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Ha Zman Fall09 Web


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Ha Zman Fall09 Web

  1. 1. HaZ’man inzv a t T H i S C h i z u k F a m u n o a l l S E a S o n C 2009 | 5770 o n g r e g a t i o n    Chizuk Amuno C o n g r e g At i o n  In this issue: • What Grounds You? Exploring Personal Values • High Holy Day Schedules • Sukkot and Simhat Torah Schedules 1 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
  2. 2. Goldsmith Early Childhood Rosenbloom Education Center Religious School 18 months - 5 years Kindergarten - 7th Grade 410/486-8642 410/486-8641 Krieger Schechter Open House Day School Open House Wednesday, November 11, 10 a.m. Kindergarten - 8th Grade Sunday, January 31, 9:15 a.m. 410/824-2066 Michelle Gold, Director Alex Weinberg, DirectorElise Harrison, Assistant Director Open House Monday, October 19, 9 a.m. and Sunday, January 10, 2 p.m. Dr. Paul Schneider, Headmaster Ilene Wise, Director of Admission Stulman Center Netivon for Adult Learning High School Programs 410/486-8641 Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Please call for a personal tour. 410/824-2058/5 Alex Weinberg, Director Judy Meltzer, Director
  3. 3. Chizuk Amuno Congregation inzv HaZ’man8100 Stevenson Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208www.chizukamuno.orgSynagogue Office 410/486-6400Synagogue Fax 410/486-4050Synagogue E-mail info@chizukamuno.orgGoldsmith Early Childhood Education Center 410/486-8642Krieger Schechter Day School 410/486-8640Rosenbloom Religious School 410/486-8641Stulman Center for Adult Learning 410/824-2055 t h i s s e a s O n a t C h i z u k a m u n o C o n g r e g a t i o nOfficersPresident Dr. Anne L. Young, F a l l 2009 | 5770First Vice President Richard Manekin, 1stvp@chizukamuno.orgVice President Michelle MalisVice President Louis E. SappersteinSecretary Dr. Andrew Miller contentsTreasurer Alan MogolAssistant Treasurer Sandra Moffet 2 What Grounds You? 17 An Amazing Journey atsynagOgue staff by Rabbi Ron Shulman Krieger Schechter Day SchoolRabbi Ronald J. Shulman | x230 By Alana and Barry Silvermanrshulman@chizukamuno.orgRabbi Deborah Wechsler | x231 5 Torah–Expanding 18 This is a Jewish Our Perspective By Abby KogenRabbi Emeritus Joel H. Zaiman | x296Hazzan Emanuel C. Perlman | x233 By Dr. Antony Rosen 19 What’s Nu? 6 Avodah— • College OutreachRitual Director Dr. Moshe D. Shualy | x243 • In the Service • Hoffberger Chapel RenovationsRitual Director EmeritusRev. Yehuda Dickstein of Our Community 20 Jewish Community By Dr. Arthur Lesley Beyond Our BordersHeadmaster, Krieger Schechter Day SchoolDr. Paul D. Schneider | x226 | 8 Gemilut Hasadim— By Stacy JacobsonDirector, Congregational EducationAlex Weinberg | x234 | Over the 21 Building Houses, Connections,Director, Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center Generations and SkillsMichelle Gold | x238 | By Ellen FriedmanDirector, Stulman Center for Adult Learning By Lynne LichtigJudy Meltzer | x287 | 22 Sukkot–from the Ground UpDirector, Gemilut Hasadim Program 4 Greetings at This Season By Rabbi Deborah WechslerMiriam Foss | x281 | by Dr. Anne L. YoungBar/Bat Mitzvah Coordinator 23 Sukkot OverviewDebby Hellman | x290 | 9 Rosh HaShanah OverviewYouth Educator 24 Sukkot ScheduleIsaac Woloff | x305 | 11 Rosh HaShanah ScheduleCurator, Goldsmith Museum 25 Simhat Torah HonoreesDr. Susan Vick | x291 | 14 Stulman Center Summer 26 Sisterhood Makes an Imprint By Judy Meltzeradministrative staff on Our CommunityExecutive Director 15 Building Foundations By Marsha YoffeRonald N. Millen | x224 | at the GoldsmithDirector of Congregational Advancement 27 Getting to Know You...Laurel Freedman | x275 | Early Childhood Profiles in GenerositySynagogue Administrator Education CenterJenny Baker | x227 | By Jenny GamlielControllerRick Bernard | x256 | rbernard@chizukamuno.orgInformation Systems Manager Cover: This needlepoint, “The Life Cycle of Chizuk Amuno and The Life Cycle of the Jewish Family” can be viewed in itsBruce P. Yaillen | x284 | byaillen@chizukamuno.orgCemetery Director entirety in the Louis A. Cohen Family Chapel Lobby.Barbara Lichter | x248 | blichter@chizukamuno.orgAssistant Cemetery Director Chizuk Amuno has a long history of proud service to Baltimore’s Jewish community. Dedicated to strengthening faithMarsha Yoffe | x309 | myoffe@chizukamuno.orgCommunications and Membership Coordinator in our people’s covenant with God, the purpose of Chizuk Amuno Congregation is to create a sacred Jewish community.Cheryl Snyderman | x300 | Here individuals and families can find meaning for their lives from serious engagement with the texts, wisdom, andGraphic Designer celebrations of Judaism. In pursuit of this mission, Chizuk Amuno ascribes to the rabbinic teaching: “The world isRachel Levitan | x282 | sustained through Torah – learning, Avodah – prayer and service, and Gemilut Hasadim – acts of loving kindness.”
