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Integrated Marketing Plan for TH True Milk

MIMC- Integrated MKT Management
Final Presentation - Integrated Marketing Plan for TH True Milk.
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Integrated Marketing Plan for TH True Milk

  1. 1.  Group member: Nguyen Phuong Uyen Quach Minh Thanh Le Tuan Anh Nguyen Duc Thanh Nhan Ly Ngoc Huy Hoang Thanh Quang IMC PLAN OF NEW TH true MILK
  2. 2. Contents TH true MILK Profile Competitors Analysis Environment Analysis Target Market TH true MILK Objectives & Promotion Mix Media Planning Budget Allocations
  3. 3. TH true MILK PROFILE December. 2010 Location Business activities +TH true MILK was established with the financial supporting of Northern Asia Bank. + Name: TH MILK FOOD JOINT STOCK COMPANY (TH MILK,.JSC). Nghia Son village, Nghia Dan ward, Nghe An province. + Purchase and sale, processing of milk, dairy products. + Trading and processing of fruit juices and drinks. + Purchase and sale of raw materials and equipment for production of milk and food. TH true MILK LOGO:
  4. 4. TH true MILK PROFILE Providing fresh, clean, healthy and nutrition dairy and foods that origin from the nature to satisfy the demand of customers about diversified and perfect products. Achieving 70 % of target customers and least 50 % of the distribution system in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. VISION MISSION
  5. 5. TH true MILK – whole milk 180ml, 110ml TH true MILK- sugar milk 180ml, 110ml TH true MILK- Less sugar milk 180ml, 110ml TH true MILK – chocolate flavor 180ml, 110ml TH true MILK- strawberry flavor 180ml, 110ml PRODUCTS
  6. 6. NEW PRODUCTS TH true MILK supplements Collagen TH true MILK supplements Phytosterol. TH true MILK supplements Calcium.  In October 15, 2012, TH true MILK officially launches of three new products.
  7. 7. ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS  Vietnam Dairy Market - Vietnam dairy market is very potential. - average consumption of a Vietnamese: 14kg/ person/ year. - 70% of the demand of milk, especially fluid milk, has not been met.
  8. 8. ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS Average Consumption of Dairy Products/ person in Vietnam (1997–2009)
  9. 9. ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS TH true MILK Resources MATERIAL Total area of 22 ha with more than 10,000 cows. CAPITAL The financial support about $ 1.2 billion by North Asia Investment Bank SUPPLY a capacity of 500 million liters / year & 50 % of demand for dairy products TECHNOLOGY Modern production technology and high hygienic conditions. TH true MILK Resources
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS  Profuse financial resource provided by North Asia Bank:1.2 billion USD. The most modern production technology in Asian. Distribution system is more perfect.  Marketing team has high creativity and adaptability.  Competitive product category still limits.  The prestige of TH True Milk brand hasn’t been popular in the public yet.  High production cost leads to high price product. STRENGHT WEAKNESS
  11. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS Large scale and high demand of the market. Milk market develops strongly and stably. The government supports and creates favorable condition. The danger of material shortage because of material cost increasing. Domestic and foreign competitors have strong potential. The business has close relation with health and law. OPPORTUNITY THREATEN
  12. 12. TARGET MARKET  Men and women  medium and the rich people.
  13. 13. TARGET MARKET  Urban areas and major cities in Vietnam: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh,.. Focus on Beauty Contest and Health Contest
  14. 14. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS  Vinamilk is Vietnam's leading dairy brand.  Vinamilk occupies 40% market share of the liquid milk market.  91% consumers had used the Vinamilk products.  78 % consumers preferred milk products of Vinamilk. Success factors "High quality, reasonable price, customer -centric“  Diversifying products and services,  Quality assurance, safety and hygiene food at competitive prices.  Respect for business ethics and comply with the law.  VINAMILK
  15. 15. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS  Dutch Lady is an international brand.  Dutch Lady Company came to Vietnam in 1994. it has easily dominated the milk market without making noisy marketing. Success factor  The world's leading dairy industry.  The distribution network is selected carefully that Dutch Lady milk boxes will be sent directly to the warehouse distributors "selected" on the country, before being shipped to retail stores and retailers.  DUTCH LADY
  16. 16. OBJECTIVES Marketing Objective  Advertising for new product.  Attracting potential customers.  Expand the market for the future products. Communication Objective  An easy of approach to the customers.  Make the trust in the customers.
