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Kymdan Mattress launches to Middle East Market

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Kymdan Mattress launches to Middle East Market

  1. 1. LOGO Instructor: Ms. Le Quyen Thuy Trang Group members: Nguyen Phuong Uyen Tran Pham Tan Hung Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong Nguyen Duy Anh Quach Minh Thanh Ngo Dinh Huy
  2. 2. Contents KYMDAN Profile Middle East Market Analysis Operational Management Leadership and Motivation Marketing Plan
  3. 3. KYMDAN PROFILE - Saigon- KYMDAN Rubber Joint Stock Company. -Was established in 1954. - Has been privatized in the form of a family History company since 1999. - Factory is located in industrial Northwest Cu Chi. - Number of employees: over 1000. Business - KYMDAN has 2 affiliated factories , 1 overseas companies, 04 domestic branches, 531 stores Scope - Has registered its trademark in 91 countries and territories. + Purchase and sale, processing of latex mattress, pillow, bed, furniture,.. Business Activities + Export and distribute KYMDAN products in Vietnam and abroad.
  4. 4. PRODUCTS LATEX MATTRESS PILLOWS [ Image information in product ]  Image  Note to customers : This image has been licensed to be used within this PowerPoint template only. You may not extract the image for any other use. BED SALON
  5. 5. MISSION & VISION MISSION Bring to the customers the perfect solution for sleeping by researching and updating for the new quality products. VISION Continue to become the best leading company in producing mattresses in Vietnam. Expand the business operation internationally for global competition.
  6. 6. MIDDLE EAST MARKET ANALYSIS Target Market Political ANALYSIS Cultural Economic There are 4 factors to be analyzed when KYMDAN decides to penetrate to Middle East Market.
  7. 7. MIDDLE EAST  Middle East is very potential and huge market. Including 15 countries Total area of 7.59 million km2 Total population of nearly 285 million people People have high quality of life and high demand of consumption. Biggest barriers in the process of penetrating the Middle East market is the geographical distance.
  9. 9. TARGER MARKET Three key markets KYMDAN focuses: are Turkey, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) AUE is the most attention in Middle East Target KYMDAN will decide to put the office on Abu Dhabi in UAE with the numbers of employees is about 100.
  10. 10. ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT Middle East’s economy is stable and we have a lot of opportunities to invest into. UAE has high economic growth in recent years (10%/ year).  Middle East countries have high GDP ( UAE- 50.000 USD/ person).  Foreign direct investment by offering 100% foreign ownership and no tax.  Relation between Vietnam and Middle East trade in the past year is the restructuring of the export market.
  11. 11. POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT  Middle East nations have absolute monarchy system.  Bases on the basis of Islamic law.  Weak institution, legal framework, and the recent political are unstable. Cause limitation for foreign companies to penetrate and invest into Middle East countries.  Saudi Arabia have reformed their judicial systems & Capital market laws to international standards.
  12. 12. CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT  The lifestyle of the Islam is the community lifestyle.  Demand for the product is quite similar to the Vietnamese people.  Business regularly revolves around personal relationships, family relationships, trust and honor.  The meeting can be messy.  Islam has discrimination between man and woman.
  13. 13. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE The functional organizational structure in the headquarter in Vietnam is divided into 4 departments. The managers who manage business activities of KYMDAN have direct connection to The Board of Director of the headquarter.
  14. 14. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Manager who is responsible for biz activities in Middle East countries directly contact with the upper managers in Vietnam. MIDDLE EAST MANAGER SALE & DISTRIBUTION STAFFING SYSTEM MARKETING
  15. 15. STAFFING POLICY  KYMDAN decides to recruit and train workers in the host country, but managers must be our employees in Vietnam.  The manager will be chosen by headquarters.  Encourage our employees for their best working and their honesty.  Reflect our respect to staffs’ dedication for many years.
  16. 16. LEADERSHIP SKILLS -Build a strategic vision for the -Discover talent and allocation company , work properly . - Manage and plan for the - Have special treatment goals that the company needs policy for the good people. to achieve. Management Effective task and planning assignment skills skills Inspirational skills Motivation -Understand your employees - Encourage , motivate - Listen and share with - The leader must also know how subordinates and know how to to negotiate inspire them. Manager should build and widen skills as well as competencies to manage effectively.
  17. 17. MOTIVATION POLICIES The manager of our overseas subsidiary should have reasonable policies in motivation:  Ensure employees with a comfortable and pleasant work environment.  Encourage the employee 's responsibility.  Encourage and reward appropriately.  Motivation will be difference among the employees base on their position.
  18. 18. MARKETING PLAN KYMDAN  Direct manufacturers and direct retailers PRICE  Offering customers the best price for the best quality products PRODUCT  Furniture  Latex mattress  Pillow, bed, … PLACE  Outlets – showrooms  Internet PROMOTION  Safety  Comfort  Health  Durability
  19. 19. Packing & delivery strategy  The delivery staff is responsible for the transportation and locating the mattress on customer bed.  Utilizing the PE bag to avoid the fraudulent Deluxe mattresses are packaged in cases carried out by carton boxes marked with KYMDAN logo illegal competitors.
  20. 20. LOGO