  4. 4. What Grounds You?By Rabbi Ron Shulman W hile at the beach this summer, a many of his goals for affecting the lives of in which I believe, nor work on behalf of the needs of a An unidentified poet writes: cute sign hanging in a gift shop his students, or even society. I thought to Jewish community, if I did not try to remain focused on To look is one thing. caught my eye. “The meaning myself, here is a man who guides his life being trustworthy and pursuing goodness. To see what you look at is another. of life is to give life meaning.” by the values he most cherishes and, in I hope that many of you would express similar ideals. To understand what you see is a third. Not without some truth to it I thought, retrospect, now wonders if it is worth it?” Rabbi Max Kaddushin taught that for Judaism values To learn from what you understand walking by to the next item With great power his words are what define our relationships with one another and is still something else. of interest. Jewish values are answer yes. “This tension,” with God. He explained that Jewish values are concepts, But to act on what you learn is all that really matters. The quote reminds me of a he declares “between what I concepts that take on meaning when we act them out. It “What grounds you?” This is the question with concepts, concepts that time when I was witness to a believe in and what results, isn’t enough to profess them. We must practice them. which we introduce HaZ’man ~ This Season, our new conversation about personal take on meaning when this tension is the source of Rabbi Kaddushin writes, “A value concept lives in periodic synagogue publication. As we prepare to enter purpose. Standing before me my life’s meaning. I can define its concretizations, each concretization being a fresh a new year for our lives and our sacred community, we and some friends was a very we act them out. It isn’t my existence only through and unique expression of the concept.” That is among asked three members of Chizuk Amuno Congregation distinguished and well known enough to profess them. the commitments and values I the reasons Jewish tradition prizes deed over creed. We to consider what lies at the heart and soul of their lives, Jewish scholar, an elder honor. I cannot be responsible display our beliefs more honestly than we declare them. their values, and their Jewish identity. We were curious statesman of our people. He We must practice them. for realities and choices That’s the truth about values. They define our how that passion reflects their experiences here at grew up in Brooklyn, fond beyond my influence.” existence only if they influence our choices and life Chizuk Amuno. of both baseball and philosophy. Making This honest self-reflection remains with patterns. A life of learning should foster thoughtfulness Antony Rosen, Lowell Glazer, and Lynne Lichtig his way through the early years of his me. Such honesty is compelling. It asks us and understanding. A life of prayer and service ought answer the question, each one reflecting an aspect professional career he became a teacher and to consider the purposes of our lives. What to inspire humility and respect. A life of good deeds of our congregation’s mission of Torah - learning, writer. grounds us? The question is important. strives to reflect love and compassion. We demonstrate Avodah – prayer and service, and Gemilut Hasadim – It was clear that this prominent man lived Two personal principles ground my life. the meaning of our lives through the commitments and acts of loving kindness. We hope their insights his life with a sense of mission. His life is a Family is first. No relationships matter to values we honor. inspire your own as you anticipate the coming commitment to the ideals and principles he me more than those I share with my loved Values are not a matter of opinion. If correct, they High Holy Day season. believes in, many of which derive from his ones. No task, no effort, no obligations transcend the limits of our own experiences and May we greet a New Year of goodness, grounded in studies of Judaism. come before the needs and requirements preferences. We derive them from the wisdom and meaning. Like the sign at the beach says, “The meaning Listening closely, my friends and I of my family. I’m sure many of you would truths of our Jewish tradition. We discover them in of life is to give life meaning.” heard him speak of his anguish, his express these same sentiments. the consequences of our errors and efforts to change. L’Shanah Tovah! disappointment, and the tensions that Integrity is next. The essence of any We recognize them in the hurt we cause others or the consume his life. Most people don’t share theological or religious stance is integrity. I pain we, too, endure. We know them of conscience, of his views, he told us. He has not achieved could not do the sacred work to which I am ancestry, and most certainly, of faith. Rabbi Ron Shulman dedicated, nor put into practice those things2 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 3
