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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Ērenpreiss Original
Country: Latvia
Place: 2nd

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  1. 1. Category: CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONĒrenpreis Original (Latvia)NEW ĒRENPREISS BICYCLES’ LAUNCHSummaryLong time ago Latvia was popular not only by it’s chocolate, black balsam or dark bread, but also by it’s high qualitycity bicycles. Although Latvia’s infrastructure is not very adjusted for city bicycles, during last two years bicycle usershave increased by two times.Campaign’s aim was to introduce the relaunch of Latvia’s legendary Ērenpreiss bicycles- the first bicycles producedin renewed Latvia, painstangly and lovingly built by combining old traditions with new, modern technicalrequirements with a target that also today each of it’s owners could say with pride – MY BICYCLE.Promotion srategy was based on researching and involving bicycle lovers’ community, creating creative launch eventand using media relations, actively engaging with society through social media and different events and activities, aswell as joint co-operation projects. Not using paid advertising.In result every second person in Latvia has heard about Ērenpreiss. Publicity covered all local as well as someinternational media. Many co-operation partners ensured free advertising. 10 countries showed interest in export co-operation and in 7 countries export is started. Achieved thousands of followers in social media and the first bicycleproduction parcel is almost sold out.SituationIn early 20’s bicycle production in Latvia was very developed. One of the largest factories was Gustav Ērenpreissbicycle factory thanks to which Latvia’s name became famous in many countries. Even today latvians keep Ērenpreissbicycles in atics as a valuable relic.The great–great-nephew of Gustav Ērenpreiss- TomsĒrenpreiss all his life has devoted to old bicycle renovation andbicycle culture promotion in Latvia.Three years ago together with colleagues was started a work on completely new bicycle production combining oldvalues with modern technical requirements.In April 2012 first four Ērenpreiss bicycle models were ready for sale and promotion in Latvia, but very small budgetwas available for marketing and PR activities.ObjectivesCampaign goals:launch new Ērenpreiss bicycles in Latviaget local society’s support on further company’s development and growthstrengthen the patriotism of using products made in Latviapromote bicycle culture in Latvia, make people interested in itStakeholders:Mass mediaBicycle lovers’ and users’ communityPeople who have passion for style and products made in LatviaGovernment institutions – Ministry of Culture, of Economics, Riga City CouncilSociety’s opinion leaders and celebritiesDifferent businesses and their managersTo understand the best way of communication and get people support many informal researches and discussions withbicycle lovers’ community were made before start. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: CORPORATE COMMUNICATION Strategy Company’s business in overall is built on involvement and participance of those who love bicycles and Latvian products. Those people are ready to help for the sake of idea and not so much because of money. It is one of the successes, which helped Company to develop. So the strategy for company’s promotion was based purely on the same tactics: Involve bicycle lovers’ community, get support from them and their friends Use public relations to spread the message of new bicycles into society Use social media for society engagement and word of mouth communication Organise different events and activities for bicycle culture promotion Participate in joint projects with other companies Not use paid advertising Attend different projects and events Assesment criteria - publicity coverage in media, society’s awareness about new Ērenpreiss bicycles, support from people and businesses in promotion in Latvia and in export, business sales results. Execution 1. Media event on 12th of April– Outdoor event in a park - informal atmosphere -sofa’s, music, snacks. New and old bicycle pictures and old bicycles exhibited, story about history told– New bicycles presented by four people arriving on them through park – popular Latvian musician RenarsKaupers, Minister of Culture ZanetaJaunzemeGrende, Toms Ērenpreiss, Baiba Ērenpreisa– Celebration of bicycle production renewal in Latvia and informal discussions– Presents to journalists –bicycle bells with a slogan “MY BICYCLE”– Individual work with media 2. Society engagement (May – September)– Video from Media event posted– Ongoing news and engagement activities in social networks– Organisation of Bicycle Week, Tweed run, G.Ērenpreiss’ 121st birthday festival a.o.– Participation in Riga City festival, Samsung bicycle run, Tele2 bicycle run, Bicycle festivity at Kalnciema street, first latvian librarian bicycle run, Velofenders project, exhibition “Bicycle Summer” a.o.– Co-operation projects with CV-Online, Drogas, Stockmann, Airbaltic, Direct paint outlet a.o. Documented Results Publicity– already a week before media event publicity in print, online and radio– media event attended by more than 40 media representatives and many inhabitants– most read article of the day in main Latvian portal Delfi, published in other portals– broadcasted in almost all TV news, also in First Baltic TV channel (PBK)– published in all main LV and RU daily newspapers, national and regional media– publicity continued all summer in weekly and monthly journals Awareness and business results:- every second person has heard about new bicycles (informal research)- many co-operation project proposals received - in result free advertising ensured for all summer- 10 export partners initiated to start co-operation, with 7 work started- more than 1580 followers in Twitter and 5160 in Facebook – reached without advertsing- more than13 000 website visitors in first month- first production parcel is almost sold out Baltic PR Awards 2012