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Sponsorship 2008 / 2nd Place / Samsung Hockey Premier League season 2007/2008


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Sponsorship 2008 / 2nd Place / Samsung Hockey Premier League season 2007/2008

  1. 1. Categorie:Sponsoring campaignsTitle of campaign:Samsung Hockey Premier League season 2007/2008short common description of the campaign::"Samsung" continues sponsorship of Latvian ice hockey league (started in year2006). "Samsung" continues to use unique sponsorship rights - league is called in"Samsungs" name - "Samsung Premier League" (SPL). That brings extra benefitsto "Samsung" and ensures extensive publicity opportunities: "Samsung" ismentioned in all publications and broadcasts about the league. Sport journalistshave used to call the league in the "Samsungs" name already. Leaguessponsorship is huge sponsorship project for "Samsung" and is one of the maincontributors in building "Samsungs" reputation and brand identity in the field ofsports sponsorship. It is possible to reach huge mass market audience via directaudiences in arenas and through printed media and TV broadcasts. Here isdescribed first half of campaign - (September 2007 - December 2007)research work done during the campaign:
  2. 2. Successes and problems from previous year were studied, in order to find out themost successful and beneficial way of continuing to incorporate "Samsungs" nameand logo into the title of the championship. Successful activities of other sportssponsorship campaigns were studied to find out what kind of activities and toolsattract media and public attention the most.Regular meetings with Latvian hockey journalists were organized before thesponsorship campaign to get journalists evaluation of previous season, in order tofind out weaknesses in organization, management and cooperation and plan furtheractivities to reduce or avoid weak points.Regular meetings with journalists were organized during the "Samsung PremierLeague" 2006/2007 season too, in order to get journalists feedback on league andsuggestions on improvements. According to journalists suggestions onlineinformation for all "Samsung Premier League" games, including "All Star Game",photographer for regular games, more detailed game protocols etc. were improved.strategy:Goals:- To improve public opinion about the significance of Latvian Ice-HockeyChampionship and its events.- To enhance prestige of SPL and ensure its popularity among hockeyprofessionals, players, fans and media.
  3. 3. - To create strong and prestigious corporate identity of SPL, ensuring commoncorporate visualization, common culture and quality standards for entire leagueand its clubs, positive and "Samsung" related brand awareness.- To increase interest of existing fans in SPL and to attract new fans to the league,especially in club host cities like Rīga, Liepāja, Ogre.- To promote positive awareness and recognition of "Samsung" during thecampaign and associate Samsung with values unequivocally perceived as positiveby the society.Criteria:Target audience awareness about project. Amount and placement of publications.Visual advertising material placement and potential auditorium contacts. Feedbackfrom hockey players, SPL club managers, Latvian Ice Hockey federation, mediaand society.Target audiences:- National/regional media with sport column- Sport media- Entertainment/lifestyle media- Latvian Ice-Hockey Federation, management of SPL clubs- Fans and potential spectators- SocietyMessages:- "Samsung" continues sponsorship of the Latvian Ice-Hockey Championship andaims to develop championship in a new quality.
  4. 4. - "Samsung" as the general sponsor of Latvian Ice-Hockey Championship is theinitiator and co-organizer of annual "All Star Game". In that way Samsung setsnew tradition in Latvian ice-hockey.- "Samsung" in close cooperation with "Latvian Ice-Hockey Federation"introduces a lot of fan and hockey professionals oriented activities.Communication channels:- National news media- Lifestyle media- Sports media- Special events- Interactive media - fans internet voting campaign for the starting line-up of the"All Star Game".- Informative partnership with biggest internet portals- Campaigns advertising support (outdoors, commercials, and print ads).Activities1. Press conference announcing "Samsung" as a general sponsor, SPL plans for2007/2008 season.2. Large amount of visibility materials production to ensure massive Samsungvisibility in hockey arenas.3. Season Opening ceremonies before four first games.4. School children contest "Experts of Samsung premier League 2007/2008".Trip to SPL game is organized for the winners of each stage.5. Orphans` trips to SPL games during all season.6. Developing of new SPL web site design and adding more functionality to it.7. "All Star Game" online voting campaign for starting line-up of SPL "All Star
  5. 5. Game" teams at SPL web site.8. Press conference announcing the starting line-up of the SPL "All Star Game"teams and providing information on game.9. The annual "All Star Game", publicity of event and its after party.10. Season playoff advertising and ticket contests11. Last final game, awarding the best SPL players of the season.Results of the campaign and evaluation::Leagues brand name "Samsung Premier League" was used at almost 90% ofpublications and broadcasts.Annual "All Star Game" tradition was successfully continued.2400 fans participated in online voting campaign to select starting line-up for "AllStar Game" teams, 2000 spectators watched "All Star Game" live in arena, thusdemonstrating that local hockey fans are increasingly interested in attractive localhockey events and activities. Events like these helped to raise public and mediainterest in local hockey and to increase spectators and fans number.Massive Samsung visibility gained in hockey arenas (banners, ads, visibilitymaterial giveaway for fans) that accompanied with regular TV broadcasts fromgames ensured stable "Samsung" visibility during all season.280 publications in total were provided in printed media, as well as online news
  6. 6. agencies and internet news portals during the season (from September tillDecember, 2007). Media coverage included all leading Latvian and Russiandailies, sports and regional media. "Samsungs" name in leagues title ensuredalmost everyday publicity. Regular reporting from the majority of "SamsungPremier Leagues" regular games were provided in all leading Latvian national TVchannels sports news (LTV, LNT, TV3). "All Star Game" attracted also lifestylemedia/column attention.Four school children and five orphanage group trips were organized.