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Corporate Communications 2007 / 1st Place / Latvijā pirmā ģimenei draudzīgā darbavieta

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Corporate Communications 2007 / 1st Place / Latvijā pirmā ģimenei draudzīgā darbavieta

  1. 1. Competion “Latvia’s Public Relations Award 2007” form of applicationAuthorSIA “Sabiedrisko attiecību birojs”Contact person:Ieva StūreAddress:Melnsila iela 13, Rīga, LV-1046Phone:7814134E-mail:ieva.sture@sab.lvClient:GE Money LatviaPeriod of realization:August – december/2006Title of Campaign:“First Family Friendly Office in Latvia”Category of campaign:Corporate CommunicationAuthor (Rita Vornkova, SIA “Sabiedrisko attiecību birojs”):Representative of Client (a/s “GE Money” sabiedrisko attiecību speciāliste Nora Grase) 1
  2. 2. 1. Description of situation.1. In summer of 2006 GE Money Latvia was going to move to new central office premises.The event had to be communicated to three main target audiences: employees; partners andwider society (potential employees and clients) with the help of mass media. Strategical GEMoney PR goals of year 2006 were to communicate GE Money – protector of customerinterests; GE Money – international expert.2. GE (General Electric) is a Mother Company of GE Money Latvia. One of major corporatecommunication goals – GE money most attractive workplace, carried out with the help ofprogram “Employer of Choice”. From year 2003 to 2006 GE has been named as one of thebest companies for working mothers; in 2004 it has received awards as “Best workplace” inseveral European countries – Irelands, Czech republic, Spain and others. Program “Employerof Choice” has been carried out also in GE Money Latvia.3. In the first half of 2006 the issue of gender equality in the workplace was not a topic inLatvian public agenda, and the question of life and work balance was even more undiscussed.Gender discrimination most often happens in workplace and family, therefore this issue isalso related to employers of both: public and private sphere. Nevertheless until the 3rd quarterof 2006 it has been discussed only among representatives of NGO’s, internationalorganizations and state institutions (especially Ministry of Welfare).2. Research, carried out during the planning stage; information collected.- Carried out GE global employee’s survey (GE Opinion survey), employee’s attitude on 69different work practices were investigated: hiring, work policy and environment;compensation; management skills; trustful and honest relationships with employees, trainingand development, etc. “~70% of GE employees admitted that work organization is flexibleenough, to balance work-life and professional career development with family life.”- Carried out analysis of state policy documents about gender equality in work environment –Ministry of Welfare “Program for Gender Equality year 2005 and 1006” (one of priorities –work and life balance); Ministry of Children and Family Affairs “State Action Plan ofFamily” (goal – Latvia as the most family friendly country).- Analysis of GE best practice in other countries; implementation of best practice in GEMoney Latvia.- Issue of gender equality integrated in the documents of internal policy (analysis of currentinternal policy documents; recommendations for improvement).- Statistical data gathered – monitoring of gender equality in GE Money (number ofmales/females; compensation: males/females; apportionment between different manageriallevels: males/females; etc.). ~30% of employees have children of age under 18 (GE – 75%);~70% of employees under age of 30 (potential parents).- Revision of current work schedules (options for employees to have flexible working hours;options to work part-time; options to have a shift work or to work at home).- Recommendations to develop Family Friendly Office (Family room for expectant mothers –place for a short periods of rest; room for child care; option for employees to take childrenwith them in emergency situations; covered expenses for kinder gardens). Duringdevelopment phase consultations with specialists from Gender Equality Unit of Ministry ofWelfare were taking place.3. Chosen strategy (goals, measurement criteria; selection of target audiences;communication channels; concrete communication ideas and methods).Goals:1. Strengthen the corporate identity and culture in employees; thus utilize employees asdiffusers of GE Money messages. Utilize the opening ceremony of new office premises, inorder to strengthen motivation and loyalty of employees.2. Create and strengthen the image of GE Money as responsible and good employer in theprospective employees. 2
  3. 3. 3. Utilize the opening of the new premises, as event for the partners; strengthen the loyalty ofpartners; communicate the new locality; communicate corporate culture of GE Money topartners.4. Communicate and strengthen the message of GE Money to a wider society (opinionleaders; mass media & clients) – protector of customer rights, that creates better and morequalitative environment around.Target audiencesPrimary:1. Employees (also prospective employees)Secondary:2. Partners; 3. Mass media; 4. Opinion leaders of clients; 5. Opinion leaders of state andpublic sector.Communication methods, channels and ideasIn order to communicate the event and implementation of the concept “Family FriendlyOffice” it was decided to communicate as a 3-stage event with the help of special events foremployees; mass media and partners.Creative idea: In order to strengthen the message, in all special events one common creativeidea was used – Comeback to fairy-tales. (Fairy-tales – symbols of children and childhoodand also “office like a fairy-tale”). For decoration of all events were used attributes ofchildhood and fairy tales: colorful balloons; characters from fairy-tales.Central idea of events – planting of “Money Tree” or cabbage in a pot. (Symbol of cabbage isnot only a symbol of money, but also it is a symbol of children and family).Communication – employeesE-mails: 2-3 month before moving to new office, employees received regular e-mails withdescriptions of the surrounding of new premises; new rules of internal order; as well asintroduced to the concept “Family Friendly Office”.E-newsletter: once in a month; regular communication with employees. Process of moving tonew premises also described.Special event: creative idea “Return to Fairy-tales”; attractions and planting of “Money Tree”.Communication - mass mediaInteractive communication in family portal discussions about initiative FamilyFriendly Office.Press conference “First Family Friendly Office in Latvia opened”. Participants: Minister ofWelfare Dagnija Sta e; Minister of Family and Children Affairs Ainars Baštiks;Representative from Gender Equality Unit of Ministry of Welfare Elīna Celmi a;representative from Gender Equality Union Daina Jā kalne; CEO of GE Money DmitrijsCimbers.Participants of the press conference introduced to concept “Family Friendly Office” andstrategy “work and life balance”.Communication - partnersSpecial event: creative idea “Comeback to fairy-tales”; guests introduced to a concept“Family Friendly Office”; planting of “Money Tree” and attractions with characters of fairy-tales.4. Results of the campaign and adequacy to nominated criteria. Evaluation, carried outafter the implementation of the campaign.Employees- Corporate identity and culture strengthened in employees; fostered loyalty and motivation ofemployees.- Research carried out after the implementation of “Family Friendly Office” concept. ~ 80%from employees with children (~70% employees without children) admitted that work andprivate life balance exists. ~80% of employees admit that direct supervisor supports work andprivate life balance. 3
  4. 4. - Suggestions from employees about new initiatives in the framework “Family FriendlyOffice” collected.- Events and activities in the framework of concept “Family Friendly Office” used as a long-term communication message until the end of 2006 and in 2007.Potential employees- Strengthened image of GE Money as responsible and good employer. ~ 50% of potentialemployees in the work interviews admitted that GE Money is a Family Friendly Office, thatprovides with flexible work schedule, family room, etc. Recruitment agencies admitted, that itis important for potential employees, while considering the future workplace, to which extentthe company is family friendly.Society- During the launch stage of “Family Friendly Office” ~ 30 publications in press, TV andradio about the first Family Friendly Office in Latvia. (~90% of publications with photo).Target media covered.- In 2006 GE Money got the 3rd place in the competition “Gender Index” carried out byMinistry of Welfare. ~ 1/3 of questioned clients admitted, that GE Money is a responsible employer and takescare of its employees.- Issue of gender equality and work and life balance has become a serious topic in publicagenda. (Different initiatives from other employers have followed). 4

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