A comprehensive product review for Differin


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A comprehensive product review for Differin

  1. 1. A Comprehensive Product Review for Differin There are several methods that have beendeveloped to combat acne, the skin condition thatplagues millions on a regular basis all across theworld. These methods and procedures range fromthe simple, over-the-counter facial scrubs andcleansers to the more complex medicated andprescribed treatments that you can only get from adoctor. One of the prescribed, medicated treatments on the market today is marketed underthe brand name of Differin. This article will take a look at Differin and will give an overview of theacne-fighting properties of this medication. Differin is a topical acne medication that is known generically as adapalene. It isdeveloped by Galderma Laboratories, a Texas-based company that features a sterling A+rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also manufacture and market the popular treatmentCetaphil. Differin comes in several forms, all in 45 gram tubes. There are two types of Differin Gel:Differin Gel .1% and Differin Gel .3%. In addition, there is a Differin Cream .1% that is designed forusers who have sensitive skin. The gel works by using adalpalene to penetrate the skin andattack acne by unclogging pores and dealing with acne below the surface of the skin. This alsohelps to prevent acne from recurring. As mentioned, this is a prescribed medication due to thenotable side effects that could occur. Users of Differin have reported excessively dry skin,scaling, itching, burning, and redness. Approximately 10-40% of Differin users experience someform of these side effects. Differin should also not be taken if pregnant. Due to these side effects, and the active ingredients used, Differin is available only byprescription from a dermatologist. Without insurance, Differin can run over $100 per tube. Thecompany, though, does offer a $35 rebate for Differin Gel .3% via the official Differin website. The side effects mentioned above, as well as the high rate of prevalence for side effects,is the primary concern for those who are considering taking Differin. Most users, however, reportthat Differins powerful ingredients actually do work and result in healthy, clear skin after time.While initially more acne may occur as a result of the topical application of this treatment, mostusers claim that Differin works. Additionally, Differin is more effective against moderate or severeacne than almost all over-the-counter treatments available. One should consult with his or herphysician and dermatologist before pursuing a Differin regimen. For more information visit http://buydifferin.net