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Lamborghini brand analysis


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An analysis of Automobile Lamborghini S.p.A. as well as its sister concerns falling under the Lamborghini family. It provides an overview of the brand positioning, the values, brand identity and brand equity, analysis of competitors, etc.

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Lamborghini brand analysis

  2. 2. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Owned by Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Lamborghini's production facility and headquarters are located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. ABOUT THE BRAND Founded by manufacturing magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini as Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963. The objective was to produce a refined grand touring car to compete with offerings from established marques such as Ferrari. The company's first models were released in the mid-1960s and were noted for their refinement, power and comfort. - LAMBORGHINI AND ITS SISTER BRANDS
  3. 3. “Lamborghini creates sports cars that are unparalleled in terms of PERFORMANCE and EXTREME DESIGN with a TOUCH OF PROVOCATION for the DISCERNING CUSTOMER who wishes to STAND OUT wherever he goes.” POSITIONING - THE POSITIONING STATEMENT Always Different. Always Lamborghini. - THE LAMBORGHINI MOTTO
  4. 4. “Sensual” “Uncompromising” Evocative styling and performance. No expenses spared to meet high standards. Engineered to inspire fear in its rivals. “Challenging” BRAND VALUES “Aggressive” Not for the faint hearted. “Extreme” Pushing the limits in every aspect. “Exclusive” Only for the most deserving, select few. “Italian” Designed to inspire fear in its rivals.
  6. 6. LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR Flagship model Production limited to 4000 units Extensive personalisation options Carbon fibre monocoque Production from 2011 to present Engine Power Top Speed 0-60 mph Wheelbase Length Width Height Curb weight 6.5 L V12 690 bhp 370 kmph 2.9 seconds 2,700 mm 4,780 mm 2,030 mm 1,136 mm 1,575 kg
  7. 7. LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO Over 10,000 units produced One of the most successful models Carbon fibre panels Production from 2003 to present Engine Power Top Speed 0-60 mph Wheelbase Length Width Height Curb weight 5.0/5.2 L V10 520+ bhp 325 kmph 3.7 seconds 2,560 mm 4,300mm 1,900mm 1,165mm 1,430+ kg
  8. 8. POINTS OF PARITY AND DIFFERENCE POINTS OF PARITY WITH COMPETITORS: Exotic cars with – high performance – high construction quality – exotic materials and technologies employed inside and outside the vehicles Service that offers – personalised customer care – the sense of belonging to an exclusive club of owners – little or no customisation for regional markets, maintaining uniformity UNIQUE SELLING POINTS OF LAMBORGHINI: – A long history of being the “underdog” when compared to its biggest rival, Ferrari – Vehicles that are considered way more extreme than rival offerings – Trademark “scissor” doors that add to the drama – Legendary unreliability and difficulty to drive at the limit were considered matters of pride in the past – Some of the rarest, most exclusive vehicles in the world (below 27,000 cars have been sold, ever)
  9. 9. COMPETITORS The rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini is decades old, and both lay claim to the throne of the ultimate Italian exotic. While Ferrari has had a historic association with motorsport, Lamborghini has kept its involvement in racing to a minimum. The typical Ferrari owner is an older, successful professional, who has earned the right to own one. Aston Martin is a British motoring icon, one of few performance marques from the isles that has managed to keep up with the times and stay competent in the face of rising competition from mainland Europe, America, and Japan. The involvement in motorsport as well as the James Bond connection have only helped the brand grow. The first Porsches evolved from the Volkswagen Beetle, and this has given the brand a sense of accessibility that many other high-end sports car manufacturers lack. The brand is famed for pushing the limits of engineering excellence , and its active involvement in motorsport. In many ways, the thinking man’s exotic. Unique sports cars destined to A strong, independent British High performance vehicles with represent the excellence of Italian brand which is combines the three exceptional driving dynamics, that cars, whether on the road, or on elements of power, beauty, and also possess outstanding everyday the racing circuit. soul. practicality.
  10. 10. COMPETITORS (CONTINUED) FERRARI HAS NOT INVOLVED ITSELF IN TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING PRACTISES TO SHOWCASE ITS BRAND. THE COMMUNICATION IS DONE PRIMARILY THROUGH ITS INVOLVEMENT IN MOTORSPORT, AS SCUDERIA FERRARI. (“SCUDERIA” IS ITALIAN FOR A STABLE RESERVED FOR RACING HORSES) Ferrari uses its racing heritage as a platform for selling its sports cars. Their considerable success in GT Racing and Formula One in particular, have ` created an aura of invincibility around their vehicles. The passion and ability to compete at the highest levels of motorsport lend a sense of credibility to the company’s products, which makes up for the temperamental nature of the cars. This is further reinforced by car models that are custom made for select customers, like royalty It is not uncommon for the company to choose deserving (in most cases, loyal) customers for certain halo models, like the Ferrari FXX, which does not ever truly “belong” to its owner. Their presence in social media is mostly restricted to the accounts for the Scuderia, as well as those for regional associations as well as dealerships. Ferrari allows its brand name and likenesses to be licensed by worthy agencies, allowing them to cash in on the popularity of the brand. As with Lamborghini, some of these decisions have not gone down well with purists and brand analysts, owing to poor market research, sub-standard quality of the products, and inordinately high prices, resulting in poor customer experiences and brand value erosion. Select Ferrari branded merchandise
