Treating type 2 diabetes with medication


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Treating type 2 diabetes with medication.

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Treating type 2 diabetes with medication

  1. 1. Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Medication If you have type two diabetes youare probably overwhelmed with theinformation you can obtain to treat yourdiabetes.Type two diabetes can betreated by dietary changes, administrationof medication or a combination of both.One medication that is widely used for this purpose is Prandin. This is the brandname for a drug known as Repaglinide. What is Prandin? It is a drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. The drug works bystimulating the pancreas to create more insulin. The created insulin is thenreleased into the blood stream where it helps your body function normally. Thecreation of insulin by drug inducement assists your body provide the insulin thatis naturally lacking. You can use Repaglinide in combination with other forms of oral diabetesmedication or on its own. This medication is only available with a doctorsprescription and cannot be obtained over the counter. Currently the drug isonly produced in tablet form. Factors to consider when taking Repaglinide All medication involves some associated risk. This drug is no different.Some pre-existing conditions that you may have may make taking thismedication contraindicated or unsuitable for you. In order to protect yourself from the risk of injury or harm by takingunsuitable medications you must fully consult your doctor. When consulting yourdoctor you must disclose fully any medical problems that you have or have hadin the past. In addition, it is wise to take along to your appointment allmedications that you are currently taking. Your doctor will then be able to assesswhether the combination of medications together with your medical history willmake this drug suitable for you. 1
  2. 2. Some factors that may make this medication unsuitable for use are: Pregnancy - There have not been any studies on the effects of prandin onunborn babies at this stage. If you are pregnant, or considering falling pregnant,you should discuss with your doctor suitable alternative medications during thisperiod. It would probably be best avoid this drug during pregnancy to theunknown effects on your baby. Breast-feeding - We dont know whether prandin passes into the breastmilk, so make sure you discuss it with your doctor. I would not suggest breastfeeding when taking this medication. Allergies - If you are allergic to anything, especially medications, let yourdoctor know. Dosage for Children - Studies have not been done on the effects of thismedication on children. For that reason, it is recommended that children do nottake prandin until the effects have been studied. Combining Medications - Some medications are not suitable or effectivewhen taken in combination with other drugs. In order to avoid any unpleasantside effects you should advise your doctor of all drugs you are currently or havebeen recently taking. You doctor will need that information before deciding ifprandin is appropriate to treat your type two diabetes. Existing Medical Conditions If you suffer from or have recently experienced any of the medicalproblems set out below you should tell your doctor:- Type 1 diabetes- Stress- Kidney/Liver disease- Ketones in the blood- Infection- Surgery 2
  3. 3. Before taking any medication it is important to consult your doctor andfind out as much information as you can about the drug. Once you have allyour information you will be more able to assess if a medication is suitable foryour lifestyle and needs. Many people have type two diabetes and is always searching for the bestinformation to treat and cope with this disease. You can find out moreabout Prandin at 3