  17. 17. PROMOTION MIX TH true Milk  Primarily consumer Secondarily consumer Supplements Collagen, Supplements Phytosterol Supplements Calcium Advertising Sale promotion Public relation  From December 2012 to March 2013  From June 2013 to October 2013 Target Audiences Product Cocept Technique Timing
  18. 18. MEDIA PLAN MISSION STATEMENT - Broadens “TH true milk” brand. - Extend to ASEAN countries. - Contribute to increase sale volume of my company. [Image Info] Note to customers : This image has been licensed to be used within this PowerPoint template only. You may not extract the image for any other use.
  19. 19. GOALS  Making our promotion impact on customer buying behavior.  We struggle brand name influence with rivals.  Extend market share  Visibility & Name recognition for the organization.  Engaging and empowering our audiences.
  20. 20. KEY MESSAGE “TRUE MILK, TRUE YOURS” • Our milk is fresh product from the nature, no toxic so it brings true value for you •. Choosing TH true MILK as daily milk is a smart choice for your health and your family.
  21. 21. COMMUNICATION TOOLS Poster in our outlet, on newspaper: 2!, Sinh Vien,2!Dep & Hoa Hoc Tro magazine,.. Banner on website:,,,... Logo on product‘s package. COMMUNICATION TOOLS
  22. 22. MEDIA LIST Newspaper Television Internet  Making surveys during advertising to evaluate our efforts.  Reach more than 1 million people watch our promotion on TV and internet.
  23. 23. MEDIA LIST Print ad on newspaper and magazine: Tuoi tre September – December ( 4 – 5 times ) Tiep thi & Gia dinh 2 times per month The gioi phu nu every week. Student magazine 3 – 4 times per years. hoa hoc tro, muc tim
  24. 24. MEDIA LIST Advertising video on TV channel and internet:  We choose golden hour which is hour many customer watch TV.  We choose Internet which is very convenience. People can see the advertising anytime or anywhere. HTV7 11h – 13h 20h - 21h HTV9 11h – 13h 20h - 21h VTV3 11h – 13h 20h -21h Social networking : YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo
  25. 25. BUDGET ALLOCATIONS Thông điệp ngày khai trường- Tầm Vóc Việt 400 million VND Con đã lớn khôn 350 million VND Trung thu yêu thương 300 million VND  Over 1 billion VND Promotion budget:
  26. 26. BUDGET ALLOCATIONS Television: - VTV3, VTV1, HTV7, YAN TV: - THVL, THBD, YEAH1 TV: Time 10s 15s 20s 18h59’ 20.000.000VND 25.000.000VND 32.500.000VND 20h30’ 22.500.000VND 28.000.000VND 36.250.000VND 21h-21h30 25.000.000VND 31.000.000VND 40.000.000VND 10s 15s 20s 11h-11h30 12.000.00VND 25.000.000VND 28.000.000VND 18h-20h 20.000.000VND 27.000.000VND 35.000.000VND 20h-22h 25.000.000VND 32.000.000VND 40.000.000VND  Advertising media budget:
  27. 27.  Magazine:  Internet (Top banner) Dimension (page) Price Tiếp thị gia đình Wholly page 55.000.000VND/time Tuổi trẻ Wholly page 52.500.000VND/time Hoa học trò Wholly page 22.500.000VND/time Hoa học trò tập san Wholly page 30.500.000VND/time Thanh niên Wholly page 47.000.000VND/time Sinh viên Việt Nam Wholly page 8.000.000VND/time Dimension(mm) Price 360*110 15000 VND/click 360*110 10.000 VND/click 960*90 15.000 VND/click 468*90 20.000 VND/click 360*90 200.000.000VND/month 980*90 100.000.000VND/month
  28. 28. COMPANY NAME Thank You!