Activerain Media Kit 2009


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Advertise on the #1 Social Network for Real Estate Professionals in the world. See our Media Kit for details. Contact Brad Andersohn for more information.

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Activerain Media Kit 2009

  1. 1. ad v e r t i s eo nt he #1 oc ls na s ia o ln i s etw fes ro ork f o r re al e s t a t e p
  2. 2. fast facts 130,000+ members 1.6 million uniques/mo. 2.5 million visits/mo. 10 million page views/mo. 8% of real estate professionals in the U.S. visit ActiveRain on a daily basis—this according to the 2008 REALTOR® Technology Survey. They come to share information and learn about technology, social media, marketing and more—things that can help real estate people evolve their businesses and get to the next level. But ActiveRain is more than just a professional community. In fact, each month, search engines drive over 1.5 million consumers to our existing content base of 800,000 articles organized into channels about us featuring a wide range of topics. With over 10,000 new articles created every week, ActiveRain offers a virtually endless supply of Based in Kirkland, WA, the ActiveRain targeted advertising opportunities for anyone looking to connect with real estate buyers, sellers and agents. Corporation is a hybrid technology/media company operating the largest and most active social network in the real estate space. people are talking The ActiveRain Real Estate Network was ActiveRain is an all in one place to work, relax, read and socialize launched in June of 2006 as a free social with members in the Real Estate Industry. No matter how I word it, networking and marketing platform for real ActiveRain has been the learning experience of a lifetime. estate professionals. Unlike most real estate Celeste Cheeseman, Realtor® (HI) READ MORE » technology companies of the day, our goal wasn’t to change the rules of the industry— Active Rain can be a very powerful and helpful tool in so many ways its was simply to provide tools and technol- for both the member and the consumer. Just in the last 2 months, I ogy to help it work more efficiently. have closed on 6 transactions just from blogging. Jeff Belonger, Infinity Home Mortgage (NJ) READ MORE » We remain committed to that vision today. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with agents and companies large and small to support their core business—selling homes. want to connect with these professionals Today, ActiveRain empowers consumers as and 130,000 more? well as real estate professionals, removing the traditional barriers between real estate we can show you how ➤ buyers, sellers, and the agents who bring them together.
  3. 3. advertising options ➊ channel sponsorship TAp inTo The poweR of ACTiveRAin. Sponsors in rotation with Self-Serve Ads (highlighted in green) on all non-blog pages—login, search, groups, blogs, maintain an exclusive presence within their sponsored etc. Note: Pro Channel ads are served when site visitor channel (highlighted in red), with both channel banner is logged in; Consumer Channel ads appear when site and tile ads (highlighted in gold) appearing above the visitor is a guest or not logged in. fold. In addition, Pro Channel sponsor tile ads appear ad specs ChAnneL BAnneR 728 wide x 90px tall ChAnneL TiLe 300 wide x 250 tall SiTe TiLe 125 wide x 125 tall Supported image file formats include: JPG, GIF and animated GIF.
  4. 4. ➋ automated network ads YoU’Re in ConTRoL now. ActiveRain offers the ability to run 125 x 125 tile ads (shown in green) on all non-blog net- work pages: Login, Search, Groups, Blogs, and My Home. Ads are pulled in rotation from a maximum of 100 sponsors. Placements are site-wide (no targeting—for the moment). Launch your campaign now with our self-serve interface: • Over 8,000,000 available impressions per month • Min 70K impressions / mo. • Cancel at anytime ➌ daily sponsored post GoT SoMeThinG REALLY iMpoRTAnT To SAY? entirely up to you so long you don’t violate our Terms of Use policy—in other words, no pornography, hate The top position on the ActiveRain Feature Board is speech, copyright infringement, etc. Sponsored posts now available for paid placement. Whether you’re run for 24 hours, from 12:00am to 11:59pm Pacific. looking to peddle a product or push an opinion, it’s
  5. 5. ➍ corporate channels CReATe YoUR own ChAnneL. Having your own Cor- porate Channel offers you the ability to market your busi- ness in true social media fashion: • Start conversations about your products & services • Tune into real-time market feedback • Cultivate customer loyalty In addition to the same banner and tile placements of- fered on other channels (below), Corporate Channels are featured on the ActiveRain home page (right). ➎ daily newsletter Go BeYonD The BRowSeR. When you advertise in the ActiveRain newS SKYSCRApeR multimedia newsletter, your message appears alongside select 160 wide x 350 tall member-generated content reflecting industry trends and topics. newS TeXT ADS Each newsletter includes four ad placements, twvo above the fold 80 characters (link) text ads and 2 right margin skyscraper ads. Supported image formats include: Distribution ... By email, M - F JPG, GIF. Reach: ......... 70K+ per day what can we do for you? ActiveRain Corporation 11332 NE 122nd Way Kirkland, WA 98034 CHRIS MARTIN |