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Video advertising on youtube


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advertise on youtube and increase the return on investment in style

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Video advertising on youtube

  1. 1. Video Advertising By MavenClickZ Digital Advertising Agency + 1 - 646 626 5567 + 91 - 9980770401
  2. 2. Advertising on Youtube
  3. 3. Option I
  4. 4. Option II
  5. 5. Option III
  6. 6. Option IV
  7. 7. Option V
  8. 8. Option VI
  9. 9. Video ads on Mobile and Tablet
  10. 10. Targeting OptionDemo, Geo, LanguageDemographic targeting allows an advertiser totarget their audience based on their age, gender, ora combination of the two.Geographic targeting pinpoints users by theircountry, state, DMA, or even zip code.Language targeting serves ads only to users whohave selected to access the site in a certainlanguage.
  11. 11. Targeting OptionVideo Category & Content PacksVideo categories target any video within a certaincategory of content. We have over 1,000 differentcategories of video (e.g. basketball or smart-phones) and individual videos can be in more thanone category.Content packs are pre-bundled collections ofchannels built around a certain theme (e.g."YouTube Stars").
  12. 12. PricingSet you daily budgetSet your CPM ( cost for 1000 Impression )Set you cost per clickPay only when it is viewed in fullPay only if your ads are clickedAnd a lot of other optionCall us to go live with your upcomingmovie campaign
  13. 13. Thank You Click For ROI  MavenClickZ Digital Advertising Agency #56, 2nd Floor, 21St A Main Marenahalli, JP Nagar 2nd Phase Bangalore 560078 www.mavenclickz.comIn case of any queries contact me at + 91 – 9980770401 + 1 – 646 626 5567