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eXp Realty Explained - California


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Visit - eXp Realty is the first and only Agent Owned Cloud Based brokerage. eXp Realty has literally changed the traditional real estate business model in order to better serve consumers and to contribute equally to agents and brokers success. Do the due diligence and see what makes eXp Realty unique, then join us to experience making a true and significant difference in peoples lives.

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eXp Realty Explained - California

  1. 1. eXp Realty ™ The Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage ™ eXplained...
  2. 2. WELCOME ™ The Future of Real Estate ...Today
  3. 3. The History of Once upon our time… Glenn Sanford, a visionary in search of a better way and model, impacts and revolutionizes the real estate industry forever. As a forward thinking and tech savvy real estate pro, he quickly became a Top Producer and expert at lead generation and conversion using proven skills and techniques. Recognizing inadequate elements, eXp Realty changes the traditional business model and now invites others to succeed Internationally.
  4. 4. History of eXp Realty 2015 - eXp Realty expands to 30 states and 3 provinces 2015 - Glenn named to Swanepoel Power 200 2013 - eXp Realty International became a publicly traded company (EXPI) 2013 - eXp Realty featured in Swanepoel Trends Report 2012 - Glenn Sanford named Inman Top 100 Most Influential in Real Estate 2011 - eXp Realty featured in Swanepoel Trends Report 2011 - eXp Realty Finalist Inman Most Innovative Brokerage of the Year 2009 - Glenn Sanford Founded eXp Realty, LLC 2006 - Glenn Sanford Top 50 REALTOR at Keller Williams International 2005 - Glenn Sanford Member of the Agent Technology Council, KWRI 2002 - Glenn Sanford Rookie of the Year at Prudential Kelstrup REALTORS
  5. 5. The Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage At eXp Realty, our family of agents and brokers build their own businesses while establishing a direct ownership interest in eXp Realty International Corporation as a shareholder and partner. ™
  6. 6. Paradigm Shift “A dramatic change in methodology or practice. It often refers to a major change in thinking and planning, which ultimately changes the way projects are implemented.”
  7. 7. What is a Cloud Brokerage? eXp Realty is changing the way that agents, brokers and consumers work together. A cloud brokerage: ● Creates collaborative community ● Allows for interaction and collaboration with other top professionals around the world ● Cuts out expenses, enabling the brokerage to share the additional funds with its agents
  8. 8. Immersive cloud office office.expcloud
  9. 9. Immersive Campus
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Support At Every Level ● New Agent Services ● Transaction & Administration ● Marketing & Technology ● Business Development ● Peer-To-Peer ● Mentoring and Upline ● Agent, Team & Broker ● Executive and Corporate
  12. 12. Transactions Anytime Anywhere Manage your real estate business from your home office or from the beach. It’s your choice. All of your transaction and business metrics are at your fingertips. ● Paperless Transactions ● Revenue Share ● Transaction Support ● Agent Onboarding ● Company Financials ● Legal Administration Your transaction support team is available business hours in the Cloud Office.
  13. 13. Marketing and Technology Support Working The Magic (WTM) is an in-house group providing marketing and technology support to eXp Realty Agents. Open a support ticket or visit the Cloud Office to arrange assistance. ● Company Email ● Cloud Office ● Mobile Apps ● Website Hosting & IDX ● CRM ● Group Workshops Working The Magic is available business hours in the Cloud Office.
  14. 14. Professional Business Development Every agent is the CEO of their business. Learn from top producing real estate professionals who graciously share their in-the-field knowledge by facilitating sessions in the cloud office. Attend one of three Professional Development tracks to get the latest in information: Business, Technology and Real Estate. Pam Ostrowski, Business Coach With over 30 years of Fortune 500 business experience, Business Coach Pam Ostrowski engages with agents on how to think strategically about their business and take measurable action to drive goal achievement.
