Why silver jewelry is more beneficial than gold


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The main reasons we found are:
1. It weighs less than Gold.
2. It goes with everything
3. It won't effect the look of your skin.
4. It's very durable
5. It looks great with almost all gemstones (precious and semi-precious).
6. Less costly
7. Health reasons

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Why silver jewelry is more beneficial than gold

  1. 1.  This has been debated for a long time in terms of jewelry. But is gold really better? There are 8 compelling reasons why silver has the advantage over gold.
  2. 2.  Because it is lighter, silver is more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Gold, when in the form of earrings or necklaces, can contribute to neck and head pain when pieces are large.
  3. 3.  No matter the color of the clothing, silver looks good against it. Unlike gold, which can drastically alter the appearance of a color it is set against with a negative impact, silver compliments and enhances.
  4. 4.  Gold (Yellow) has this unfortunate property for people who have warm undertones: It tends to give a person the appearance of being jaundiced.
  5. 5.  Whether it is fine or sterling, silver is a resilient, hard to damage metal. Gold, however, is quite soft and prone to warping, bending and gouging.
  6. 6.  Silver look great with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. For years, people bought gold jewelry because it was seen as a pretty investment, rather than primarily a piece of fashionable jewelry. However, it has also been agreed upon for years that it is silver — not gold — that enhances the look of gemstones because it’s a neutral hue. If a person wants diamonds to pop out or birthstones to look clear and bright, silver (or white gold) is the best choice.
  7. 7.  Jewelry materials such as jade, amber, onyx and crystal. Gold tends to make materials like jade and onyx look gaudy, and it washes out accents like amber. Again, silver is neutral so it showcases the material it is paired with.
  8. 8.  The price one pays for gold jewelry may influence the decision to buy it as a means to display wealth. However, because gold negatively impacts most materials it is paired with, silver (or write gold) certainly can display better taste.
  9. 9.  It sounds strange, but wearing silver jewelry according to recent medical research, can help:  Balance various body elements  Silver also keeps the blood vessels elastic  It helps bone and skin formation as well as healing  Apparently acts as a pain killer for muscular aches  As well as a remedy for arthritis.
  10. 10.  Silver is a great alternative to gold because: It is lightweight Cost less Difficult to damage Goes with almost every:  Clothing, skin tone, or precious and semi-precious stone. Health reasons silver jewelry makes for an attractive investment.
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