Truly Green


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Category: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Organization: SEB banka
Country: Latvia
Project name: Truly Green

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Truly Green

  1. 1. Category:CSRSEB BankaTruly Green Summary SEB banka has positioned itself as a distinct flagship for green ideas on both the local and international level and is making a great effort to follow through with these beliefs. Our business is based on high ethical standards, long-term cooperation and staff that resolutely implements our corporate strategy and provides social and environmental conservation management. In January 2012, the comprehensive SEB Green Year initiative was launched. The project intended to reduce the impact of each participating employee on the environment, create added value on services and unite the company‟s employees throughout Latvia, as well as find solutions through joint discussions regarding how to achieve our business goals through the prism of green ideas. For the goals of SEB banka to not only be readable, but also visible, in the beginning of the SEB Green Year a central campaign character was created – SEB Green Tree, as well as six wise men, who could be found at all SEB buildings by employees, customers and partners. The Green Year campaign had also integrated communication about the green and healthy lifestyle products sponsored by SEB banka, implemented in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, Latvian State Forests and the SEB Mountain Bike Marathon organisers. Situation Being environmentally friendly is one of the cornerstones of a sustainable business and SEB Group operations. In 1996, SEB group signed environmental documents of the United Nations and the International Chamber of Commerce. In 2004, the environmental policy of SEB Group was developed and approved, which included clear objectives and commitments in the area of environment and corporate social responsibility. An environmental goal of SEB Group is to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% from 2008 to 2015. During this time, several initiatives have been implemented, SEB Group has been actively involved in the global Earth Hour campaign, and in 2012 it took another step by introducing the SEB Green Year. Not so long ago, in 2011, the Latvian company had implemented an internal Earth Hour project, which gained an unexpectedly overwhelming response from the employees. This served as a basis for the comprehensive SEB Green Year initiative. Objectives Being a sustainable business is not just mere words. It includes a range of activities purposefully implemented by SEB banka, thus proving that, as a company, it plans its operations and long-term development. Objectives and activities were defined during the Green Year to ensure the following:Implementation of a more environmentally friendly heating system;Development of an environmentally friendly car fleet;As well as reduced paper andElectricity consumption in a company where resources are consumed daily by nearly 1,500 employees. Strategy The campaign was intended as proof that each individual employee, by making a small contribution and getting involved in the general concept together with other colleagues, is able to achieve remarkable results. The project intended to reduce the impact on the environment of each employee involved, create added value on services, and unite the entire team of the company in Latvia. It was also intended to find solutions through common discussions about how to achieve ambitious business goals through the prism of green ideas. To implement the green initiative by using another, more creative approach, which would not only attract attention, but also create a desire to get involved, different visual materials were developed involving the central campaign character – the SEB Green Tree, which can be found in all SEB banka buildings by its employees, customers and partners. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category:CSR ExecutionIn the beginning of the SEB Green Year, the main campaign character – SEB Green Tree was created, which could be found by its employees both physically in the bank‟s buildings and through electronic channels. Stickers with the SEB Green Tree were glued on elevators. These stickers contained fun phrases, for example, suggesting one to use stairs instead of the elevator (“Riding the elevator is like eating a cake”). Each floor had information about the altitude reached by the employee, for example, “You have climbed up a giraffe” or “You have climbed up ArēnaRīga”. The SEB Green Tree stickers were also glued in staircases to cheer up „climbers‟ with various interesting phrases. We also placed stickers above all electrical switches in the SEB banka buildings, containing information about saving electricity.To reduce paper consumption, an electronic billing system was introduced in cooperation with Lattelecom. Boxes for paper were installed in the buildings, from which all paper is recycled.We have started to change heating systems. For example, branch offices in Jūrmala, Krāslava and Limbaži have switched to more environmentally friendly heating.A public campaign „For the Baltic Sea‟ was launched, where we, together with the campaign leader Dzintars, educated people on how to reduce pollution.The bank‟s car fleet is being gradually replaced with more environmentally friendly vehicles.In creating our product offers we have increased the presence of green ideas, for example, pay less when choosing „green‟, Eco leasing, or loans for energy efficient buildings. Documented Results The following has been accomplished during the final stages of the campaign by the end of 2012:A special Green section – SEB Eco IQ has been set up on the SEB‟s internal website (intranet), containing the SEB Group‟s environmental policy and SEB business sustainability priorities, and everyone has an opportunity to calculate their ecological footprint and learn about current events and competitions.A comprehensive communication campaign was realised throughout the year, using a variety of creative communication solutions to promote green ideas everywhere, from policy documents to employees‟ daily lives.An electronic billing system was introduced, which has already by now led to savings of 3 pages per invoice.Boxes for recycling paper were installed. All paper placed in these boxes is recycled. Currently already 90% of all paper used is recycled.Installation of environmentally friendly heating systems started in SEB branch offices.45% of the car fleet is environmentally friendly with its CO2 content not exceeding 129g per 1 km.Drinking water in all buildings is provided from Venden water machines (previously used water from 0.5 l plastic bottles).Latvenergo awarded the Powered by Green quality mark, certifying that at least 70% of the electricity used is generated from environmentally friendly, renewable resources.Eco leasing – for cars with CO2 emissions not exceeding 130g/km, customers will be granted a discount of 1% from the calculated rate (300 cars purchased);The company has been recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in Latvia, receiving the Golden Assessment of Sustainability Index. Baltic PR Awards 2012