Computer literacy project for seniors “Connect Latvia!”


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Category: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Organization: Komunikāciju Aģentūra/Edelman Affiliate
Client: Lattelecom
Country: Latvia
Project name: Computer literacy project for seniors “Connect Latvia!”
Place: 1st

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Computer literacy project for seniors “Connect Latvia!”

  1. 1. Category: CSRKomunikāciju aģentūra/Edelman Affiliate (Latvia)Computer literacy project for seniors “Connect Latvia!”Client: LattelecomSummaryChallenge - conducting the project for already the 4th year to meet society’s ever-increasing demand,the enterprise’s social initiative was challenged to ensure cost-free computer literacy classes for evenmore seniors nationwide. Objectives - ensure computer literacy, Internet skills for seniors, in this waylessening the digital divide, social exclusion. In 2012, the goal is the education of 6000 seniors aged50+, continued use of the skills gained. Strategy - project is aiming a four times greater impact (in2011, 1500 seniors were educated), to make cost-free computer literacy available nationwide. Withinthis social initiative, Lattelecom united various partners – government, IT teachers from all around thecountry, more than ½ of Latvia’s counties, media. Assessment criteria - includes quantitative (seniordata, collaboration involved, territorial coverage) and qualitative data – senior, partner evaluations, plusawareness among the target audience, reached through PR instruments. Outcome - by October morethan 5000 applications (>80%) have been received, of those 4000 have attended the course. 81% ofseniors who mastered basic computer skills, have started to use them, confirm – quality of life has improved and they feellike a part of modern society.85% would like to continue to develop the skills even further.SituationEven though Latvia is among the world’s top countries for high broadband adoption, fast averageconnection speed and 70% of citizens are Internet users, a part of society doesn’t have access tomodern technology – 73% of Latvians aged 55+ don’t have computer literacy skills, which leads tosocial and economic issues.Computer literacy helps to reduce the digital divide – barriers to modern technology, which create thethreat of being excluded from information, socializing, employment opportunities. Considering theageing population, rising life expectancy, older people will remain in labour market for longer, be afinancially and socially active part of society.ObjectivesBy providing cost-free computer literacy to seniors, the “Connect Latvia!” mission is to reduce thedigital divide – the barriers to information and communication technology, which creates the threat ofparticular segments of society being excluded from the information flow, socialising and employmentopportunities.In 2012, the target is to educate at least 6000 seniors aged 50 and older, with >80% continuing to usethe skills gained after the end of the project.StrategyIn order to ensure the four times greater impact, Lattelecom united various partners within this socialinitiative – government, ~100 IT teachers from all around country, more than ½ of Latvia’s counties,media and experts with the capacity to ensure a quality study program. This offered the capacity toexpand the age group – beginning already from 50 and aiming for a four times greater impact – toinvolve 6000 seniors by November. To gain the awareness of society and target audiences, activecommunication was developed at both national and regional levels using PR instruments and withoutadvertisement campaigns, to reach the maximum cost-efficiency and nationwide level.Execution Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: CSRPartners – the enterprise gained support from the government, involved 99 IT teachers, more than ½ ofLatvia’s counties, media, experts with the capacity to ensure a quality study program.Computer literacy – Lattelecom covers the planning, coordination, teachers, study materials, preparesbooks in both Latvian and Russian. The creative, senior friendly study program helps the elderly togain basic computer, Internet skills such as switching on a PC, searching for information, using e-mail,Skype.Communication – project was launched in April, to apply dial the toll free number 8000822,communication, relations maintained with national, regional media, events – cost-free computerliteracy consultations at customer service centers, “senior graduations” in five schools with attendanceby Lattelecom, county representatives, up to six closing events in November.Evaluation – maintained individual communication with partners to ensure successful implementation,regular feedback, seniors fills out web surveys after classes, after the project a detailed evaluation willbe conducted.Documented ResultsPartners: • The Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Education and Science; • Involved 99 IT teachers from 97 schools (from more than ½ of Latvia’s counties); • Baltic Computer Academy; • Latvian Television, newspaper Latvijas Avīze.Classes: • From April until the end of September more than 5000 applications received, of those4000 attended the course, project will continue until November.Communication: • Project strengthens reputation of the enterprise, develops its relations with ministries,county governments, schools, pensioner’s associations and seniors, in addition to reaching 400+positive publications.Long-term impact • 81% of those who mastered basic computer skills and have started to use these skills,confirm that their quality of life has improved and they feel like a part of modern society. • 99% positively rate teacher professionalism and responsiveness, 90% evaluate the classesas useful. • 85% would like to continue to develop the skills gained even further. Baltic PR Awards 2012