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  • 1.1. QUÁ TRÌNH HÌNH THÀNH VÀ PHÁT TRIỂN CỦA DOANH NGHIỆP:1.1.1. Tên, địa chỉ và qui mô hiện tại của doanh nghiệp:Tên doanh nghiệp : CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN CAO SU SÀI GÒN – KYMDANĐịa chỉ : 28 đường Bình Thới, phường 14, quận 11, Tp. Hồ Chí MinhĐiện thoại : 08 – 8619999 Fax: 08-8657419Website :www.kymdan.comNgày thành lập : 25/01/1999Giấy ĐKKD số : 063373 do Sở Kế Hoạch và Đầu Tư cấp ngày 05/03/1999,vốn đăng ký: 84 tỷ đồngNhà máy : rộng 6ha tại khu công nghiệp Tây Bắc Củ ChiXí nghiệp trực thuộc : xí nghiệp sản xuất salon tại quận 6Chi nhánh trong nước:Tại Hà Nội: 123 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Láng Thượng, Đống Đa, Hà NộiĐT84.4) 5371160. Fax: (84.4) 5371158Tại Đà Nẵng: 205 Phan Chu Trinh, Phường Hải Châu,TP. Đà NẵngĐT: (0511) 561680. Fax: (0511) 561681Tại Cần Thơ: 142 đường 3/2, Phường Xuân Khánh, TP. Cần ThơĐT: (071) 835522. Fax: (071) 835523Chi nhánh tại nước ngoài:Tại Pháp: KYMDAN FRANCE company7-9 Rue du Docteur Charles Richet- Paris XIITại Đức: KYMDAN GERMANY GmbHTrommsdorff St. 05, 99084 ErfurtTại Úc: KYMDAN (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD.Factory 3, 569 Somerville Road, Sunshire, Vic. 3032, Aus.Số lượng CB-CNV: hơn 1.000 ngườiTrình độ: 90% tốt nghiệp phổ thông trung học, trong đó 25% tốt nghiệp Đại học.Qui mô hoạt động của doanh nghiệp: với số lượng và qui mô hoạt động như vậy,công ty Kymdan là doanh nghiệp có qui mô lớn (vốn đăng ký > 10 tỷ, số lao động trungbình hàng năm > 300)Nguồn:ân-tích-hoạt-động-kinh-doanh-của-công-ty-Cổ-phần-cao-su-Sài-gòn-–-Kymdan?s=22699bb2464ecfb930f68fbf2f730bf8#ixzz2FQMBXqXoThư Viện Điện Tử
  • Economic environmentPolitical environmentSocial Culture
  • Nềnkinhtếổnđịnh, ítchiutácđộngcủasuythoáikinhtếBa thị trường trọng điểm đáng chú ý nhất là Ai Cập, UAE và Ả rập Xêut. Ba nước này chiếm 60% tổng giá trị NK thủy sản Việt Nam vào Trung Đông, trong đó UAE có vị trí chú ý nhất. UAE có mức tăng trưởng kinh tế khá cao trong những năm gần đây (10%/năm) và người ta coi đây là một cửa ngõ quan trọng để đua hàng thủy sản sang nhiều khu vực khác của Trung Đông và các nước lân cận thông qua trung tâm thương mại Abu Dhabi.
  • do hơn 90% hàng hóa tiêu thị tại thị trường UAE là hàng nhập khẩu nên phần lớn các giấy phép được bãi miễn.
  • Middle East market is now targeted by the standard of living as well as the demand for the product is quite similar to the Vietnamese people.The lifestyle of the Islam is the community lifestyle. Islam always takes time to interact with their neighbors. Islam don’t discriminate the occupation and personal relationships. Business regularly revolves around personal relationships, family relationships, trust and honor. The initial meeting is usually to build relationships, trust and establish mutual assistance on business in Middle East countries.The meeting can be messy; Islam always works unpunctual, so always losing a lot of times and requires exercising patience. The calls always happen during the meeting and people can suddenly appearance at the meeting and start to debate their own problems. Prolix administrative procedures associated with the rubber hours always extend more periods. So the meeting can begin and end late