  15. 15. Ray Marquez eXp Realty - California State Broker ● 2007-Joined Prudential CA ● 2008-2009-Keller Williams Realty ● 2008 Housing Opportunities Council Member ● 2008 Rookie of The Year BayEast Association ● 2008 Women's Council of Realtors Member ● 2008-2015 Joined Mike Ferry Coaching Program ● 2010-Intero Real Estate ● 2011-2014- J. Rockcliff Realtors ● 2011-Current Danville of Chamber of Commerce Member & Ambassador ● 2012 Broker License ● 2015 Joined eXp Realty as CA State Broker eXp Compliance Broker
  16. 16. Brad Andersohn Executive Director of Education and Industry Outreach ● 30 Years Real Estate Industry Experience ● First American Title - Executive and Branch Manager ● Founder ActiveRain University - #1 Most Subscribed Blogger ● Founder and National Manager of Zillow Academy (1000+ webinars for more than 75,000 agents) ● Co-Founder and Director of RETechCampus ● CEO & Founder of Agent Assist - 20,000 Subscribers ● Founder - SF Bay Area Real Estate Tech Faire ● Solano Association of REALTOR’s - Affiliate of The Year ● Dale Carnegie - California Sales Champion Award ● Inman News - Top 50 Most Influential Online ● - The Internetarian & Web Concierge
  17. 17. Included Education and Sales Training Over 25 hours of live weekly training and a growing archive of recorded training sessions. Topics cover today's best industry and business practices. ● Sales ● Listings ● Technology o Websites o SEO and Social Media o Video Marketing ● Team Building ● Business o Planning o Marketing o Lead Gen ● Industry Innovations
  18. 18. Self Paced Learning
  19. 19. Mentor Program Be a Mentor Pass along your knowledge Make extra passive income Develop as a growth leader Need a Mentor Work with hand selected, experienced agents Learn from productive, active agents & brokers Leverage their experience and knowledge
  20. 20. PROFITABILITY Profitability
  21. 21. Work Smarter Not Harder 80% of people are on the left side. 80% of the money is on the right side. Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow Quadrant
  22. 22. Career Arc Individual Productivity Team Building Brokerage Building Scalability & Epansion Exponential Earner
  23. 23. Phase 1: Individual Productivity ● Limited by the amount of work you can do in a day ● Limited by your personal strengths ● Limited by your weaknesses ● When you’re on vacation, you’re out of business ● Your business is the next transaction ● When you retire, your business stops ● Most agents begin AND end their career at this phase
  24. 24. Phase 2: Team Building ● You can grow your income by leveraging other agents (agent attraction initiatives) ● Provides a diverse talent pool ● Multiple opportunities to cover schedules ● Formal Teams with ½ cap for team members ● No increase to Team Leaders Cap ● Referral teams
  25. 25. Phase 3: Brokerage Building ● Ensures that you keep your team members on-board due to their opportunity to build the brokerage ● Other agents build their business within your business ● Usually limited to a broker owner, not an agent opportunity ● Purchase a franchise system and incur costs of bricks-and-mortar, making less than 4% profit ● If independent, you have to create your own models and systems
  26. 26. Phase 4: Scalability & Expansion ● Most brokerages are running below a 4% profitability level ● The impact of the business is limited by a small geographic area ● Grow your business nationally and around the world
  27. 27. Phase 5: Exponential Earner ● Receiving income without being in the business ● Exit and retirement strategy with life income stream ● Fully Vested after 3 years ● Everyone working toward a common goal ● Vacation with income “A Rising Tide Lifts all Ships”
  28. 28. Expansion
  29. 29. Expansion eXp continues its geographic expansion into new US States and Canadian provinces (and into sub- markets within those states and provinces) laying the infrastructure for future growth. Our State Brokers act as advisors, leaders, and growth experts while fostering team culture and collaboration.
  30. 30. Agent Centric Philosophy Your career IS your brand. There is nothing more important to your brand than YOU.
  31. 31. Residential, Luxury, REO & Commercial Diverse solutions for every agent...
  32. 32. SYSTEMS Systems
  33. 33. Kunversion IDX Website $395 setup $395 /month Included with your monthly tech fee
  34. 34. Basic Website Template
  35. 35. Long-Tail Keyword Squeeze Page
  36. 36. Home Valuation
  37. 37. Basic Website Template
  38. 38. Mobile App
  39. 39. Open House Mobile App EXP Realty Open House APP ● iPad, iPhone & Android ● Apple Store - Approved ● Google Play - Approved ● Add your own lenders ● Efficient Contact Mgmt ● Builds Brand & Data ● Syncs contacts with CRM
  40. 40. Transaction and Document Management Coming August 2015 ● Simple Document Management ● Zipforms Integrated Feature ● Easy Separation ● Email and Text Tracking ● 24/7 Agent Support * Live Chat * Phone * Email ● MLS Data feed (2015) ● Fax directly into file with unique cover sheets
  41. 41. Finance and Revenue Management
  42. 42. Cloud Technologies & Tools
  43. 43. Your Brand, Your Listings, Your Leads You decide what to do with them! EXPLS is your listing service with 900+ outlets. Your listings will have greater exposure and generate more buyers leads for you.
