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Zillow Premier Agent

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Zillow Premier Agent

  1. 1. Welcome To
  2. 2. Premier Agent 1 1 Your Instructor Brad Andersohn
  3. 3. Today’s 3 Objectives Fully understand the benefits and Value of Premier Agent membership Demonstrate samples and examples In 20-30 min - Be inspired and motivated to join our Premier Agents
  4. 4. Zillow Statistics Zillow partners with Yahoo! Real Estate One of the leading networks and sites on the Internet Over 12.4 million monthly visitors Access more than 100 million properties Search over 4 million “LIVE” listings Most popular mobile real estate brand with top ranking apps across iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. Thousands of contacts generated monthly from Zillow
  5. 5. Contact Cultivation Contact Capture
  6. 6. Ads and Contacts Overview
  7. 7. Contact Stats and Analysis
  8. 8. Contact Details $ Lead Information
  9. 9. Your Zillow Profile The Next Step
  10. 10. Complete Zillow Profile Upload Your Profile Picture Use Proper Current Email Address Add some “About Me” Information Include Zip Codes You Service Add Images and Links (SEO) Video Brings Life To Your Profile
  11. 11. Premier Agent Review Agents get customer-initiated “contacts” which tend to be warmer. Exposure to Zillow Traffic and potential “contacts” on the Buyer’s agent list. Positioned as “The Expert” to show property or provide a CMA to visitors who reach out. Appear on many of the area listings not limited to just your own. Show up as the ONLY agent to call on YOUR own listings on Zillow. The competitive advantage. You continue to appear as Zillow consumers shop for homes over time. When consumers see your ads 5-10 times over several months, you stand out with a dominating presence in that zip code, increasing the chances they’ll reach out to you… It’s like having virtual signs in the neighborhood and, short of a referral, there’s nothing better than a sign call! Premier agents gain market share because they get business opportunities and they follow up. Zillow consumers expect a quick response and when Premier agents deliver it, contacts turn into commission checks. Get On-going Support and Training at Zillow® Academy.
  12. 12. There Is A Catch... Zip codes in your area must be available Must be willing and able to work with buyers Contact consumers in timely manner 2-5 mins Suggest using a quality CRM to manage leads Work every contact to the best of your ability
  13. 13. Homework Assignment 1) Get Off This Webinar Presentation 2) Pick Up Your Telephone 3) Dial This Number (866) 324-4005 A) Is My Zip Code Available? B) How Many Monthly Page Views? C) Decide Which Zip Codes You Want?
  14. 14. That’s All Folks QUESTIONS?
  15. 15. Thank You (866) 324-4005