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A presentation I gave, at the Siena Design Project 2008, hosted by the University of Siena in Certosa di Pontignano. The theme this year was Citizen Appliances.

What I brought to the table: a vision-based approach for concept and product development, how observing and being sensitive to socio-cultural phenomena adds to the creative innovation process as well as opening new research environments.

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Agents Of Experience

  1. 1. Agents of Experience An approach for innovative concept and product development Prepared by Yasmina Haryono for Siena Design Project 2008 Photo by hannerl on Flickr
  2. 2. Special Agent Yasmina Ravensbourne UK Philips Design NL TU Eindhoven NL Experientia IT Design Academy NL Domus Academy IT soon-to-be Vodafone DE
  3. 3. I love interaction design the discipline of defining the behaviour of products and systems that a user can interact with from
  4. 4. Asian tsunami 2004 • State of emergency • Bypassing bilateral governments • Citizen appliances Photo by thirnbeck on Flickr