#PALIDZESIM. Twitter driven charity


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: Project implemented by 3 volunteers
Client: No client
Country: Latvia
Project name: #PALIDZESIM. Twitter driven charity
Place: 2nd

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#PALIDZESIM. Twitter driven charity

  1. 1. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONProject implemented by 3 volunteers (Latvia)PALIDZESIMTwitter driven charitySummaryDid you know that there are social centers were babies orphans end up? Its heartbreaking to imagine a little humanbeing left without parents. In Riga, on Kapseļu Str there is a center that has become home for 110 babies and toddlers.They need 300 diapers and 300 milk-formulas daily. Even though State provides funding, they happen to run short onsupplies such as large diapers for kids with disabilities and specialized milk-formulas for babies with digestiondisorders.After one accidental tweet asking to donate used CD player for this center, 3 young parents joined their forces to raisethe issue and motivate people to act. Twitter was used as main channel and website created to give report on the status.First, donations of large size diapers were asked. Initial activity had such a positive response, that campaign wasdesigned and people ended up donating money, pushchairs, shoes, toys and loads of diapers. Xmas campaign wasfollowed by Easter one concentrating on milk-formulas. It was a strategic decision to stay small, personal and verytargeted, however, we are proud that we raised awareness, motivated action and really helped little ones living onKapseļu Str.SituationImagine a 6 month old baby orphan – left without mothers milk and warm hands of the parents. In Riga there is asocial center for babies orphans and toddlers with severe diseases and disabilities. Even though State provides budget,sometimes such fundamental primary needs as enough diapers and specialized nutritious milk-formulas are notcovered. Center has not participated in any larger charity campaign and its donation flow is relatively low. Basically –almost nobody knows about them and their problems! One unintentional tweet lead to Twitter driven charity campaignto address their needs.ObjectivesDue to accidental nature of the start of campaign, some objectives were set at later stage:First, raise awareness of the center and their issues thus driving voluntary helpSecondly, motivate people to take real action, not just share a tweetThirdly, substantially help center and save kids butts from skin infectionsReach a set benchmark of money donations (650 EUR)Centers basic needs were assessed and necessary items list prepared. Research of parenting blogs and internet sites foryoung parents was carried out.Being young parents ourselves, we targeted this audience on social media, using social media opinion leaders aschannel.StrategyWe knew that this campaign would work, if:- it stays small and personal, creating emotional bonding- is very clear and focused – we asked simply to donate diapers- address young parents, who would be more empathic- engage social media opinion leaders in spreading the message on Twitter and blogs- due to non existent budget, be smart in using ready-made digital tools, graphictemplatesThe only important criteria was to reach out from social media and instead of virtual buzz, get realaction substantially helping the center!ExecutionWe will not pretend... the campaign was created and adapted on the go based on activity and ideas fromfollowers of the campaign.On Dec 15th one tweet inviting people to donate used CD player for the center leaded to replies, retweets and 5 CDplayers instead of one. On the same evening website was built to be as an anchor for Twitter communication. We Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONdeveloped campaign hashtag #palidzesim (lets help) and started active communication, using tools understandable fordigital generation: tweets, paypal, video reports. We contacted bloggers and active Twitter users, which were happy toshare our message. People proactively visited the center themselves, donated diapers and asked, if we accept money aswell. Private bank account was used and to build trust, regular reports on donations published on website. We took alesson and in second campaign engaged group buying site to manage the financial operations.Documented ResultsThere is a temptation to measure results of digital campaigns in followers, Facebook shares etc. Yes, with a zerobudget, we also managed to get impressive buzz – our message was seen by approximately2500 Twitter users, 194 actively involved. But the real-life results are the ones that matter in this case.3500 donated diapers680 specialized milk-formulas72 people donating money exceeding the set benchmark of 650 EUR and showing great trust, as money wastransferred to a private bank account.More than 90% of supporters confessed they had no idea such center existed, many visited the center personally tohand over donations.Project lives on and develops: as of 2013 we plan to establish an NGO and create a sustainable donation system thataddresses centers needs on regular basis. We are also considering to bring the centers issues to the officials and helpfighting the core of the problem, not just the consequences. Baltic PR Awards 2012