  5. 5. Greetings at This Season Torah v r u ,by Dr. Anne L. Young, President Chizuk Amuno Congregation L ast spring, I joked that in my first year as helping them find their place in our sacred community. president, I purchased a cemetery and accepted a As with any new venture, we will likely need to make greenhouse. The latter was the class gift from the some adjustments and modifications. We welcome your e x p a n d i n g o u r p e r s p e C t i ve Krieger Schechter Class of 2009 to the synagogue. feedback and suggestions for improvement. Now I can add the launching of a new series of Since the launching of a new publication is a rare publications to my list of presidential highlights. occurrence, I asked Jan Schein, our Congregational The most significant change is our Archivist, about previous undertakings. The by Dr. Antony Rosen new quarterly magazine …We want to ensure that first known newsletter was Chizuk Amuno HaZ’man, which means we are communicating Chronicle, published on December 1, “this season.” As is 1926. Milton Fleischer, the congregation’s evident from this first in ways that congregants president, wrote: T issue, the focus of We would appreciate it very much if here is a famous cover of the New Abraham Verghese, in his HaZ’man will be on find useful and meaningful, you would give us your full co-operation Yorker magazine showing New book Cutting for Stone, notes telling our story, helping them find their by letting every person connected with Yorkers’ view of the world—ending that “Life is lived forward, as congregants Chizuk Amuno, constitute themselves as at the East River! Part of the reason but understood backward.” reflect on their place in our sacred a committee of one, and mail to Rabbi that we find it amusing is that we recognize For me, the recognition that Jewish community community. Coblenz all family news matters … Chizuk how representative that is of our own Torah—as the Jewish system and synagogue Amuno strives to be as one large family. worlds. Life is busy, heavily scheduled, often of thinking and living—could experiences, and our schools and Let’s work together. focused on the close and urgent. There are enable consciousness and greatly constituent groups review their activities and Our archives contain no further editions of this or moments when we perceive that the narrow enrich life came gradually, and projects. In addition, HaZ’man will contain information any other newsletter until October 1940, when the first perspective is just too narrow—who are we, in retrospect. Unlike many about upcoming holidays. edition of the Congregational Bulletin was published. In why are we here, is there conclusions, which come You have already received our new monthly that issue, the president wrote: a meaning for our lives Having become a member from the intellect, this came publication, HaHodesh, which combines elements of This Bulletin, which fills a long-felt need in our other than pursuing of Chizuk Amuno several from the soul, and was made the old Kol Amuno and the postcard packets. And, if Congregational life, will be the mirror in which will our work, satisfying possible by several things. (I) you subscribe to our weekly e-update, you can expect be reflected all the activities of our Congregation and our needs, and keeping years ago, it is gradually Sanctified time. Our lives are changes as well. To be called HaShavua, it will contain its constituent organizations. It is my hope that each things in balance? These busy, filled with bustle, and noise becoming clear that Torah brief descriptions of upcoming events, with links to succeeding issue will be the messenger of Chizuk questions may bubble up and light. The world of the spirit our website from which more detailed information Amuno to our members and friends, and will make the naturally, as a function is that pathway to broader is completely drowned out. It is is available. You can subscribe to this weekly e-mail relationship between them and the Synagogue deeper of stage of life, or be not easy to see the small sparks message by sending your name and e-mail address to and closer. stimulated when our consciousness. and hear the very soft sounds Reading these words reminds me that while the predictable world is shaken by challenges unless you choose to go into a quiet and These new and revised publications are just the first methods of communications have evolved since (economic, health, family) which prove dark place, and be patient. For example, phase of changes intended to improve and enhance 1926 and 1940, the goals remain the same. From my that we really are not in ultimate control. everyone has had the experience of moving communication. The next phase will involve upgrading perspective, the most amazing thing about these two At such times, we yearn for that broader suddenly from a very bright environment our website. In addition, educators in some of our presidential messages is that they were written by the perspective, the ability to be conscious of into the darkness. Everything initially seems schools are experimenting with YouTube videos, same person, Milton Fleischer! things “beyond the East River.” Having very black—and it is easy to bump into Facebook pages, and Twitter. Of course, not all of us will This issue of HaZ’man contains information about the become a member of Chizuk Amuno objects—and we fail to perceive even dimly be interested in all of these forms of communication. High Holy Days and Sukkot. On behalf of the Officers several years ago, it is gradually becoming lighted signs for the first few minutes. After But we want to ensure that we are communicating and Board of Trustees, I wish you and your family a clear that Torah is that pathway to broader 10 minutes, it is incredible how the in ways that congregants find useful and meaningful, sweet and healthy year. Shanah Tovah! consciousness. continued on page 284 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 5