  11. 11. COMPETITORS (CONTINUED) ASTON MARTIN HAS PERHAPS CONTROVERSIALLY CHOSEN TO EMBRACE DIGITAL MEDIA TO CONNECT WITH THE PUBLIC, WHICH IS NOT IN KEEPING WITH THE STRATEGY FOLLOWED BY MOST LUXURY BRANDS. BY CHOOSING TO GIVE THE GENERAL PUBLIC ACCESS TO INFORMATION THAT WAS HITHERTO RESERVED FOR A SELECT FEW, ASTON MARTIN HOPES TO DRAW A NEW DEMOGRAPHIC OF ASPIRING CUSTOMERS. Aston Martin maintains a steady presence on social networks, updating the world about new products, “experience” programmes, and messages from the management. “Aston Martin Live” is a website that aggregates the posts of the company on various social networks. ( The company chooses to be on social media, even while conceding that very few of its target customers are active on it. The motorsport association that has become a pre-requisite in the exotic car market, comes from the involvement of the company in GT Racing as well as the prestigious 24 Heures du Mans. The company also treats its tie up with the James Bond franchise as an important marketing tool.
  12. 12. COMPETITORS (CONTINUED) PORSCHE TREADS THE FINE LINE BETWEEN EXCLUSIVITY AND ACCESSIBILITY, WITH CARS THAT ARE FAR MORE AFFORDABLE THAN ITS COMPETITION, BUT WITH PERFORMANCE THAT IS AT LEAST AT PAR. THE COMPANY SPARES NO EXPENSE IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, AND ENSURES THAT THIS IS UNFAILINGLY COMMUNICATED TO THE CUSTOMER. Porsche is the most active of all the four brands mentioned here, on social networks. The company maintains a presence on all major networks, including a YouTube channel that constantly showcases innovative technologies being developed by the company and used in its road and race cars. The brand has had a wide range of tie ups and brand extensions, from golf clubs to video games. There has been little brand erosion as a result, as the company is considered by many to be more of an everyman’s sports car manufacturer, when compared to the others in the same product space. Porsche faced considerable backlash from purists when they launched the Cayenne SUV in 2002. They believed that an SUV did not belong in the Porsche line-up of vehicles, but Porsche managed to turn a handsome profit from the sales of the vehicles, and went on to develop the Panamera saloon, another car that rubbed critics the wrong way. Like many other performance car manufacturers, Porsche has tried to improve on the lap times set by its vehicles on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife racetrack, and used this as a marketing tool, to great success.
  13. 13. • • Quintessentially Italian La Dolce Vita – The Sweet Life BRAND IDENTITY & EQUITY Brand Essence Brand Personality Emotional Benefits Functional Benefits Features & Attributes • • Loud, brash, aggressive Wants to make a statement • • Exclusivity Passion • • Imposing presence Unique design • • High performance Quality materials CORE CONCEPT: BRAND ARCHETYPE: “The essence of speed.” Jester
  14. 14. PHYSIQUE BRAND IDENTITY PRISM Raging Bull Electric colours Iconic design RELATIONSHIP Partner in crime Fickle friend REFLECTION Aggressive Dramatic Provocative PERSONALITY Dynamic Mover and shaker Edgy Ambitious CULTURE Italian Luxury Heritage SELF IMAGE High class Liberated Driven Flamboyant
  15. 15. The Essence of Speed The ultimate cars for the discerning individual Extreme engineering Aventador Italian heritage Uncompromising performance BRAND ARCHITECTURE Gallardo
  16. 16. ! Acer Lamborghini VX7 BRAND EXTENSION $2,269 Acer Lamborghini ZX1 $1500 ! Lamborghini has extended its brand name to a variety of seemingly unrelated products, some of which are accessories that complement the vehicles and the lifestyle associated with them, and some of which do not gel with the consumers’ perception of the company.
  17. 17. BRAND EXTENSION (CONTINUED) Tonino Lamborghini Patrizia Lamborghini Centro Studi e Ricerche Ferruccio Lamborghini Founded by Antonio “Tonino” Lamborghini, the son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino Lamborghini designs and manufactures a line of clothing and accessories, food and beverages, fragrances, furnishings, and gadgets. The daughter of Ferruccio, Patrizia Lamborghini runs the Lamborghini winery in his Umbria estate. Apart from a selection of wines, her company offers an “agriturismo”, a rural holiday retreat. The Lamborghini centre of research and study, is a museum built by Antonio, that honours the legacy of Ferruccio Lamborghni. It houses all the vehicles developed by Lamborghini through the years.
  18. 18. OTHER BRANDING ACTIVITIES 1 3 1. 2. 3. 4. 2 4 A Lamborghini Gallardo donated by the company to the Italian police The Lamborghini Egoista, one of many concept cars produced by Lamborghini The Lamborghini Reventon, a limited edition supercar for buyers hand-picked by Lamborghini The Lamborghini LM002, custom-built for the Sultan of Brunei
  19. 19. A Presentation by: Balu G IIFT Delhi