MC 413- Fooddeserts commgardens


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Overview of link between community gardens, food deserts and food insecurity

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MC 413- Fooddeserts commgardens

  1. 1. Community Gardens, Farmers Markets, Food Deserts & DIVERSITYMAKING THE CONNECTION
  2. 2. AFTER THE GARDEN, NOW WHAT?  What is food insecurity?  True or False: Food insecurity and hunger are the same thing.  Is there a link between food insecurity and race/ethnicity?  Is there a link between food insecurity and class?  Is there a link between food insecurity and geography?  What is a food desert?
  3. 3. Study of Food Prices Conducted in London Ontario, Canada - Compared cost of filling ONTARIO NUTIRIOUS FOOD BASKET (ONFB) -66 items from all four food groups -Compared prices in 2005 and 2008
  4. 4. London Ontario – A Food Desert
  5. 5. Key Findings Farmers’ market increased availability of healthy food Residents living in Old East paying only 5.7% more than average supermarket prices NOT EVERYONE shops at the farmers’ market Farmers’ market can significantly decrease costs of living in neighborhood without a supermarket
  6. 6. Photos Taken in Birmingham Neighborhoods
  7. 7. Birmingham (Ala.). Study of Food Deserts (2010)