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Agent Assist Real Estate Goal Planner


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Setting realistic financial real estate goals before you begin your real estate career will help you in determining your success.

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Agent Assist Real Estate Goal Planner

  1. 1. How To Achieve and ExceedYour Real Estate Financial Goals in ANY Real Estate MARKET
  2. 2. $ The Only Way To Get to YOURDesired Destination is to have a Road Map and Directions!
  3. 3. 35 Contact 1 s=Appt 4 Appt =
  4. 4. • What is your Average Sales Price of Homes?• What is your Commission Average?• What is your Broker/Office Split?• How many Days are you willing to work?• How many Hours a day will you work?• How many Weeks do you need for vacation?• How much do you NEED to earn to live?
  5. 5. Financial Goals Desired AVG Sales Income PriceHours Per Sales Day Commission Working Broker Split Days Vacation Days
  6. 6. Sample Goal Planning Analysis / 350K Sales Price – 100K Income
  7. 7.  Tracking Your Sales Keeps you Accountable To Your Goals Allow for Making Minor Adjustments To your Activities The Difference between Goals/Dreams & Success/Reality
  8. 8. The Ultimate Tools For Sales Success