Estonia’s laziest summer job


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Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: LH Concept OÜ
Client: Husqvarna
Country: Estonia
Project name: Estonia’s laziest summer job

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Estonia’s laziest summer job

  1. 1. Category: CONUSMER RELATIONSLH Concept OU (Estonia)Work From Anywhere Day 2012HusqvarnaSummaryWork From Anywhere Day 2012 was an initiative driven by the Microsoft Baltics team. In the center of thecampaign was the date May 31st, when we asked people to work outside of their everyday workspaces. The goal wasto raise awareness and drive public discussion on the topic of flexible work styles. Nearly 20 partner organizationswere included as project partners and an estimated 4000 people participated in the first ever Baltic Work FromAnywhere Day. In media, the Work From Anywhere Day event received more than 100 pieces of coveragealtogether in the Baltics, including online, print, radio and television.SituationIn the end of 2011, Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 became available in the Baltics. However, the knowledge ofpeople related to cloud technology and its advantages was not well known among the general population and withinmany organizations. As cloud technologies enable a seamless work experience from all devices and locations, wedecided to showcase flexible workstyles and celebrate different approaches to work on the 31st of May 2012.ObjectivesOur objective was to increase awareness about a flexible workstyle and its benefits to both employers and employeesin Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The main message which we wanted to drive was: “Technological solutions(laptops, smartphones, cloud technologies) and fast internet allow work practically anywhere. This means thatpeople can plan their own work-time, which increases efficiency and employee happiness. On Work FromAnywhere Day, you can try out working from anywhere yourself.”StrategyMicrosoft is responsible for the technological aspect of working from anywhere, but instead of focusing on creatingawareness about the technology, we decided to focus on introducing to the audience the mindset change which isrequired in order to benefit from a more mobile workstyle. We decided to speak through our own experience(Microsoft Estonia has an unwritten rule that 50% of work can be done outside of the office) and showed how thishas been beneficial to both employee happiness, efficiency and results. We also decided that we need to involvepartner organizations into the planning of the campaign, both from the technology side (telecom companies) and the“mindset” side (for example, ministries who deal with work legislation and flexible workstyle NGOs).ExecutionWe kicked the campaign off with press events in all three countries in March 2012, talking about the technologymarket and announced Work From Anywhere Day.We generated awareness about flexible workstyles through both traditional media channels and social media. OnFacebook, we held a competition, asking people to share pictures and videos of their work outside of the officeenvironment.We partnered with numerous companies and organizations in all three countries, which included NGOs,telecommunication companies, government ministries and even restaurants. On the actual day, we agreed withcatering institutions in all three countries to give discounts to people using a flexible workstyle related password.Four days before Work From Anywhere Day, we organized an inspiration seminar for NGOs together with theSmart Work Association in Estonia, which focused on creating new value through flexible workstyles.The campaign was carried out in Latvia by MRS Grupa and in Lithuania by Integrity.Documented ResultsCombining participation in Facebook and participants from partner organizations, We estimate that around 4000people participated in the Work From Anywhere Day initiative on the 31st of May. In media, Work From Anywhereday received roughly 115 coverages altogether in the Baltics, including online, print, radio and television. Nearly150 participants joined the inspiration seminar for NGOs in Estonia. In total, we had over 20 official partnerorganizations in all three countries. Baltic PR Awards 2012