  44. 44. Startup Costs & Fees Setup (one time) $99 Startup Fee * Includes Business Cards Folders Lead Generation Site Word Press Site Google Business Suite eFax Account and much more... Annual and Monthly Costs $50/Mo Technology Fee ($99 in Canada) $420/Yr University Tuition ($479 in Canada) *Taken out of first Closing of your year
  45. 45. Commission Split $16,000 Yearly Cap 80/20 Commission Split on first $80,000 GCI 100% for the remainder of your year Per Transaction Fee $25 Broker Review $30* E&O Insurance ($500 cap/year) *CA $40 For Capped Agents - 100% Commission to the agent $250* Transaction Fee $25 Broker Review $30 E&O Insurance ($500 cap/year) * each transaction AFTER you reach 100% Do you want to earn 100%+ PLUS?
  46. 46. Personal Transactions at 100% Up to 3 sides per year can be processed as 100% commission transactions. ● Be a productive agent ● Transaction fee ● E&O ● Broker Review ● Be on the Title
  47. 47. Revenue Share Levels eXpansion Share % (Only need to be active to Qualify) Active Personally Recruited Agents (FLQR) eXponential Share % Total Share % 1 1+ 3.5% 3.5% 2 0.2% 5+ 3.8% 4.0% 3 0.1% 10+ 2.4% 2.5% 4 0.1% 15+ 1.4% 1.5% 5 0.1% 20+ 0.9% 1.0% 6 0.5% 25+ 2.0% 2.5% 7 0.5% 40+ 4.5% 5.0% Revenue Share Calculator Get paid from Gross Commission* * See ICA addendum B
  48. 48. Estimate your revenue share with the calculator. Revenue Share Calculator Brokerage Comparison Calculator Revenue Share Scenario 1
  49. 49. Estimate your revenue share with the calculator. Revenue Share Calculator Brokerage Comparison Calculator Revenue Share Scenario 2
  50. 50. Revenue Share Get paid from Gross Commission* * See ICA addendum B Team Leader
  51. 51. Revenue Share Get paid from Gross Commission*
  52. 52. ICON Agent Program - 2015 $10,000,000 in closings $280,000 GCI 25+ Transactions Cultural Fit Application Vetting Receive $16,000 of EXPI Stock ● $4,000 when target is hit ● $12,000 on 3rd anniversary ● see plan for details
  53. 53. ICON Agent Program - 2015 Chris & Mike Farkas Mike Long Doug & Kim Haydon
  54. 54. Ownership eXp Realty International Corp OTCBB: EXPI Publicly traded Agents earn ownership: 2015 Incentive Program ESOP (opt in for 5% of commissions) ● 100 shares for First Closing ● 1,000 shares for Capping ● 1,000 shares for Each Recruit*
  55. 55. Direct Purchase Program ● May contribute 5% of Gross Commission Income ● 20% Discount - Average of the last 30 calendar days of purchase month. ● Closings Starting May 1st, 2015 Qualify for Program ● Must fill out a Direct Purchase Program Addendum ● Shares to be held in Book Form by Transfer Agent ● Agent/Broker may need to pay fees to firm taking shares Consult your Tax Professional for Individual Tax Treatment
  56. 56. Example Scenario Current Price: .55 3/24/15 - 4/22/15 Average Price: .46 20% Discount Applied Effective Price: .37 Direct Purchase Program
  57. 57. Willie IP Managing Broker Director eXp Realty Canada
  58. 58. “The Amazon of Real Estate” The 2013 Swanepoel Trends Report identifies the cloud-based model as a powerful new innovation whose time has come. eXp Realty is the company leading the way and continues to be written up in trade and technology magazines.
  59. 59. Consumers can Search Millions of Properties across more than 70+ different MLS Market Areas using:
  60. 60. JOIN EXP REALTY Careers in the Cloud… we’re ready when you are!