  6. 6. Avodah v s u c g Growing up a hard-working son of a father who worked very hard as well, he always felt he wanted to make things community.” He says, “Give ‘til it hurts,” simply to describe the way he feels about giving, not to make a pitch to others. better. Joining Chizuk Amuno in 1968 Asked how he chooses among several opened a whole range of opportunities to worthy causes, Mr. Glazer says, “I like improve things. “I didn’t get active until to be versatile,” and his steady priorities later,” but then he came to recognize “I had are Chizuk Amuno, the ASSOCIATED, an obligation and an opportunity to do and Sinai Hospital. Even in dealing with something.” conflicts about action, “I like to be ai n s er v i Ceby Dr. Arthur Lesley to h i s C o m m u n ity : l owell g lazer Already involved in a successful business career— It is not the amount positive person, but I like to listen a lot to both sides of “People ask me to do things, of the giving that is a story, or all three, before to be on boards.”—he making a decision.” When he combined his strong desire important, but recognizing encounters attitudes he doesn’t to help young people and like, he tries to set an example the chance to make his commitment to the of the behavior of which he community of Chizuk a difference for people. approves, instead of scolding. Amuno, especially in the For his peaceable attitude, project of building of Chizuk Amuno’s others have given him the nickname, “Mr. Solomon Schechter Day School. “I took off Switzerland.” a summer from work to get that building From my conversation with built,” and he is proud of insisting that Lowell Glazer, I learned that our real the one-floor building be sturdy enough philanthropists are recognizable by their eventually to support a second story. actions, of course, and by the newspaperI t is not so simple to know our As an officer of He and Harriet agree that they wanted articles and plaques that announce their neighbor, the person sitting next to us the ASSOCIATED, to do things for people while they were efforts. More immediately, however, we at services and with us at the Kiddush Sinai Hospital, alive. They have spontaneously done many can recognize our philanthropists by the line. Ever since I arrived at Chizuk LifeBridge Health, things for which there will be no plaques, smile that comes over their faces when theyAmuno in 1985, I have been aware of the University of but are memorable for the satisfaction recall the details of what they accomplished.Lowell Glazer as a friendly face, an officer of Maryland, Baltimore they got from helping out. For example, a Even those of us who have not succeeded inthe congregation, and an influential person Hebrew University, and several country handwritten note from a small shul asked business like Mr. Glazer can look forward to Lowell and his wife,among Baltimore Jews. Tall and athletic- clubs, Lowell Glazer has been taking for help in transporting 35 speech-impaired earning the smile he has won many times by Harriet, became memberslooking, with a slightly shy smile, he speaks responsibility for the community, health children to a convention in Ocean City. helping where it is needed and “giving ‘til it of Chizuk Amunogently and directly. It isn’t his appearance services, education at all levels, and anyone Years later, recalling making a phone call hurts.” n in 1963. Lowell servedthat is the most memorable quality about else who needs help. I was surprised to learn and arranging the bus fare and registration as Congregation Arthur Lesley arrived inhim, but the unself-conscious earnestness how much he has done for the community, for the children, Mr. Glazer smiles broadly. President from Baltimore in 1985 andwith which he recalls the causes and while at the same time working very hard He enjoys the idea, the satisfaction of 1992-1994 and has been a member ofinstitutions he has helped and the smile that and making notable achievements in seeing the actual results—“seeing the kids has participated on Chizuk Amuno almost sincecomes when he talks about them. business. For over 50 years he has developed make use of what you meant and made several committees then. He taught Hebrew Lowell and his wife Harriet are well- land and residential and commercial real possible—not any recognition.” He throughout his affiliation and Jewish literatureknown as donors large and small to Chizuk estate and has built homes, condominium emphasizes that it is not the amount of the with our shul. at Baltimore HebrewAmuno and as sponsors of important causes townhouse communities, shopping centers, giving that is important, but recognizing University until this past June and has taught at theand events, but until I talked with him storage facilities and office buildings. As the chance to make a difference for people. Stulman Center for Adult Learning. He is the proudrecently, I had only a bare idea of what they, he has been acknowledged a leader in Anybody can find such opportunities to father of Michael, a KSDS graduate, recent conductor oftheir family, and their circle of friends have philanthropy, his professional achievements enjoy “the fact of giving.” “Especially in Kol Rinah, and Harvard doctoral candidate.contributed to shape the character of Jewish have also been recognized by his peers, being hard times, we need to take care of theand communal institutions in Baltimore. elected president of the Home Builders Association of Maryland.6 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 7
