Juice pack collection game


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Repute
Client: Tetra Pak
Country: Latvia
Project name: Juice pack collection game
Place: 1st

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Juice pack collection game

  1. 1. Category: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSRepute (Latvia)Juice pack collection gameTetra Pak1. SituationTetra Pak juice pack collection game was an interactive project in all the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia,Lithuania) with an aim to support juice consumption among scholars and educate about necessity to sortempty cardboard juice packs for recycling. Campaign gained phenomenal results, namely, pupils collectedjuice packs and all together built a virtual pack tower of 42,5 kilometers which at the same timeoverreached five times the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest.2. ObjectivesThe main goal of this project was to build up and develop scholars’ knowledge about necessity to sort juicecardboard packaging for recycling. Also our goal was to encourage pupils to drink juices in cardboard packsbecause they are wholesome and healthy.3. StrategyThe idea of project was based on interesting and unusual game –for two months scholars and their classeswere encouraged to collect empty juice packs, register the amount of packs in a special campaign online webpage and compete with other classes for building the highest virtual pack tower which at the same timewould be higher than the highest building in Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania. Collection of packaging promotedand increased the amount of juice sales in the Baltic states, what was a complete success. Also, projectdeveloped an idea of daily healthy nutrition, because instead of sweetened drinks, children bought andconsumed natural juices4. ExecutionIn order to motivate youth to actively participate in Tetra Pak juice pack collection game, famous Estoniansinger Getter Jaani became a patroness of the campaign in Estonia, band “Musiqq” in Latvia and bandKastaneda in Lithuania.Also, specific interactive environment was created on campaign web pages –www.parismahl.ee,www.istasula.lv, www.grynossultys.lt. Each class could virtually build their own pack tower. At the sametime, web page performed a function of social media – possibility to create participating class profile, attachphotos, vote for photos as well as spread a discussion etc.Tetra Pak juice pack collection game was successfully covered in the media, informing about the number ofcollected packs and educating about social responsibility as well as sorting of cardboard packaging.Special workshops and presentations were organized in schools where recycling of packaging wasperformed. After campaign paper mill “Ligatne” was engaged to collect juice packs from participatingschools for recycling.5. Documented ResultsCampaign results:Overall 201 602 packs were collected and reached heights of 42,5 km. The highest virtual pack tower of theleading class –1 476 m.638 classes registered for the game, all together 19 140 scholars collected 201 602 juice packs (remarkablesales results – average price of one juice or nectar pack is approximate 1,1 – 1,3 euro). One class collectedapproximately 316 packs.Web pages - www.parismahl.ee, www.istasula.lv, www.grynossultys.lt - overall number of visits was morethan 197 000, unique visitors – 90 000. The length of one unique visit – 7,56 minutes.Overall number of positive publications in national and regional media – more than 340. Baltic PR Awards 2012