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Internal Communications 2007 / 2nd Place / Vide. Veselība. Drošība


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Internal Communications 2007 / 2nd Place / Vide. Veselība. Drošība

  1. 1. Application to the contest ”Latvian Public Relations Annual Awards 2007”Category: Internal communicationProject: EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) communication’2006Submitter: Scandinavian Tobacco SIA (creative idea and execution by in-housecommunication department)Description of the campaignOrganization –Scandinavian Tobacco SIA (ST Latvia)Situation and/or problems. Environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues always have been on ScandinavianTobacco agenda. However, by introducing a new environmental policy the ScandinavianTobacco Group (ST Group) set a common approach to the management of EHS issues in allGroup companies, i.e. all Group companies have common EHS requirements and standards.The overall aim of the EHS policy is to create and maintain better and safer workingconditions, continuously diminish environmental impact, help achieve more effectiveworking methods with a minimum of loss and waste, ensure that sub-suppliers working in thecompanies accept and observe the Group’s environmental policy. To measure progress inmeeting the objectives in the EHS area, the companies are reviewed every second year (EHSAudit). The first EHS audit in ST Latvia took place in 2004. The overall grading for STLatvia was 63% which meant that certain improvements in the site were needed. In order toovercome the identified gaps and improve EHS management in the company, also to increaseits competitiveness within the ST Group in EHS area, ST Latvia developed the EHS actionplan with integrated communication programme. The overall goal of the communicationprogramme was: 1) increase ST Latvia employees’ awareness about EHS policy and ST Latvia efforts in EHS area, 2) raise awareness and interest about the EHS Audit and its results among employees.Research work done during the campaign, gathering of information needed: To evaluate the level of knowledge and understanding of EHS process in thecompany, an internal inquiry was carried out. The results showed that only those employeeswho were directly involved in the EHS programme were aware of EHS policy and strategy.This number accounted for apr. 10% from all company employees. The inquiry also showedthat after mentioning certain examples of EHS activities (aided awareness - e.g. asbestos roofremoval in the factory, first aid courses, reflectors campaign, etc) people recognised theseactivities, but did not link them to the EHS programme. The objective was to eliminate thisgap and do it by continuous communication of ongoing EHS activities in the company (fromeach department, each area) which meant regular gathering of updates and follow-ups fromall departments.Strategy The communication strategy was built on ongoing communication of actual eventsand achievements in the EHS area in the company. Time and event wise the campaignpreliminary was divided in three parts – regular communication, pre-Audit communicationand after-Audit communication. Duration of the campaign – one year. The goal of thecampaign was to increase the internal awareness of the EHS programme and the upcomingEHS Audit from 10% to at least 40% of total number of ST Latvia employees. Thecampaign had a limited budget.Evaluation criteria: Totalizator (number of participants)/ after- event questionnaires.Scandinavian Tobacco SIA 1
  2. 2. Target audience – all employees of ST Latvia (administration, sales, factory, regionalwarehouses).Key message1) ST Latvia is constantly improving its EHS environment to reach the goals set by ST EHSpolicy and strategy.Communication channels – internal newsletter ST Zi as, coming out every second month- regular updates on on EHS activities, accomplished tasks, achieved results and next steps, interviews with employees, results of inquiries. – Internal newsletter ST VVD Zi as (ST EHS News) – special edition about ST EHS policy, EHS Audit, EHS Committee, etc. Another special edition after EHS Audit (feedback and thanks to all employees) – ST Group internal magazine (ST Latvia sharing experience within ST Group) – E- mail (special e-mail address for Totalizator/EHS news) – Displays –EHS Messengers (full size cardboard modelled images of employees placed all over the company and communicating different EHS messages) – Totalizator ( a kind of sweepstake to anticipate EHS Audit 2006 results)Communication ideas and methods EHS is a serious topic and if communicated in the same way people might not find itinteresting (or rather vice versa- boring). Our aim was to make otherwise serious topic moreattractive and along the traditional communication means (like internal newsletters, noticeboards) use more innovative approach. To make the communication campaign more vivid,the elements of fun and direct involvement of employees were used: 1)Our employees volunteered for display models featuring EHS messengers.Altogether 12 full size cardboard modelled images of employees were placed all over thecompany (office, factory, regional warehouses). Their task was to communicate differentEHS messages. The messages were changed after two – three weeks thus securing continuityand maintaining constant attention (e.g. The first message introduced EHS messengers andgave description of the EHS policy in the company and what it stands for. The next messagesinformed about ST investment in EHS, naming particular areas; introduced EHS Audit andresults of previous audit in 2004; informed about Audit 2006, its results; thanked all STLatvia employees for their contribution in EHS programm and achievement of excellentresults). 2)To raise awareness of EHS Audit and its results internally, employees were invitedto participate in the Totalizator (a kind of sweepstake) to anticipate Audit 2006 results. Toremind and for better understanding, the results of the first audit by sections were presented.Knowing our achievements in each area the participants could fill in the Totalizator formswith their figures – either seriously weighted out or just simply guess. The winners werethose who wrote the figures corresponding to the actual results which were announced later.Response from more than one third of company employees considering so far limitedresponse in similar inquiries was a very good achievement. In total there were 15 winnerswho were awarded at the annual company winter party.Results of the campaign and evaluation Two years ago only a few in ST Latvia could answer what EHS stands for withouthesitation or long guesses. Today it is opposite : only a few might not have learnt themeaning of abbreviation EHS or heard the outcome of EHS audit. ST Latvia showedsignificant improvements in the EHS area and was evaluated by 78% in the second EHSAudit (November 2007)( + 15 % vs 2004). The main objective – increase awareness aboutEHS and the Audit results was fully reached. Informal inquiry afterwards showed that alongwith nearly 40% of those who participated in the Totalizator, there were a significant numberof people who did not participate in this activity although they were well aware of the EHSAudit, its results and ongoing EHS activities in the company.Scandinavian Tobacco SIA 2
  3. 3. EHS Communication campaign materialsNr.1 EHS messengers (displays featuring company employees; altogether 12)Nr.2 Displays in real life (e.g. in office) Nr. 3 Thanks to our models (special pictures with artistic touch werepresented to all employees- models) Nr. 4 Article in the ST Group internal magazine (in English)- sharing STLatvia experienceNr. 5 EHS Newsletter Nr.6 EHS Newsletter Special edition Nr.6 EHS Totalizator formScandinavian Tobacco SIA 3