  7. 7. ohsxj ,ukhnd May the coming New Year 5770 L’Shanah Tovah  Gemilut Hasadim be one of goodness and peace! May we draw nearer to one another and to our sacredoverBy Lynne Lichtig the generations heritage, dedicated to Finding Meaning, Strengthening Faith, and Creating Community.I have been given an opportunity to be part ofsomething that will perpetuate my feelings aboutJudaism and the Jewish people throughout futuregenerations. For that I am grateful and hopeful Rthat our children and grandchildrenwill find some meaning for themselves osh HaShanah and Yom while hoping we have changed.within our Movement. Kippur bring us together. We merge our vastly different During the High Holy Days backgrounds, experiences, andI have been volunteering in some form Baltimore area in order to provide a wider we are reminded that we memories into one whole and holy since I was a young child—I didn’t Jewish experience for our young children. I know it was called that—because I did research (then it was done by phone, not belong to a community of Jews with congregation. just was helping my mother as she did the internet!) and being from a Conservative whom we share values and history. At Chizuk Amuno Congregationher “work.” I guess my “roots” ran deep, background, Chizuk Amuno seemed to bemy parents and extended family of aunts, a right fit. We settled in over the summer We greet and meet one another at we are fortunate that we can provideuncles, and cousins were all involved in our and once the kids were in school, my first the synagogue with the purpose of our synagogue members withsmall town’s only synagogue. It just became question when I walked into the buildingroutine as I got involved in school groups, was “Is there anything I can volunteer to do?” measuring the course of our lives and different settings and styles of HighUSY, and other after school activities, even Stanley Minch and Dorothy Rainess wasted the condition of our world. Holy Day Services, as well as jointafter we left our small town for somewhere no time setting up a project for me!else. It didn’t take me long to become involved Our worship is unique on the High opportunities when we all gather as I am not sure how it happens—when in the PTA of the religious school. Helping Holy Days. The liturgy’s themes one. Each of these worship servicessomeone asks you to do something and Jewish kids have those extra special “perks”you just say yes. Maybe it is the need to be to make coming to the synagogue fun— address our vulnerabilities and meets our standards of tradition andaccepted, or find friends, or find a sense of who could say no to that? I met wonderful fears, our strengths and hopes. We quality as a Conservative synagogue.fulfillment. All of these things happen when parents who make that connection as wellyou see yourself as part of something bigger. and I thought it was good use of my time. face the future mindful of the past The following brief descriptionsWhy it happens to some and not to others is So the next time I was asked to take a and present in an honest process of of each High Holy Day Servicethe age old question. leadership role in a community that was Synagogue life at Chizuk Amuno for me already my “home” I said yes! introspection and repentance. On may help you to anticipate yourstarted over twenty years ago when Larry and When the time was appropriate for me to Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur we participation and comfort during theI decided to move from York, PA to the activate my Sisterhood membership, a lot of continued on page 28 seek a familiar synagogue service Days of Awe.8 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 9
  8. 8. Sanctuary Service Family Services This service of traditional High Holy Day Defending Your Life 5770 High Holy Day Services 2009 High Holy Day Worship in the Sanctuary On Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur prayer will be augmented by explanations Film PresentationService is formal in style, providing a mornings a one hour High Holy Day service that focus on personal and religious Saturday Evening, September 12, 8 p.m.large and evocative setting for personal is held for all families with children in grades meaning, and include a blend of familiar A romantic comedy/fantasy film about a man who dies and isprayer and reflection. The Chizuk Amuno K - 4 who want to share an interactive melodies as well as congregational singing. put on trial in the afterlife for being afraid. Defending Your Life is aSynagogue Choir accompanies the Hazzan’s family experience. After 10 a.m. seating in the Sanctuary is story about judgment, as on Yom Kippur, we are judged in order torecitation and davenen. English readings and Two services will be held on the First Day open for the Second Day of Rosh HaShanah, determine our fate. Despite its comedic overtones, the film containsreflections, as well as the Rabbi’s sermon, are of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, and one just as it is on Erev Rosh HaShanah and Yom elements of drama and allegory.interspersed during the service to enrich and on the Second Day of Rosh HaShanah and Kippur afternoon. Elderly and disabled members who require special assistance Cast: Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Rip Torn, Erev Rosh HaShanah, Friday, September 18inform each person’s experience. Kol Nidre eve. Advance sign up is necessary and Lee Grant. to accommodate the many parents and for their comfort in the Sanctuary will be Minhah: Afternoon Service 5:45 p.m.Krieger Auditorium Service Rabbis Shulman and Wechsler will lead us in discussion following children who wish to attend together. The able to reserve their seats for