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Online Anti Piracy Services by MavenClickZ

Piracy is one of the biggest threat for movie industry whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood or regional language movies. MavenClickZ provides a robust solution to tackle the issue using it patent pending Online Anti Piracy tool. In beta version it has worked with more then 120 movies of different language and was able to reduce the online download and online movie viewing by 60 to 65% and hence increasing the revenue for the producer or production house world wide. out team of commando pirate works 24 X 7 to prevent illegal download or distribute your movie online. Our anti piracy tool crawler works 24 X 7 and store the list of urls to take the legal action and our in-house online legal staff are well versed with the legality of USA , UK and India and well enough to fight for your rights online. We offer this service on a monthly recurring basis feel free to ask if you have any queries or would like to use our services then write us at and see for yourself what difference we can make online for your upcoming movie and force people to buy ticket online and not to download or watch movie online.

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Online Anti Piracy Services by MavenClickZ

  1. 1. Online Anti Piracy Services By MavenClickZ Digital Advertising Agency + 1 - 646 626 5567 + 91 - 9980770401
  2. 2. What is online piracy?Online piracy is a term used to describe the illegal copying of copyrighted materials from theInternet. The term is widely used, both by opponents and proponents of online piracy.Opponents, such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) use the term toattempt to equate copyright violators with the pirates of the high seas who plundered ships.Proponents use the term to recollect the romanticism of the pirate lifestyle, with its stressingof individual freedom and liberation among all else. The term piracy in this context actually hasits origins long before the advent of the Internet, with the author Daniel Defoe referring topyratesmaking illegal copies of his books in 1703.There are three main types of piracy in this context: music piracy, movie piracy, and softwarepiracy. Although others exist, they are much less common, as they tend to relate to veryspecialized disciplines. By contrast, although the numbers are not precisely known, hundredsof millions of people partake in online piracy worldwide. The effects of online piracy are notwell established, with each side presenting various reports that establish radically differentideas.
  3. 3. What we do?MavenClickZ has developed its ownonline crawling tool to find the illegalupload of the movies or music files ondifferent torrent and live movie playingwebsiteOur in-house crawlers works 24 hour tocrawl and store the illegal url in ourdatabase for further action
  4. 4. Patent Pending Online Anti Piracy Tool Login Screen
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  7. 7. What we do?We usually work actively for the three tofour weeks from the movie release date.1.Finding the detailsMonitor movies, music, games, and e-books and software, pre- and post-release using our own toolMonitor all major P2P networksMonitor video linking sites, blogs, cyberlockers, newsgroupsMonitor auction sites, B2B exchanges, websitesMonitor email (especially for software)
  8. 8. What we do?2.Evidence GatheringVerify infringement, presence of copyrighted materialDetect related, suspicious listings on other Internet channelsCapture extensive evidence on infringers for potential future use in legal cases
  9. 9. What we do?3.ActionSend automated emails with takedownnotices to ISPs hosting infringing sitesSend auction and exchange de-listingrequests, cease and desist letters towebsite owners
  10. 10. Sample EmailSubject: Notice of Copyright InfringementThe copyrighted work at issue is the text that appears and URLs where our copyrighted material is located and can reach me at for further information orclarification. My phone number is +1-202-393-3984 and my mailing address is JohnQ Public, 323, Park Avenue, Willcity 39232 CA.The email address of the website owner, who has reprinted our content illegally, have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above asallegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurateand that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner ofan exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.John Q PublicFebruary 11, 2010 [14:50]
  11. 11. What we do?4.ReportDeliver comprehensive online and real-time reports detailing ongoing piracyactivity and results of enforcementeffortsWe share reports of the activity on abimonthly basis.
  12. 12. Monitor Social Media ChannelWe monitor social media channels for theAsked movie 24X7Sites we monitor is given below* Youtube* Facebook* Twitter* Google Search through API* Other video uploading site based onpopularity or our movie is uploaded
  13. 13. MavenClickZ WorkforceOur team consists of :* Programmers ( For our productdeveloped )* Account Managers* Algorithm People ( Guys whounderstand how p2p site works )* Movie Buffs* Cyber Law Specialist( Actual peoplewho have certificate in cyberlaw courses)* Content writer for diluting the negativereview
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  21. 21. Prince-A Stupid Fellow
  22. 22. Few more regional movies
  23. 23. Thank You Click For ROI  MavenClickZ Digital Advertising Agency #56, 2nd Floor, 21St A Main Marenahalli, JP Nagar 2nd Phase Bangalore 560078 www.mavenclickz.comIn case of any queries contact me at + 91 – 9980770401 + 1 – 646 626 5567