Learning Expedition to Team Academy hosted by Monkey Business


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Promotional Material for Learning Expedition to Team Academy taking place in 18th-20th of March 2009. Welcome to join and spread the word if found appropriate.

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Learning Expedition to Team Academy hosted by Monkey Business

  1. 1. Learning Expedition to Team Academy 18th - 20th March 2009 Monkey Business Idea Slides www.banana.fi
  2. 2. What is a Learning Expedition? 3-day visit to Team Academy Finland, recognized as the top unit for entrepreneurship education in Finland. Meet enthusiastic people who share the appetite to learn and innovate. Your chance to see Team Entrepreneurship in Action, a proven education revolution spreading around Europe (Amsterdam, Bilbao, Strasbourg, Paris etc. and more to come). Challenge your mental models about learning by meeting a school without classes, teachers or exams that creates entrepreneurship and real learning and sustainable change with great results: 30% of the graduates of Team Academy continue as entrepreneurs upon graduation and annual turnover of the Team Companies of Team Academy is about 1 200 000€
  3. 3. What’s the Magic in LE? “I think the most important thing for me was to be to just see, feel and be at the place where it's all happening. Talk to teamsters. See how they work. See how the process goes. That for me was the eye opener.” - Patrick Bijman, the founder of TA Netherlands “If you want to see the future of management education you should go to see Team Academy.” - Peter Senge, MIT and SoL “For me, it was really a push to start action in Team Academy Euskadi. We had a chance to do intensive thinking together with our team to get the action going.” - Nieves Peña, one of the founders and a coach of Team Academy en Euskadi
  4. 4. Program Blueprint Tue 17th Wed 18th Thu 19th Fri 20th Warmup Head coach speech Creating knowledge : Who’s here and why are we Short dialog session with head dialogue between participants here coach and teampreneurs Presentation Coffee Break at Idea Birth-giving preparation of Team Academy, Team Academy imitate the life : presentation of tools by Lunch at Idea Coffee Break teamsters and coach - Meeting team-entrepreneurs : Birth-giving challenge : Lunch at Blomstedt discovering the life and the teampreneurs will be an work of young entrepreneurs audience Parallel sessions: Lunch at IDEA A) Meeting teampreneurs, Travel to Coffee Break what have you learned : dialog learning, projects, money, life in between participants and T.A., future. Jyväskylä, Back to action : B) Company cases: Wartsila teamsters, your locals projects, company, and Crazy Town ideas… Finland Coffee Break at IDEA Break what have you learned : Motorola evaluation what are you questions : Museum: A guided visit to the Dinner and drinks together Dinner and sauna at Alvar Aalto Museum with the Young Leaders of agriturismo resort out of city. Welcome dinner in Team Academy Dinner together Time to relax and reflect Jyväskylä Powersleep Powersleep Powersleep Powersleep Organizers reserve the right to change the world and the program.
  5. 5. Practical Information Accommodation is available in a variety of hotels. Also home accommodation can be arranged. Jyväskylä is located 280km from Helsinki and can be reached from Helsinki either by Train, Bus or Plane. Ryanair flies to Tampere which 150km from Jyväskylä. From Tampere it is also possible to take a bus or a train. Any questions? Contact Ms. Minna Janhonen +358 44 253 6087 or minna@unelmania.fi
  6. 6. Costs Price for the Program is 570€+VAT22%= 695.4€ Scholarships available for starting entrepreneurs, NGO participants and students. Very nice hotel accommodation starting at 85€ / 1 person in a room / night. Another option is a hotel which can accommodate up to 4 person per room and costs about 70€/ night/room. For real Finnish experience inquire for a possibility to stay at a home accommodation. Travel expenses within Finland are about 120€ from Helsinki and back using public transport. And 80€ from Tampere respectively.
  7. 7. How can I join? Call or email Ville, Pascal, Anita, Pauline, Sari, Etienne, Laurent or Javier -> see contact information on the next slide. To keep the Learning Expedition dynamic we limit the participants to 25 people so act fast to reserve your spot now! Ville will send you a confirmation email that we have received your registration and there is a place for you. Book your flights!
  8. 8. For More Information Ville Keränen, Team Academy Finland, Jyväskylä ville@banana.fi / +358 40 731 2084 Pascal Bastien, Team Academy Alsace, Strasbourg pascal_bastien66@wanadoo.fr / +33 61 704 5520 Anita Seidler, SoL España, Madrid anita_seidler@solspain.org / +34 64 803 5767 Pauline Van Der Pas, Team Academy Holland, Haarlem pauline@teamacademie.nl / +31 65 112 3439 Etienne Collignon, Team Factory, Paris Etienne.Collignon@solvay.com / +33 14 075 8025 Javier Ruiz, Team Academy en Euskadi, Bilbao jruiz@labein.es / +34 65 037 6114 Sari Veripää, Mondragon Team Factory, Irun/Oñati sari.veripaa@gmail.com / +34 63 445 2905 Laurent Marbacher, Team Entrepreneur, Angers lmarbacher@mac.com / +33 61 295 6672 www.tiimiakatemia.fi