this service (in the Hoffberger Chapel) the film presentation. High Holy Day Worship in the Krieger Rabbi and Ba’al Tefilah conduct this informal by contacting Judy Simkin. Ma’ariv: Evening Service 6:00 p.m.Auditorium Service is formal in style, service in a manner that engages adults and A separate Second Day ticket will be Selihot Services Candle Lighting 6:52 p.m.providing a warm and participatory setting children alike. The service includes prayer, provided to Chizuk Amuno families in order Saturday Evening, September 12, 10 p.m. We will usher in the New Year together in the Sanctuary.for personal prayer and reflection. The Ba’al a brief Torah service, the sounding of the to assure that there will be space for all of our members who plan to attend. Ushers Selihot is a unique and moving late night “Service of Forgiveness” Seating will be open for this service.Tefilah’s recitation and davenen sets the Shofar, and other High Holy Day symbols will be located throughout the Sanctuary that begins the High Holy Day season. During the Selihot Service All of our clergy will participate during this service.ambience for prayer. English readings and and themes. floor and balcony to ensure that everyone is we are introduced to some of the prayers and motifs of the comingreflections, as well as the Rabbi’s sermon, areinterspersed during the service to enrich and High Holy Day Experiences assisted and comfortably seated. Days of Awe. The Selihot Service is an emotional, spiritual, and Rosh HaShanah – 1st Day, Shabbat, September 19 Rabbis Shulman, Wechsler, and Schneider, evocative evening of teshuvah, repentance, reflecting upon our deedsinform each person’s experience. for Families and Children Sanctuary and Krieger Auditorium Services along with Hazzan Perlman will join in and experiences this past year as we consider personal and religious Chizuk Amuno Congregation’s educators goals for future growth and change. We begin with Havdalah andStulman Auditorium Service conducting this worship service merging all Shaharit: Morning Service 9:00 a.m. offer many opportunities for students conclude our evening with the sounding of the shofar. The Torah High Holy Day Worship in the Stulman in grades K through 12 to share in age who worship in the Sanctuary, Krieger, and Torah Service 9:45 a.m.Auditorium is less formal in style and Stulman Auditoriums into one congregation. Scrolls in the Ark are publicly changed into their white High Holy appropriate holiday experiences and learning Day covers which symbolize the freshness and purity of the coming Musaf: Holy Day Service 11:00 a.m.somewhat abbreviated, providing an together. Following all services on the Second Day of New Year. Rabbi Ronald Shulman and Hazzan Emanuel Perlman will officiate atintimate and participatory setting for Childcare and children’s programs will be Rosh HaShanah we will join together in the services in the Sanctuary.individuals and families to join in prayer available for the complete mornings of Rosh Garden Lounge for a Kiddush, greeting our Rabbi Deborah Wechsler and Dr. Larry Amsterdam will officiate at servicesand reflection. Members of the congregation HaShanah and Yom Kippur, beginning at 9 synagogue family and friends with wishes for in the Krieger Auditorium.assist the Rabbi and Ba’al Tefilah in leading a.m. and concluding when congregational a healthy and good New Year.and reciting the prayers and performing services are completed, enabling parents to It is our sincere hope that everyone who Stulman Auditorium Serviceother ritual roles. Stories, anecdotes, fully participate in High Holy Day Services. attends and participates throughout the Rosh HaShanah Service 9:30 a.m.and readings are interspersed during the High Holy Day season will find inspiration High Holy Day Sparkle Rabbi Paul Schneider and Dr. David Roffman will officiate at services in theservice to enrich and inform each person’s Second Day of Rosh HaShanah and joy in the presence of God and ourexperience. 2009 – 5770 entire community. Our clergy appreciate the Too busy to polish your silver? Stulman Auditorium. On the Second Day of Rosh HaShanah, privilege and responsibility of leading this Bring your silver Judaica objects to us for a museum quality cleaning. Erev 2nd Day Rosh HaShanahTorah for Tots sacred and dynamic congregation in prayer Sunday, September 20, all the members Families with Kindergarten age and and contemplation on Rosh HaShanah and Drop off: Goldsmith Museum Office Minhah: Afternoon Service 6:30 p.m. of our synagogue family, across all theyounger children may choose to attend a generations and all the worship services, Yom Kippur. Proud that our worship services Tuesday-Wednesday, September 8 - 9, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Ma’ariv: Evening Service 7:15 p.m.Torah for Tots Service designed especially for will gather together in the Chizuk Amuno provide variety in their styles and characters, Candle Lighting after 7:36 p.m.them on both days of Rosh HaShanah, Kol Pick up: Sunday, September 14, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sanctuary to celebrate Rosh HaShanah, our clergy view each of our congregation’s We will continue our welcome of the New Year together in the Sanctuary.Nidre eve, and Yom Kippur. Advance sign creating an embracing and open community varied High Holy Day Services with equal Cost: $25 and up per object, determined by condition at drop-off.up is necessary to accommodate everyone for us all. In our Sanctuary, joyously filled value, dignity, and importance for our Proceeds benefit the Goldsmith Museum. Rosh HaShanah – 2nd Day, Sunday, September 20comfortably. with the spirit of our synagogue community, synagogue members, families, and friends during the Days of Awe. Cost of polishing may be considered a partial deduction. Sanctuary, Krieger, and Stulman Auditorium Services together we will share in the prayer, hopes, and sacred privilege of welcoming a New If you would like to be trained as a volunteer, or have any questions, Shaharit: Morning Service 9:00 a.m. Year. L’Shanah Tovah u’Metukah! please call Susan Vick, ext. 291 Torah Service 9:45 a.m. …followed by the Sounding of the Shofar Musaf: Holy Day Service 11:00 a.m.    