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Lothamilk Rest Stop Project

Lothamilk Rest Stop Project - Isoc 2275
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Lothamilk Rest Stop Project

  2. 2. • Vo Tuan Huy • Hoang Quoc Viet • Ly Chi Kiet • Khoa • Ho Truong Phuong Thao • Tran Thi Trung Thu • Nguyen Phuong Uyen Prepared This Presentation Group members
  3. 3. Long Thanh Rest-stop Where do we go now?
  5. 5. objectives5
  6. 6. 1.Information about the project (location, investor, time)… 1.The results of last 6 months’ operation 2.Economic – social consequences 3.Solutions for disadvantages 4.Group’s opinion
  8. 8. Location 51 National Highway- Long Thanh-Dong Nai
  9. 9. The total amount of investment: greater than 100 billion VND.
  10. 10. Area: original area was 7 hectares and expending to 10 hectares
  11. 11. Investors: Trung Thuy Group and Dong Nai Food Industry Corporation.
  12. 12. STARTED TIME: 11/09/2011
  13. 13. Structure • Structure: Longthanh Milk Station is a system including place for drivers and passengers stopped to rest, shopping center, mini supermarket, handcraft shop, gasoline station, housing conference, and toilet places, scenic relaxing sitting area combines cuisine, performing arts, motel…
  14. 14. Accomplishment • The project will promote and development the tourism in Dong Nai province in particular and all South-East in general. Give more chance to ecotourism with fresh - clean- convenient- high quality for everyone. • Increase local employees rate. • Introduce the product to consumers.
  15. 15. Long Thanh Rest Stop vs. Mekong Rest Stop • Long Thanh Rest Stop is a complex including many facilities. • Long Thanh Rest Stop concentrates on the cuisines diversity of Vietnam. • Mekong Rest Stop has the area reserved for building miniature sceneries. • Visitors will not be charged if they come to Mekong Rest Stop for taking a rest for a while only.
  16. 16. THE IN LAST 6 2
  17. 17. - Over 35.000 customers- travelers- visitors came to there - Nearly to 10 own products were produce by their own company form Lothamilk - Give over 2.000 works for the people around that area
  18. 18. - Add about 2-3 bil. in Country’s Income by tax - Invest in a lot of kinds of the other services - Make our country more and more famous in the world with their own products
  19. 19. 3
  20. 20. ADVANTAGES
  21. 21. ECONOMY Longthanh rest- stop supplies variety of its own products such as fresh fruits, sea foods, dinks,.., especially, fresh cow milk -> satisfies the buying demand of passengers when they travel away.
  22. 22. Particularly, Lothamilk produces its own fresh cow milk-> affirms quality and enhances prestige for Vietnam milk. Lothamilk rest-stop makes use of the strength in Dong Nai province (location, labor, capital, resource,..) -> develop the trade scale.
  23. 23. SOCIETY Lothamilk station locates in suitable location -> passengers and vehicles are easy to find an ideal place to stop for a short while during the trip. There are modern entertainment departments and traveler services-> helps people enjoy comfortable time and reduce tiredness
  24. 24. Lothamilk rest- stop uses effectively Vietnam labor force-> reduce unemployment rate and enhance living standard of people. Lothamilk Station not only widens cow milk market in Vietnam and develops travelling potentiality but also puts social benefit is the top concern.
  26. 26. • Causing car accidents and disadvantages for traffic easily since: - Longthanh highway (51 National Highway) • is worked in process (not finished) - Many big cars and trucks stop at Longthanh Rest – stop
  27. 27. • Causing pollutions: CO2, dust for inhabitant around the rest – stop because of the big amount of cars visit this place • Causing difficulties for small businesses to deliver fruits, grocery, food around the Rest-stop
  28. 28. 4
  29. 29. Advantages Disadvantages Are there any solutions for disadvantage?
  30. 30. The answer is YES!
  31. 31. SOLUTIONS
  32. 32. 1st Solution
  33. 33. Finish the 51 Highway to reduce the turbulent of traffic
  34. 34. Have the traffic lights systems Along 51 high way to instruct the transports in and out the rest stop Have the traffic police men to instruct the transports in and out the rest stop Plan trees to reduce pollutions and dust Second solution
  35. 35. •Create more jobs for small businesses around the rest – stop •Ensure the equal competitiveness Between the business rent Long Thanh rest stop areas and others business around
  37. 37. • Longthanh rest stop facilitated for a lot of people to have jobs. • It is a form of effective tourist and service • Help to reduce the poverty, unemployment for Longthanh town
  38. 38. • Bring more eco – social advantages rather than disadvantages • The disadvantages can be avoided easily. • However, it also creates some inequality for some for some inhabitant especially small business around Longthanh rest stop
  39. 39. References • dong-tho-tram-dung-chan-Long- Thanh/148/4850532.epi
  40. 40. Thank you!!!