Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility 2008 / 3rd Place / Increasing public support for SOS Children's Villages in Latvia


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Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility 2008 / 3rd Place / Increasing public support for SOS Children's Villages in Latvia

  1. 1. Categorie:Social campaignsTitle of campaign:"Increasing public support for SOS Childrens Villages in Latvia"short common description of the campaign::SOS Childrens Villages (SOS CVs) is internationally known social charityorganization, which helps children in need and prepares them for an independentlife. The organizations mission is to take care of the children by creating a familyand taking care of their future.SOS CVs follows four principles: importance of mother, non-separation ofbrothers and sisters, the home and the village. Families are formed in which eachgroup of 6-7 children has a mother. They reside in their own permanent home.SOS CV is meant to be a part of society, therefore acceptance of local residents isimportant.To prepare for opening of the second SOS CV in Latvia (Valmiera), which also isthe 100th global SOS CV, on August 25, 2007, SOS Childrens VillagesAssociation of Latvia decided to implement a PR campaign in order to inform thepublic about the opening of the village; to promote public understanding of itsgoals; and to increase their support for SOS CVs in Latvia.
  2. 2. research work done during the campaign:To plan the campaign, internal and external research was done.Externally: media monitoring of last three years publicity was analyzed in order tosee existing publicity and to discover top issues to which greater attention shouldto be paid in future communications.Conclusion: SOS CVs publicity efforts so far had been irregular and lackedemotional messages.Internally: Direct interviews with employees of SOS Childrens VillagesAssociation of Latvia and SOS CV in Īslīce were conducted to determine issuesthat were creating problems or misunderstandings in communications.Interviews revealed that families in the first SOS CV in Īslīce wanted closerco-operation with local families outside the village and this issue most likelywould be important for the new SOS CV in Valmiera. Furthermore, organizationsemployees thought that general public lacked understanding of SOS CVs workingprinciples and level of donations was low.strategy:
  3. 3. Clients goal: to promote moral, emotional and financial support for SOS CVs inLatvia by publicizing its good work.Strategy: to create individual tactics and messages for each target group in order toincrease their awareness of SOS CVs; to increase loyalty and involvement amongthem.In order to achieve this, two separate public relations activity blocks were created:1. "Uniqueness of SOS CV mother".2. "SOS CV is being built in Valmiera".1. Project: "Uniqueness of SOS CV mother".Implementation: March - August 2007Target audience: people who care about life of less fortunate children and alsohave strong wish to bring up their children well.Publicity tactics: press releases, regular in-depth personal profile articles.Main message: Mothers at SOS CVs are unique.Strategy: to create emotional stories that will reveal complexities of unrecognizedprofession of "SOS CV mother".Tactics:To emphasize the specifics of this profession, interviews with the mothers of SOSCVs were organized for the national newspapers, weeklies and televisions.The main hero of publicity is a mother from SOS CV - a professional mom whodaily carries out almost 10 professions (teacher, cook, driver etc.) and
  4. 4. simultaneously is mother of 6 - 7 children.Improving the reputation of "Social teachers" (SOS CVs mothers) profession bypublishing two press releases about development of this new profession andappealing to women to sign up for working in 2nd SOS CV in Latvia as SOS CVmothers.Result: Emotional articles about SOS CVs mothers. Also, on January 2008 theprofession of SOS CV mom as "Social teacher" was included in the official list ofLatvias professions.2. Project: "SOS CV is being built in Valmiera".Implementation: March - August 2007.Target audience: economically active private citizens and entrepreneurs, mostly inValmiera region; municipality; local multi-children families.Publicity tactics: three press releases, organizing interviews and in-depth articles,Open day of emerging Valmiera SOS CV publicity and finally - Village openingceremony publicity.Main message: We are helping to build a village for children in Valmiera.Strategy: Ongoing publicity about construction progress of Valmiera SOS CV.Tactics:Information about Valmiera SOS CV construction, its expenses and receiveddonations.Publicity about Open day of emerging Valmiera SOS CV.Publicity about Valmiera SOS CV opening.
  5. 5. Co-operation between SOS CV moms and local government and other mothers ofmulti-children families by organizing an experience exchange event "FamilyBudget Planning".Result: Publicity goals achieved and topped by the formal opening of the 100thSOS CV. Initiation of partnership with Valmieras multi-children families,Association of Latvias countryside women. Promoted partnership with localgovernment.Results of the campaign and evaluation::In total 117 pieces of coverage were achieved - TV (LTV1, TV3, LNT, TV5),radio (Latvijas Radio 1, Latvijas Radio 4), printed ("Diena, "Neatkarīgā Rīta AvīzeLatvijai", "Latvijas Avīze", "Telegraf", "Ieva" and others) and online (,, and others). From those 32 were in regional media ("Druva","Birža", "Vidzemes TV", Radio SWH Valmiera, Radio 3,, valmierai.lvand others). This increased SOS CVs visibility both nationally and in Valmieraregion.In August 2007, when publicity about Valmiera SOS CV opening increased, theamount of donations also increased rapidly.Since January 2008, the profession of SOS CV mom as "Social Teacher" has beenincluded in the list Classified Professions.
  6. 6. A survey was carried out after family experience sharing event "Family budgetplanning" in Valmiera. 85% of participants at the event (families, localgovernment representatives etc.) were positively minded about the event andsubmitted votes ranging from 7 to 10 points (max 10 points). All of the visitors tothe event who participated in the survey admitted that such experience sharingevents for families should also be organized in future.Increased cooperation with local municipality (result - shared kindergarten, costfree participation in municipal childrens activities).Established cooperation with Association of Latvias countryside women -common activities, donations and presents.