We will merge the Sanctuary, Krieger, and Stulman, Auditorium services in For a Good and Sweet New Year the Sanctuary for the Second Day of Rosh HaShanah. Looking forward to meaningful and joyous services, Rabbis Shulman, Wechsler, Schneider and Hazzan Perlman will officiate. we wish you a sweet and good New Year! Our entire community will complete our welcome of the New Year together in the Chizuk Amuno Sanctuary. Tashlikh As members of Chizuk Amuno choose to remain in the same service in If you would like to make a seating orCongregation, we each choose which which we have participated for many years. location adjustment or have any other Our entire community will gather at 4:30 p.m. in the Garden Lounge for friendship and refreshments before walking to anone of these worship services we plan to Every year as the High Holy Days approach, questions regarding High Holy Day seating, outdoor ceremony to symbolically cast away our sins.attend when confirming our synagogue some of us elect to change our choice of please contact Judy Simkin, 410/486-6400,membership for a new year. Most of us worship service, subject to the availability of ext. 232 or Minhah: Afternoon Service 7:00 p.m. seats in that different location. Ma’ariv: Evening Service 7:15 p.m.10 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 11
  9. 9. Kol Nidre - Erev Yom Kippur, Sunday, September 27 5770 High Holy Day 5770 High Holy DaySanctuary, Krieger, Children and Youth Services 2009 Children and Youth Services 2009and Stulman Auditorium Services Rosh HaShanah Rosh HaShanah Yom KippurMinhah: Afternoon Service 6:00 p.m. (in the Hoffberger Chapel) 1st Day of Rosh HaShanah – Shabbat, September 19 2nd Day of Rosh HaShanah – Sunday, September 20 Kol Nidre – Sunday, September 27Ma’ariv: Evening Service 6:30 p.m. Youth Services and Special Holiday Youth Activities Youth Services and Special Holiday Youth Activities continue through 1 p.m. continue through 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m.Candle Lighting 6:37 p.m. Family Service: Grades K - 4 , Esterson AuditoriumRabbi Ronald Shulman and Hazzan Emanuel Perlman will 9 a.m. 9 a.m. officiate at services in the Chizuk Amuno Sanctuary. with Rabbi Stuart Seltzer, prior sign up required Rabbi Deborah Wechsler will deliver the sermon. Grades K - 1 Room 102 Grades K - 1 Room 102 Grades 2 - 4 Room 211 Grades 2 - 4 Room 211 Torah for Tots Pajama Party, Krieger GymRabbi Deborah Wechsler and Dr. Larry Amsterdam will officiate at services in the Krieger Auditorium. Grades 5 - 12 Kolker Youth Lounge Grades 5 - 12 Kolker Youth Lounge with Michelle Gold and Alex Weinberg, prior sign up required Rabbi Ronald Shulman will deliver the sermon. 10 a.m. School Age High Holy Day ServicesRabbi Paul Schneider and Dr. David Roffman will Youth and High School Services officiate at services in the Stulman Auditorium. Family High Holy Day Experience grades K - 4, Esterson Auditorium Grades K - 1 Lerner Beit Midrash Grades 5 - 6 with Abby Kogen Room 252 with Rabbi Stuart Seltzer, prior sign up required Grades 2 - 4 Music RoomYom Kippur, Monday, September 28 Grades 7 - 12 with Isaac Woloff Hoffberger Chapel Grades 5 - 6, with Abby Kogen and Isaac Woloff Room 252 School Age High Holy Day Services Grades 7 - 12 Teen Service, merged with Congregation in Sanctuary Yom Kippur – Monday, September 28Sanctuary and Krieger Auditorium ServicesShaharit: Morning Service 9:00 a.m. Grades K - 1 Lerner Beit Midrash 9 a.m. 11:15 a.m.Torah Service 10:00 a.m. Grades 2 - 4 Music Room Grades K - 1 Room 102 Family High Holy Day Experience grades K - 4 , Esterson AuditoriumYizkor Memorial Prayers 10:45 a.m. Grades 5 - 6, with Abby Kogen Room 252 Grades 2 - 4 Room 203 with Rabbi Stuart Seltzer, prior sign up requiredMusaf: Holy Day Service 11:30 a.m. Grades 7 - 12 Teen Service, with Isaac Woloff Hoffberger Chapel Grades 5 - 12 Kolker Youth Lounge Torah for Tots Family Service, Krieger GymRabbi Ronald Shulman and Hazzan Emanuel Perlman will officiate at services in the Chizuk Amuno Sanctuary. 11:15 a.m. with Michelle Gold and Alex Weinberg, prior sign up required 10 a.m.Rabbi Deborah Wechsler and Dr. Larry Amsterdam will Family High Holy Day Experience grades K - 4, Esterson Auditorium Family High Holy Day Experience: Grades K - 4 , Esterson Auditorium officiate at services in the Krieger Auditorium. with Rabbi Stuart Seltzer, prior sign up required with Rabbi Stuart Seltzer, prior sign up requiredStulman Auditorium Service Torah for Tots Family Service, Krieger Gym School Age High Holy Day ServicesYom Kippur Service 9:30 a.m. with Michelle Gold and Alex Weinberg, prior sign up required Grades K - 1 Lerner Beit MidrashRabbi Paul Schneider and Dr. David Roffman will officiate at Grades 2 - 4 Music Room services in the Stulman Auditorium. Grades 5 - 6 Special Activities followed by Services, Kolker Youth Lounge with Abby KogenOur entire community will complete our observance of Yom Kippur Childcare and Children’s Programs— Grades 7 - 12 Teen Service with Isaac Woloff Hoffberger Chapeland the High Holy Days together in the Sanctuary. for children ages 2 through 5 yearsSeating will be open for these sessions and services. 