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All eyes on them reading english-to-go


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All eyes on them reading english-to-go

  1. 1. Intermediate Instant Lesson™ All Eyes on Them Pre-Reading Activities A: Discussion Answer these questions in pairs. 1. Which football team are you supporting for the 2006 FIFA World Cup? Why are you supporting this team? 2. Which team do you think is the most popular team? Why do you think this? 3. Which football player do you most admire? Why do you think this? Reading Activities A: Comprehension Read Part One of the article and answer the questions. 1. The date of today's article is May 24. Where is the Brazilian team? 2. Why are they there? 3. How long are they spending there? 4. How many times will they have won the world title if they win again in 2006? 5. Where will they train in the village? 6. Who will watch them? Part One Nowhere to hide for world champions Brazil W ( L t l - B T s r u W h w o T b m 8 " r s " EGGIS, Switzerland, May 24 Reuters) - On the banks of Lake ucerne with a population of 4,000, he sleepy Swiss village of Weggis ooks perfect for some peace and quiet - unless you happen to be the razilian football team. he world champions have chosen to pend 12 days in the idyllic lakeside esort to prepare for their assault on an nprecedented sixth world title. hile the team are isolated in their otel, their training sessions will be atched in close proximity by a crowd f 5,000 in a specially built arena. he sessions will be broadcast live ack in Brazil and the players' every ove will be closely studied by the 00-strong accredited media. This is a result of what Brazil epresents in world football today," aid coach Carlos Alberto Parreira. You can't hide the Brazilian team." Article © 2006 Reuters Limited. Lesson © 2006 Glossary: unprecedented - never having happened before accredited - officially chosen
  2. 2. B: Finding Words Read Part One again and find words with these meanings: 1. the number of people living in a place 2. peaceful and beautiful 3. an attack on something 4. separate, far from other people C: Reading And Thinking Read these questions about Part One and answer them. 1. Why does the article talk about the population of the village and what it is like in this article? (Hint: look at the title of the article and also the numbers in the article.) 2. Why does the coach say that you can't hide the Brazilian team? D: True Or False Read Part Two of the article and say whether these sentences are True or False. 1. Most of the best teams in the world let reporters watch them train. 2. The Brazilian coach believes it would be a silly idea to stop the media from watching training sessions. 3. If people watching the training sessions get too excited, they may not be allowed to watch any more. 4. The Brazilian coach believes that the place where the crowd will watch from will be too close to the team. 5. The players will probably be able to hear what people in the crowd are shouting. Part One W W t s r l P o o s B b m s c T m t c a t p h EGGIS, Switzerland, May 24 (Reuters) - hile many of the world's top teams keep he media away from their practice essions, Brazil have always been efreshingly open at both national and club evel. B arreira said it would be pointless to shut ut the media and public. "Everyone knows ur players and what they're capable of," he aid. P ut he warned that if the fans got too oisterous, he would consider the drastic ove of keeping out the public. "As long razilian media, however, have already peculated that the stands are much too lose to the field. he stands have been built less than two etres from the touchlines which means hat almost any remark shouted from the rowd can be heard by the players. arreira, however, prefers to take all the ttention as a compliment. "If you look at he tradition, history and quality of our layers, they are the best players. They ave the best skills and the best technique,"
  3. 3. a w h " f C s it doesn't reach a level which gets in the ay, the public can watch," he said. e said. For that reason, everyone is looking orward to having Brazil at the World up." Article © 2006 Reuters Limited. Lesson © 2006 Glossary: pointless - no use or purpose, boisterous - very noisy and lively, compliment - an expression of praise, something showing approval Post-Reading Activities You may do one or more of these. A: Say It! Work in groups of three and choose one of the roles below. Try to talk for one minute in your role. When you have each had a turn at one role, change roles and do it again. Speaker A: You are from the village of Weggis. Say how you feel about having the Brazilian team staying in your village. How is your life different with them staying in your village? Speaker B: You are the Brazilian coach. Say how you are feeling before this World Cup. What do you think of your team's chances? Speaker C: You are a fan of the Brazilian team and you have managed to get in to watch them train. Why did you come to Weggis? How do you feel about the team's chances? B: Retelling Work in pairs and choose one of the topics below. 1. What is your 'favorite moment' in football? Describe it to your partner. 2. Which team do you think shows the best sportsmanship? Why do you think this? 3. What makes football special for you? Why?
  4. 4. TEACHERS' NOTES AND ANSWER KEY Pre-Reading Activities A: Discussion - Notes If your students know very little about soccer, you may prefer to instead ask them to brainstorm what they do know instead of answering these questions. Answers will probably vary for the questions. Reading Activities A: Comprehension - Answers 1. In the village of Weggis in Switzerland. 2. To prepare for the World Cup. 3. 12 days 4. 6 times 5. In an arena that has been built specially for them. 6. A crowd of 5,000 people, 800 media representatives, and anyone who wants to watch them on television back in Brazil. B: Finding Words - Answers 1. population, 2. idyllic, 3. assault, 4. isolated. C: Reading And Thinking - Suggested Answers 1. The village would be a perfect place for a vacation but it will be very different while the Brazilians are staying there. It only has a population of 4,000, but at least 5,000 people will be watching the Brazilians train. The article contrasts the normal character of the village with what is happening now. 2. Because they are so popular that everyone who likes soccer is interested in them. Wherever they went before the World Cup, they would be found by their fans and the media. D: True Or False - Answers 1. F (many of them bar the media), 2. T, 3. T, 4. F (The media have said this. There is no comment from the coach.) 5. T.