Swedbank Lithuania: social media pioneer in Lithuanian banking sector


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Integrity PR
Client: Swedbank Lithuania
Country: Lithuania
Project name: Swedbank Lithuania: social media pioneer in Lithuanian banking sector

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Swedbank Lithuania: social media pioneer in Lithuanian banking sector

  1. 1. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONIntegrity PR (Lithuania)Swedbank Lithuania: social media pioneer in Lithuanian banking sectorSwedbank LithuaniaSummaryIn 2011 “Swedbank Lithuania” decided to take a role of social media pioneer in Lithuanian banking sector.It was groundbreaking move because people’s trust in banking sector was low due to economic crisis andto start open dialog in social media was bold move. However “Swedbank” strategic decision, clear tacticalplanning and social media activities alignment with overall bank’s strategy brought grand results.“Swedbank” set four objectives for social media activities: to listen, to start dialog, to help and to gather.These objectives were aligned with “Swedbank” values: simplicity, openness and caring. To reach theseobjectives “Swedbank” launched official corporate page on “Facebook” and account on “Twitter”.“Twitter” account was exclusively set as customer support channel while “Facebook” page was dedicatedto corporate, marketing, social responsibility communication including customer support activities.During the first nine months in social media “Swedbank” established active fan base on “Facebook”platform, kept open dialog and executed seven separate marketing projects related to financial topics.Encouraged by bank success and open dialog bank experts launched their separate social media initiatives:“Twitter” account, blog. “Swedbank” social media activities also worked as an “ice-breaker” for otherbanks: after few months other main banks launched their pages.SituationIn the beginning of 2011 one of the biggest banks in Lithuania “Swedbank” had no corporate activities inpopular social networks. The situation was the same with other Lithuanian banks because people showedlow trust for financial institutions so official corporate presence on social media was seen more as threatand risk than an opportunity.On April 2011 “Swedbank” became the first bank in Lithuania to overcome these intimidations andlaunched official corporate presence at major social networks “Facebook” and “Twitter”.ObjectivesProject’s objectives are aligned with “Swedbank” values: simplicity, openness and caring. Social media isarguably the best way to bring values to life because social networks leaves no other possibility but to besimple, open, transparent and caring. The objectives: • To listen: monitor and answer customers inquiries about “Swedbank” or banking on social media platforms • To start dialog: establish official “Swedbank Lithuania” presence on major social media networks “Facebook” and “Twitter” • To help: to set bank’s social media accounts as additional customer support channel • To gather: to bring “Swedbank” community – customers, employees, partners – in one placeStrategyWithin the organization “Swedbank Lithuania” Communication department was driver of bank’s socialmedia activities in partnership with public relations agency “Integrity PR”. Department and agency areresponsible for strategic and tactical plans and implementation of activities.During the planning stage detail tactical plans were prepared which covered objectives, measurement ofresults, visual guidelines, projects calendars. During the implementation results were evaluated everymonth with detail report and insights for future activities.The criteria for the assessment of results: quantitate (number of fans, inquires, number of mentions, postsreach) and qualitative (feedback rate, comparison with other brands, tone of mentions in social mediaplatforms). Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATION“Swedbank” official corporate presence on most popular social media networks were established: page on“Facebook”, “Twitter” account, “Slideshare”, “Youtube”. Primary objective for communication in“Twitter” was customer support while “Facebook” page was set to cover corporate, marketing, socialresponsibility communication with customer support activities.Execution• For listening customers opinions “Swedbank” social media team employed few real-time social media monitoring tools as newspoint.lt, tweettabs.com, “HootSuite”.• “Twitter” and “Facebook” were added as additional customer support channels with special training for “Swedbank” customer support specialists.• In 2011 on “Swedbank Lithuania” “Facebook” page 7 different projects were implemented: interactive game “Create comics with animated heroes from “Swedbank” ads”; “Guest tab” –application for questions on financial topics (two guests in 2011); fun test for young mothers about saving for child’s future; quiz about bank outlets and e-banking “Where should I go?”; application form for ordering special promo card to encourage payments with cards; and special Christmas card for fans.• Encouraged by bank success in open communication bank experts launched their separate social media initiatives too – Senior economist Nerijus Mačiulis launched his official “Twitter” account and bank employees launched social experiment blog “Cashless”.Documented ResultsIn 2011 “Swedbank Lithuania” achieved following results as a pioneer and leader in social media fieldamong Lithuanian banks.• During months from May till December “Swedbank” was most discussed bank in social mediaplatforms with one third of all mentions. Tone of mentions – neutral.• On “Facebook” “Swedbank” gathered fan base of more than 16000 in 2011. The number doubled in2012.• “Swedbank Lithuania” received an average 30 inquiries from customers on social media platformsevery month.• “Swedbank” was acknowledged as leader in social media use among banks and other corporatebrands in Lithuania (Lithuanian corporate social media index, Komunikacija ir konsultantai, 2011). Thesame result was achieved in 2012 – “Swedbank Lithuania” remains leader in social media field amongbanks.• “Swedbank” case study of pioneering social media activities in banking sector was the finalist in EFQM – Good practices of creative use of social media competition 2012. Baltic PR Awards 2012