Sponsorship 2008 / 3rd Place / SEB Baltic Basketball League


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Sponsorship 2008 / 3rd Place / SEB Baltic Basketball League

  1. 1. Categorie:Sponsoring campaignsTitle of campaign:SEB Baltic Basketball Leagueshort common description of the campaign::Regardless of his or her nationality and home country, every person has the spiritof competition. Sports have become a good way of spending time not only for theathletes but also for the viewers; therefore, in early 2004, SEB Baltic banks (SEBVilniaus bankas, Unibanka and Eesti Uhispank) decided to support the SEB BBLin order to develop the recognition of SEB brand in all Baltic countries. The first season of the SEB Baltic Basketball League (SEB BBL) started onNovember 24, 2004. The objective was to offer a quality and enjoyabletournament for basketball fans in all three Baltic countries and to promotedevelopment of Baltic basketball players. During the season, 12 teams fromEstonia, Latvia and Lithuania are competing for the title of the best Balticbasketball team. At the end of the season, a Final Four tournament is held in oneBaltic city, and the winner is determined in four games. In 2007, the Final Fourtournament took place in Riga, Arena Riga, on April 21 and 22.
  2. 2. research work done during the campaign:To improve and develop the SEB BBL, attendance measurements and publicopinion polls were carried out simultaneously in all three Baltic countries duringthe season with the purpose to assess the recognition of the tournament and SEB asits general sponsor and to find ways how to improve it.These measurements show that the number of SEB BBL fans is growing everyyear - on average 2,341 attendants per game (October/November 2007), and intotal 246,709 viewers attended games of the SEB BBL in the season 2006/2007.More than 8,000 people attended Final Four 2007.The SEB BBL is continuing the development, and this year a new three-yearcooperation agreement was signed and a sub-league, SEB Challenge Cup andPresident Cup, was created.strategy:SEB BBL goal is to take important place among other tournaments in Europe andto promote basketball as the most popular sport in the Baltic countries. The mainidea is to be a pioneer of global sports thinking in Baltic States, higher levelbasketball compares to home language, grand and solid Baltic market andextensive media interest and reflection.
  3. 3. The key target audience is socially active men, age 18-54, with income average +,but the SEB BBL is also targeted to anyone who lives in the Baltic countries andwatches the games on TV or in the arena.With the SEB BBL and Final Four, SEB banka: for the first time in banks history, when its name still was Unibanka,implemented the project in all Baltic countries under the common SEB brandbefore it was introduced in the Baltic countries; a joint slogan for Latvia was developed - For Great Victories! It wasinitially used in relation to the SEB BBL, but now it is used in the banks entiresports sponsorship communication; distributes information in mass media, Internet, and outdooradvertising; news are provided by leagues organisers as well as journalists becausethe SEB BBL is important for their news; in this way, regular media monitoringcoverage is ensured; SEB BBL and Final Four posters are displayed at all SEB Bank Latviabranch offices; tickets to basketball games were presented to the best productsellers-our employees, our customers, children from the SOS Childrens VillagesAssociation, prize-winners of the SEB Student Basketball League, as well as givenas prizes in various competitions; During the Final Four, attendants received special inflatable stickswith SEB symbols to be used in supporting the teams during the games; between Final Four games, competitions, where prizes from SEBcould be won, were held; as a marketing activity, SEB banka organised a ball throwing
  4. 4. competition for the attendants of the Final Four games. If five successful throwswere made, the competitor received a prize from SEB banka, but the bestcompetitors fought for a money prize and SEB banka credit card.As from the 2006/2007 season, SEB banka and the SEB Baltic Basketball Leagueorganises the campaign Tripple Effect - every successful three-point throw isregistered during the season and then converted into cash to be donated to charityorganisations in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. SEB BBL Triple Effect is aseason-long social campaign that joined together players, teams and SEB banks.The value of every three-point throw in the season 2006/2007 was worth 2 euros,but in the season 2007/2008 and in future - 3 euros. In the season 2006/2007, thetotal amount donated reached 5,206 euros. The number of successful three-pointthrows of players per every country determined the amount to be donated.In its fourth season, the SEB BBL has become a very significant sports event inthe Baltic sports calendar.Results of the campaign and evaluation::The SEB BBL has become a very significant sports event in the Baltic sportscalendar, which is proven by the high recognition of the project. 71% of Latvianresidents recognise the SEB BBL, and 51% know that SEB Bank is its generalsponsor. Tension in basketball arenas and by TV is provided by the brightest
  5. 5. Baltic basketball stars, but the organisers, inter alia SEB Baltic banks, with thehelp of opinion polls, study the wishes and interests of the audience and implementinnovative ideas with the purpose to facilitate the development and popularity ofthe league.As the targets set have been achieved, new possibilities to improve the work of theleague, communication with the audiences, broadcasts, and the organisation ofgames in various arenas are being sought for. The work never ceases, becausebasketball fans in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania deserve the highest qualitybasketball, and SEB banka, believing in nice victories, can provide it.