11:15 a.m. n Childcare and programs for children ages 2 through 5 years will beHeshbon HaNefesh Study Sessions 3:00 p.m. available from 9:00 a.m. until all congregational High Holy Family High Holy Day Experience grades K - 4, Esterson AuditoriumRabbi Shulman’s Discussion 4:00 p.m. Day Services are completed on the First and Second Days of Rosh with Rabbi Stuart Seltzer, prior sign up required HaShanah as well as on Yom Kippur Morning. Torah for Tots Family Service, Krieger GymMinhah: Afternoon Service 5:00 p.m. n Snacks will be provided for the children on each day.Neilah: Concluding Service 6:15 p.m. with Michelle Gold and Alex Weinberg, prior sign up required n Check-in for Childcare will be held in the lobby of the Goldsmith (Be sure to bring your shofar!) Early Childhood Education Center 6:45 p.m.Family Neilah Service in Krieger Auditorium 6:45 p.m. Family Neilah Service Krieger Auditorium12 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 13
  10. 10. What’s a Stulman Center Summer?by Judy Meltzer Building Foundations A t G oldsmith E Arly C hildhood E duCAtion C EntEr T he Stulman Center for Adult site. And all free!!! by Jenny Gamliel Learning is open 12 months of the What is summer without a camp year, offering classes, study groups, experience? And WHAT a camp experience! films, and a variety of opportunities Our second summer camp presented a for learning. Learning doesn’t stop in the celebration of music and art—Jewish style. summer; hence, a Stulman Center summer Dr. Susan Vick taught “Broadway Boogie is filled with Woogie: American Art in the activities that What is our one regret? Jazz Age.” Her outstanding will exercise illustrated lectures enlightened your mind We had to turn away would campers on what the visual arts in air- be campers. We were filled reveal about dance styles of the conditioned period, the neighborhoods, and comfort; to capacity. the music of the Jazz Age. Seth intrigue, Kibel presented “The Jews of exploration, discovery, American Jazz,” an in-depth examination confrontation, challenges. of the music, personalities, lives, and It’s never too hot to go careers of American musical giants George hiking. In June, twenty-five Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman, students pursued “Pathways and Artie Shaw. And every day began with through the Prayerbook” a mouthwatering breakfast – juice, coffee, with Rabbi Gila Ruskin. waffles, pancakes, bagels, lox, cream cheese, They explored the text, scrambled eggs, and muffins. (Not all on the context, and subtext same day, of course.) of the Shabbat evening What is our one regret? We had to turn and morning prayers. Their journey was away would be campers. We were filled to enhanced through the study of stirring capacity. As one camper put it in her thank- poetry, song, and commentary. you note, “Wow! What a week – next year Summer is a time to kick back and relax. you’ll need the Armory!” Also a time to contemplate some of the As you can tell, a Stulman Center T questions that we don’t have time to address summer is not to be missed. And Stulman he name of this publication, HaZ’man or “This individuals and as a community. It should come as no in the busier winter months. Joe Greenblum Center fall is terrific, too! Watch for your Season,” is meant to evoke reflection on the surprise that what grounds me is my husband and my helped students to confront Jewish practice, brochure listing all the many ways you can various seasons our lives. My husband and I children. It may seem obvious or even trite, nonetheless, exposing them to the scholarship of Dr. be a part of our learning community. n have four children under the age of eight - two it delights me to find that to be my reality at this point Arnold Eisen, JTS Chancellor and scholar. graduates of Goldsmith and two current students. in my life. As I go through my days, my months and Judy Meltzer is Chizuk Amuno’s Director of the Stulman Remember the drive-in movies? We offer For us, time has taken a new and curious twist in my years, the choices that I make are filtered through Center for Adult Learning and the Florence Melton Adult the shlep-out films. Film-goers shlepped out recent years. As the parents of small children, we like the lens of my family. What will my choices mean for Mini-School. She loves everything about Adult Jewish their lawn chair and enjoyed our “Cinema to say that the days are long, but the years are short. the other five people who live in this house? Will it help Learning. As an adult, Judy earned a masters degree under the Stars” in its fifth year of outdoor in Jewish Studies, taught adults in many settings, and Particularly with our youngest already approaching two, my children to learn the life lessons that are important films, replete with candy, drinks and snacks. always continued to study. When it comes to Jewish I am feeling the “short year” part quite acutely. to me and to my husband? To be sure, there are many And oh, yes. Fresh, hot popcorn, made on- learning, youre never too young or too old. This first installment of HaZ’man calls on us to spokes on the wheel of my life, yet they all relate back to look at time through the lens of what grounds us as that central hub of my family.14 | HaZ’man ~ This Season Rosh HaShanah 5770 | 15