Mobiles:
  13. 13. L/O/G/O PRODUCTS  Gaming machines  Smart pens  Electronic computers  Electronic dictionaries 6. Games:
  15. 15. L/O/G/O STRENGHTS & WEAKNESSES Internal Factors WeaknessStrenght High cost for design the store Low profit from branches Low customer service Unsatisfied after- sales service Not enough number of products to offer for customers Competitive location Catch the trend of customers Great brand in retailing in Vietnam Many branches spread throughout the country Promotion & convenient space
  16. 16. L/O/G/O OPPORTUNITES Steady growth of economy The improvement of business environment Per capita income & spending of consumer increase Customer disire shopping in electronics center The suppliers have big brand name The trust of customers for a large distributor 1 2 3 4 5 6
  17. 17. L/O/G/O THREATS Threats The problem about stormy, weather, floods New electronics centers & expansion of the multinational retail corporation Unfair competition on prices and trade fraud Vietnamese tend to desire foreign goods The flutuation in each quarter of the electrical industry Downward prices pressure from competitors The depreciation of the currency
  18. 18. L/O/G/O SOLUTIONS FOR SWOT 1. Why chosen factors are important? 2. Solutions for chosen factors
  19. 19. L/O/G/O INTERNAL FACTOR  Weaknesses are areas capable of improvement.  Can be opportunities for competitors  Detailed, logistical planning  Professional customer service team  Shorten the lead time  Post-purchase following up department
  20. 20. L/O/G/O EXTERNAL FACTOR  Various opportunities for the retailer. Opportunities is important factor  Enough conditions for the success of the store.
  21. 21. L/O/G/O OPPORTUNITIES UTILIZATION Look at the internal factors and consider whether these open up any opportunities. Combine with strenghts to optimize the potential for the store. Catch opportunities and launch suitable strategies ‘just- in – time’.
  22. 22. L/O/G/O CONCLUSION • WEAKNESS is an important internal factor. Company needs to understand the competitive advantage and things they could not compete with their competitors. • OPPORTUNITY is an important external factor. Nguyen Kim needs the necessary condition is Strength and enough condition is Opportunity.
  23. 23. L/O/G/O REFERENCES • •
  24. 24. L/O/G/O