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B.A. in cinematografy. Third year. Film Director Major 2016/2017


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The Third Course Bachelors aims that Directors and Managers open your eyes to different ways of doing and understanding cinema. FILM short films in 35mm, Digital Cinema RED EPIC and RED ONE DIGITAL Movies are shot with a project management and a detailed working of the various crews follow.

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B.A. in cinematografy. Third year. Film Director Major 2016/2017

  1. 1. 1.- Cinema History. • Cinema History: Period from 1959 to 2009. La Nouvelle Vague and the second-avantgarde. New Cinema: USA: New York takes over: Cassavetes, Mekas, Clarke... The free cinema: Richardson, Reisz, Anderson.. • History of Animated Film. Cohl and the birth of cartoons. Pioneers. Abstrac- tions and vanguards. Screens pins. From the splendor of the Disney to Cartoons. Stop motion. Lyrics of the third dimension. The Anime. Puppets, hybrids, invasions and applications. Adult animation. The outsiders. The manga univer- se. The Pixar renewal. 2.- Direction I. • The job of the director. The edition and sound. The choice of shots. Building the structure. Wild-tracks recording, overdubs, room-effects and music. The preparation and mixing process. Edit is re-edit. • Production. Contract and rights. Insurance and permissions. Public aids and broadcasting rights. Co-production and associated production. Promotion. Festivals. Distribution and sales. 3.- Workshop: Directing actors. • Directing actors and interpretation. Whys. The audiovisual construction of the character.Transmission. Characterization, rhythm and gesture. Rehearsals. A special relationship. In front of the camera. Marking and freedom. Strategies. Actors direction techniques of the great directors. Tight marking and unlimited freedom. Directing actors and gender. Directing actors and tone. Directing actors and style. Intuition and reflection. Directing actors begins on the camera angle. 4 - Art Direction in Film. • Set building according to themes, situations and charaters. Evolution of a set. Use of a set for taking advantage in another. Exterior locations. Theoretical and practical work on costumes and makeup. The job of propmaster. 5-. Narrativity and Screenplay III . • Scripts of vanguard. The disappearance of the concept of plot. Motifs and techniques. Structures. Searches. • Adaptation. Different materials. Techniques. Modes. Loyalties and ruptures. The remake. • Practical Workshops: writing screenplay. -1- París 143 - local. 08036 Barcelona Tel: +34 93 444 76 78. Fax: +34 93 419 13 89 DIRECCIÓN FOTOGRAFÍA Y CÁMARA MONTAJE , SONIDO Y POSTPRODUCCIÓN. B.A IN CINEMATOGRAPHY 3rd FILM DIRECTION Major COURSE STARTS 2016/2017: OCTOBER 2016 SCHEDULE: • MORNING : 10:00 to 14:00 hours. • AFTERNOON: 16:00 to 20:00 hours FEES : Choose from single monthly payment and single payment: • Total amount of the course monthly Payment: 5800€. REGISTER:1.840€ y 8 Fees of 495€ october 2016 to may 2017. • Total amount of the course Single payment : 5100€. This method of payment is a bonus of € 700 cost of the course. • Places will be allocated in strict order of registration. • Check validation of students from other schools. Objectives and structure The Third Year of our B.A in Film Direction aims to get Directors to widen their perspec- tives toward different ways of make cinema and understand it. Students will realize short films in 35mm, Red Epic and Red One Digital Cinema with coordination of the projects and a detailed follow-up of the work of the different film crews. All students will realize several audiovisual projects. We want the student to search for his style as a creator and to acquire self-confidence working in a professional environment. At the end of the Third Year in addition to the project in 35mm and Digital Cinema shot during the course, 6 projects are chosen to be filmed in 35 mm and Digital Cinema by the students who have shown the best evolution in all the exercises filmed during de Bachelor.
  2. 2. 6 - The Direction Team. • The job of the assistant Director. The Software: Movie Magic. Editing docu- ments for crews. Coordination and support to the Director. Control of shooting time. Fulfilling the shooting schedule. • The job of Script. A shooting day for a script. Timing. Chronology. Watching the actors: the invisible marking. Parts. After the shooting: Script and dialogs list. 7 - The Documentary Film. • Filmmakers at war. Dissemination and awareness. Chronicles of the Nazi horrors. The poetic documentary. Mazes and nightmares. An ethnographic film. The cinema-verité. Mockumentary. Drew's group. • Direct Cinema. Apocryphal documentary. Policy. Daily. New routes. • The documentary in Spain. Cinematographic documents. Documentaries of our time. 8 -. Aesthetic Language and VI. Creating and Mounting Film. • Analogies. Vanguard and structures. Redefining language. Orbital editing. Repeat. Duration. Elongation time. Edition in ruins. The Secret Position: Apotheosis of ellipsis. Indirect editing. The tonal and harmonic. Ruptures of the internal and external time. Antiflash-back. The untimely. Time stagnant, integra- ted time. Reversing the time arrow. The new worlds. Order. Counter-structures. Off-Off. All possible cinemas. 9 -. Projects III. • Red one’s projects exhibition. Exhibition of the project by the director. Memory of direction, script and project viability. Choice of projects to shoot during the course. Shootings • Multidisciplinary Practices. • Teasers / Pitching Projects in Red Epic. • Shortfilms and Color Grading by each student. -2- París 143 - local. 08036 Barcelona Tel: +34 93 444 76 78. Fax: +34 93 419 13 89 B.A IN CINEMATOGRAPHY 3rd FILM DIRECTION Major REGISTER NOW 1. Download the registration form in 2. Fill in every page and select the year and the payment method, i. e. monthly payment or single payment. 3. Sign every page in the form and once you have paid, send them together with your receipt and a photocopy of your ID card or Passport to our Administration department. By e-mail By fax Nº de Fax: +34 934191389 By post Bande a Part Escuela de Cine c/ París, 143 · Local 08036 Barcelona · España 4. Once your documents have been received, you will receive confirmation of your place. Please direct any queries to our Attention to Students department Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Tel.:+34 934447678 Skype: bandeapartbcn Email Visit us at: Bande a Part Escuela de Cine c/ París, 143 · Local 08036 Barcelona · España