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Dress code


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Dress code

  1. 1. Dress CoDeDress CoDe MHS August 8, 2012
  2. 2. We ask our students to dress in an appropriate manner for school. Clean, neat, comfortable clothing, which allows your child to participate in all events of school without undue concern, will be most appropriate. • Board Policy Reference: Policy #4300 Regulations # 4300 R-2
  3. 3. Appropriate size of student dress and footwear is necessary to maintain a positive and safe school climate. Clothing or accessories that endanger the safety of others are prohibited
  4. 4. Clothing must be age appropriate, must not distract from the learning process, and cannot be provocative, revealing, indecent, or vulgar. (No short shorts or short skirts are allowed)
  5. 5. • No headgear - including but not limited to hats, earmuffs, bandanas, sweatbands or sunglasses - will be worn inside the school buildings.
  6. 6. All sleeveless tops must have shoulders, and all tops must have fitted arm openings.
  7. 7. No spaghetti tops or tank tops are allowed. All tops must cover the waistband of the bottom garment.
  8. 8. Clothing will not be allowed which promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco, the use of controlled substances, depicts violence, is of a sexual nature, is racist, is mesh or transparent, or is of a disruptive nature.
  9. 9. Heavy chains or accessories or any attire that has the potential to be used as a weapon is prohibited.
  10. 10. No sagging pants are allowed. All pants must be worn and fitted at the waist.
  11. 11. Any clothing or accessories recognized as being gang related are prohibited.
  12. 12. No rips or tears above the knee.
  13. 13. No undergarment should be visible.
  14. 14. Sleepwear is prohibited.
  15. 15. All shirts and tops must be no longer than the top of the leg.
  16. 16. No visible body piercings except the ears.
  17. 17.