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  1. 1. Project: OXYGEN – LATVIA PLANTS TREES!Category: ISSUES AND CRISIS MANAGEMENTSummaryThe tree-sowing and planting campaign Skābeklis (Oxygen) was created todemonstrate the contribution of Latvia’s largest forest manager a/s Latvijas valstsmeži (LVM) and greenest bank SEB banka to cleaning up Latvia’s environment, aswell as foster the Latvian population’s awareness and patriotism about Latvia beingone of the world’s greenest countries.The creative idea and target set for the Skābeklis campaign was to sow and thenplant just as many trees as there are people living in Latvia. In total, 2 231 503 fir,pine and oak trees. Is that a lot? No! Because each of us only had to plant one seed.Extensive public involvement, national and regional media events, a campaign inschools and an interactive web project ensured that not only one tree was planted forevery Latvian resident, but also campaign substantially added to the campaignorganisers’ reputations as green companies.Campaign helped to overcome the threats of LVM reputation damage that accruedafter the Latvian government decided to double the rate of felling trees.And SEB strengthen it’s positions as the company that aims to build a moresustainable business by supporting its customers and contributing to the communitiesin which it is present.SituationYale Universitys list of the worlds greenest countries ranks Latvia 8th. Researchfound that Latvian forests are managed at the highest level, attaining 100 out of a 100points..
  2. 2. In 2009 however, at the height of the economic crisis the Latvian government decidedto double the rate of felling trees. Latvian public increasingly expressed concernabout excessive deforestation, which created potential damage to the reputation offorest manager LVM.There was a needed for a project that not only yielded measurable positive results,but also fosters the Latvian population’s awareness about Latvia being one of theworld’s greenest countries.ObjectivesThe agency’s task was to create a communications solution to educate the Latvianpublic about forest planting issues and provide a genuine contribution to preservingLatvia’s natural biodiversity.At the same time, the campaign’s objectives were:  to promote a positive outlook towards LVM’s activities, improving the company’s operational rating o (Both are regularly measured by research centre SKDS)  to strengthen the image of the other campaign partner – SEB banka – as an environmentally and society friendly company o (Important measure for SEB is company’s position in reputation top of finance sector in Latvia presented by TNS).StrategyThe campaign strategy was not only to contribute significantly to forest planting, butthrough the involvement of almost all Latvian schools, Latvian companies and opinionleaders, to demonstrate the contribution of Latvia’s largest forest manager a/s Latvijasvalsts meži and greenest bank SEB banka to cleaning up Latvia’s environment.The creative idea and target set for the Skābeklis campaign was to sow and thenplant just as many trees as there are people living in Latvia. In total, 2 231 503 fir,pine and oak trees. Is that a lot? No! Because each of us only had to plant one seed.The campaigns creative concept and strategy is based on SEB banka’s CorporateSustainability Strategy, as well as LVM’s strategic objective to preserve nature’sdiversity, while creating a caring and responsible public attitude towards the Latvianenvironment.Execution
  3. 3. The campaign was launched alongside the symbol of Latvian unity – the FreedomMonument. To introduce the Skābeklis idea to the general public, a number of projectambassadors – well-known and respected people – planted their own tree seeds.A support network for the campaign was established in all of Latvia’s 700 primaryschools. Pupils sowed seeds and were active in reporting on germinated trees at thecampaign website.To maintain a constant flow of publicity, special tree-sowing events were heldthroughout Latvia. Trees were sown by actors, orchestra musicians, as well as byemployees and teams representing many Latvian companies. Those interested couldobtain sets of seeds at Latvian post offices and SEB banka branches.The Skābeklis website www.skabeklis.lv featured, alongside the latest tree-plantinginformation, an interactive map allowing anyone to log how many fir and pine treeseeds they had planted.Documented Results700 schools, several hundred companies and many thousands of residents took partin the campaign. 500 000 plantings were registered at the website, just about 28% ofthe Latvian population.Successful cooperation with the media, articles, competitions, interviews andbloggers garnered several thousand publications in national and regional media andpopular social networks.2 278 234 fir and pine seed were sown during the campaign and will be replanted,attaining the campaign target – to plant as many trees as there are people living inLatvia.According to surveys by research centres SKDS and TNS, campaign succeeded ingrowing the reputations of LVM and SEB:  Over the campaign, the number of people who believe that LVM manage Latvia’s forests very well increased by 10%, the rating of performance and LVM management improved.  And SEB strengthen it’s positions as the organization with the best reputation in finance sector in Latvia.Links URL
  4. 4. Name of the link LinkWebsite of campaign www.skabeklis.lvSEB team sows trees http://www.seb.lv/data/SEB-galerijas/koku-sesana/index.htmall around the LatviaOxygen – part of SEBgroup Corporate http://sustainableperspectives.sebgroup.com/Sustainability-Sustainability SEB/4-Reducing-our-footprint/strategy and programLVM corporate http://lvm.lv/eng/lvm/strategy_/strategy